Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes

Delicate flavor. Our tea bags are sealed for freshness in airtight, flavor protecting fresh packs to ensure your full enjoyment. Healthy antioxidants. Leave it to Mother Nature, and Bigelow! Mother Nature gave us a wonderful gift when she packed powerful antioxidants into green tea. These powerful antioxidants in green tea act as natural combatants that contribute to healthy cell integrity by absorbing harmful free radicals. More and more studies are showing that drinking 2-3 cups a day may contribute to your body’s well being. But not all green tea tastes the same. Bigelow uses only the finest quality tea grown in higher-elevation gardens and hand picked at its peak. Then, we carefully process the tea to bring out it’s natural, smooth flavor. The tea bags are then sealed in flavor-protecting pouches to ensure our green tea’s goodness. What more can you ask for, a product that contains antioxidants, tastes great and is naturally decaffeinated! So go ahead, enjoy a cup or two or three throughout your busy day. Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea, drink it once and you’ll discover a whole new dimension in green tea enjoyment. Another quality product from the Bigelow family, blenders of fine tea for three generations. Blended and packaged in the U.S.A.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 40-count boxes of calorie-free, decaffeinated green tea (240 total tea bags)
  • Decaffeinated green tea grown in higher-elevation gardens
  • Decaffeinated, gluten free, with no calories and no carbohydrates; Kosher Parve
  • An excellent source of healthy antioxidants
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Stock up on a great deal

My father-in-law switched from decaf coffee to decaf green tea about a year ago. Knowing the health benefits of green tea, I wanted to support him in this change. It was “hit and miss” finding the 40 count Decaf Bigelow Green Tea in local stores…so, that’s when I started ordering from
I am amazed at all the products available at Amazon! They also carry the Organic Decaf Bigelow Green Tea. The quality and taste of this tea is very good. It comes in 10 foil pouches of 4 tea bags within the box of tea. Because my F-i-l drinks several cups of tea a day, we empty a box of tea and keep it in a sealed canister on the kitchen counter. I usually order 12 boxes at a time. It’s so nice to “stock-up” on a favorite, hard to find item…eliminating the frequent store searches. The price is also very competitive…and free shipping to our door!
BernieMount Vernon, OR

A Favorite Green Tea

I was a die hard Luzianne black iced tea drinker. Wanting to switch to decaf green for health reasons, I tried MANY brands of green teas. I could not tell you how many unused boxes we have thrown out. This is one of my top two choices (the other being Uncle Lee). It has a very pleasing flavor, neither being too weak or too strong. We drink it iced and allow 1 cup water per bag with a 5 minute brew time in the warmed tea pot. My husband makes it at work using an electric ice tea brewing machine. It is very refreshing and I always feel quite virtuous drinking it! I was very pleased to find it available on Amazon in the Subscribe and Save program. It is offered at an excellent price with the convenience of home delivery. Even though we shop in the metro Dallas/Ft. Worth area, it is still somewhat difficult to find. It is also very convenient packaging. I usually prefer to make a quart at a time, because brewed tea looses much of its’ charm when it sits too long. Each envelope makes exactly a quart! We do not drink this hot, as we usually choose herbal blends for hot tea. The reason I choose this one over Uncle Lee is pure economics–it’s a better buy through the Subscribe and Save program. Thank you Bigelow and thank you Amazon!
EmmalineSaint Ansgar, IA

Great stuff

I have a lot of green tea in my closet and i dont plan on running out any time soon. They are delicious, one of my favorite brands. Arrived promptly
BarbaraIsaban, WV

I will buy this tea again

The taste is great – can’t even tell it’s decaf. Packaging prevents tea from going stale. Only complaint is that the teabags are really only meant for a 6 oz cup of tea. A tall mug needs 2 teabags.
SierraGrainfield, KS

Bigelow is the way to go for regular green tea

This decaf green tea is my favorite. I have tried a few but this is probably my favorite in taste. My mom is not a tea drinker but this tea is the only one she drinks. I haven’t tried the one that says organic on the box, so not really sure what the difference is. This one in particular is great. I drink like 3 or 4 cups a day and I think it has made me more relaxed and just overall healthier. I think they put less tea in the bags than Celestial Seasonings does, but I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. The taste is perfect.
MaireNelson, IL

Great Green Tea by Bigelow

This is a wonderful product by Bigelow. It helps to keep your bones strong. Our whole family drinks this daily. Thank you for carrying it.
CandanceComfrey, MN

tea time

I had tried many decaf green teas for years, and when my favorite was no longer available, I tried Bigelow, and it is a perfect replacement for me. It has a very smooth flavor with a stronger kick that I prefer, by keeping the teabag in for a while. Others were very week tasting, even with using two bags per brew. I found something that will be helpful to others, I use Evian bottled water when I make this tea, and it made a big difference in the flavor. My filtered tap water made it less tasty with a harsher flavor, so try your favorite bottled water if you’re not happy with the taste.
Love getting the bulk buy, a very good deal, and I only have to walk to my pantry to get another box!!
KendrickWhittington, IL


I love this tea for its flavor and serving size. I think most tea bags are too full and ruin the flavor of many teas because they become overwhelming. Bigelow Green Tea Decaf is perfection in my cup!
ZanaStronghurst, IL

Good green tea

I like the taste of Bigelow decaf green tea and Amazon has a great deal on it if you use their Subscribe & Save program. You can’t go wrong with this tea. It’s pretty decent.
WilburnRiverside, RI

Decaf Green Tea

Bigelow’s Decaf Green Tea is one of the best green teas I’ve tried. Also, the Amazon price is 40-45% less than I pay at the grocery store. The 40-count boxes are actually packaged 4 teabags in a sealed packet, great for traveling or carrying in a purse.
FredLime Ridge, WI

Great Bargain

Love green tea and need the decaffeinated variety and this was a great buy.

Letta Meinen

AshleighWendel, CA