Bigelow Mint Medley Tea, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count

Our individually packed Mint Medley Herb Tea K-Cups™ ensure that the last cup of tea you have from this box is just as delicious as the first. K-Cups™ are to be used with a single cup home brewing system, for tea lovers who want to enjoy the speed and convenience of single cup brewing at home. An airtight lid and cup lock in freshness and flavor, while a filter inside ensures that the water will extract the optimal coffee or tea flavor. Because brewing takes place inside this ‘mini-brewer,’ there is no residue left in the brewer to taint the next brew. A burst of air at the end of the brew cycle forces the last drops out of the K-Cup so there is no dripping or mess when it is removed. The brewed K-Cup is cool to the touch for easy disposal after use. Each box contains 24 cups.

Quick facts

  • 24-count box
  • Filter inside for the water to extract the optimal tea flavor
  • No residue left in the brewer to taint the next brew
  • Bigelow Mint Medley tea is a Caffeine free tea
  • All Flavored teas are Caffeine Free

Top reviews

Not “minty” enough

This tea is not “minty” enough. I have Stash Peppermint tea bags and they are so much stronger.
AntionetteOrangeville, OH

Mint tea for two

Easy, tasty mint tea brew. For months I used k cup just for one over sized mint tea cup, but accidently used it again and found that the weaker 2nd cup was very tasty! SO I recommend getting the best value and use it 2x for yourself and it becomes twice as good. Well worth the price for the convenience and taste. 🙂
BethannYale, IL

great hot or iced

This mint medley has a delightful mint tea taste and works well as in iced tea. Being decaf is a great bonus. I use the 6 oz setting brewed over a lot of ice to make a great iced tea.
RossieEffie, LA

Wonderful Flavor!

This is a wonderful tea! The flavor is very intense, with a nice round-off from the hibiscus. If you like a good mint tea, this is the “BAM!” upgrade!
ZoilaKansas, AL

Not Your Mild-Mannered Mint

I’m a big fan of mint tea – particularly peppermint. Sadly, most mint teas are weak beverages. In order to get a strong, clear minty flavor one has to steep tea for a long time or use more than one sachet; but not with this tea! The Bigelow k-cups are terrific, much better than the other mint tea k-cups I’ve purchased in the past (Gloria’s and Celestial Seasonings) in offering a bright and brisk cup of tea. But please note: these might be a bit too vibrant for those with a more subtle palette.
LoreenArcadia, FL

Love these K Cups! Mint Medley Tea is awesome ! But Strong~

I love my tea strong- This does great with my Keurig maker, and the tea is nice and strong- I use the large cup setting as well, and its still super strong- I love Mint Medley and am extra happy I can make it with the easy of my Keurig !!!
EvitaEvans, CO

My favorite tea

I’ve loved this flavor of tea in the regular tea bags for a long time so naturally when I got a Keurig I had to find out if they made K-Cups. I am so happy to say that they do. It comes out perfect when I use my machine on the 10oz setting. It’s very refreshing and what I especially love about it is the hint of spearmint. The mint flavor in my opinion is just right- not too overpowering, but not weak. It makes great iced tea in the summer as well. Love this stuff! A++ in my book!
BufordMc Kittrick, CA

Bigelow Tea for Keurig Brewers

Rich, bold, flavorful tea which brews stronger through the Keurig Brewing System than through regular tea bags. Great for on-the-go. A larger cup selection is recommended for am milder flavor. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy their daily tea.

Marti Melville
Author of “Deja vu: Farraige”

EthaClifford, VA


I enjoy drinking hot tea during the day. I drink this tea without any sweeteners and it tastes good. I have especially enjoy this tea during this cold winter.
CaterinaRaritan, IL

Minty and Refreshing – Excellent K-Cup!

This K-Cup provides a VERY MINTY, refreshing taste even on the largest cup setting. Highly recommended for fresh, minty breath after the cup is done!
HaroldHonomu, HI

minty flavor

The flavor of this mint medley tea is awesome. It is great on a cold winter day
TamathaMaryknoll, NY


I love Bigelow tea. It is hard to find decaf tea for k-cups. This is a very tasty tea.
JordanGood Hart, MI


This tea is too strong for our tastes. It’s SPEARMINT and not the mint that we expected.
I think it would be better if it was less intense. If you would make a second cup and drink it, it may be ok, but I won’t order it again. We prefer MINT.
AleshiaBrowerville, MN

minty and refreshing

I’ve had a couple of cups. Have sweentened with a little sugar and it is plenty minty. I bought it thinking it would be nice this winter for helping with cold symptoms and I think it will be great for that but it just a nice cup of tea for evening time. Recommend if you enjoy the flavor of mint.
LouieJasper, AL

Great mint flavor

This tea has the perfect amount of mint. Not too strong, not too bitter. I liked this tea so much, I’ve started buying the tea bags.
LeoniaFarnsworth, TX

Very good

I enjoyed the flavor of the tea not too over powering. The item arrived very quikly. Definitely would order again.
MarySaybrook, IL

Great mint tea

Great mint tea — smooth, not too strong, not too light. Great when you don’t want a jolt from your tea.
KrisCozad, NE

Could be better- very strong tea!

I like to drink herbal tea every once in a while as a break from coffee. I love Mint Medley tea bags, but it doesn’t work so well in k-cup form. It seems to come out very strong, so I add more hot water in (which kind of defeats the pupose)! My Keuring brewer can only make an 8 oz. cup. If your brewer can make a 10 or 12 oz. mug, this tea would probably be worth a try. I’m sure personal taste preference is also a factor here.
RendaPetroleum, WV

My favorite tea

My Keurig is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I don’t drink soda, I drink tea instead and Mint Medley is my favorite. Bigelow has done a great job of getting enough tea in the K-cup.
HomerGarrett, IN

Fabulous flavor

I am addicted to the flavor of this coffee, and order it even out of season. Thank goodness Amazon keeps a good supply!
ChinWest Haven, CT

healthier than coffee once in a while

Decided to get this for those days when a soothing, calming drink is needed more than the usual coffee. Good flavor for nearly instant tea. Will buy again when I run out.
CarlIvanhoe, CA

very minty.

my husband loves it. I am okay with it. Maybe just a tad too minty for me. might be good iced as well.
IngerGrasston, MN

Very potent mint

You have got to like mint, first on all; the mint flavor is outstanding. I like the thought of making ice tea; will give it a try this summer…
MaiSauk Rapids, MN

Good tea for the price.

There’s a couple other mint tea K-cups out there that are a little stronger, but they’re almost twice as expensive as the Bigelow. The flavor and odor are pleasant, and the price is right.
NicolaCaldwell, AR