Bigelow Perfect Peach Herbal Tea, 20-Count Boxes

A luscious herb tea blend of peaches and herbs. No caffeine. Individual fresh pack. Naturally & artificially flavored. Special fresh-pack locks in flavor. For three generations the Bigelow family has specialized in creating a variety of deliciously different teas and herb teas. Our individually overwrapped tea bags ensure that the last cup of tea you have from this box is just as delicious as the first. Each tea bag is individually sealed in a foil packet. Blended and packaged in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 20-count boxes of calorie-free herbal tea (120 total tea bags)
  • Fine herbal tea blended with peaches, spices, orange peel, apples, and strawberry leaves
  • Caffeine-free and gluten-free, with no calories and no carbohydrates; Kosher Parve, 100% natural
  • This soothing herb tea relaxes and refreshes with all-natural flavors
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Too much cinnamon

This tea has a very, very strong cinnamon flavor. The cinnamon overpowers the peach flavor. If you are not a huge cinnamon or spiced tea fan and really want peach tea, try Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion.
TerrellFarmland, IN

Not as good as Celestial Seasonings

I have to admit I’m more than a little disappointed in this tea. I had high hopes after trying Bigelow’s Raspberry flavored herbal and black teas. This one simply doesn’t taste “peachy” enough. In fact, I would say that it has more of a peach “aftertaste” than a real peach taste. It’s not the worst herbal tea I’ve had, but I’ve had better.
VinitaEureka, UT

Peach Tea

Unhappy with taste. Not as peach tasting as I would have liked. Disappointed. Gave it away.
SuzyThompson, CT

Cinnamon Way Too Strong

I love peach tea (and anything peach flavored), but this has has a cinnamon flavor that is too strong. I wanted so badly to give it 5 stars, but I wouldn’t be honest if I did. I don’t like the cinnamon flavor. To me, peach and cinnamon don’t belong together. Peach is summer and cinnamon is winter. This tea might be better in the winter as hot tea, but then again, not, because peach is too summery. Cinnamon would go better with apple flavor. As soon as I finish this box, I will not buy it again.

The cinnamon is way too strong. It made me sick at my stomach, and the aftertaste is horrible.

JavierAntelope, OR

peaches n spice

We really enjoy iced peach tea during the summer months. I usually buy Celestrial Seasonings. This tea was a little cheaper so I thought, why not, it’s peach tea. Both of us decided to go back to CS. This tea is good, however, we rather not the spice (cinnamon) with the peach for iced tea. This tea would taste good hot during the fall months. That’s why I gave it 4 stars.
RodrickStatesboro, GA

Use this for tea blends

This product is great for making iced tea blends.

It’s not great by itself, but try mixing it with regular Lipton black tea bags to make some really good flavored iced tea.

EldonLombard, IL

which peach tea is best? not this one.

I’ve tried three peach teas, including Bigelow Perfect Peach Herbal Tea, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6), Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Country Peach Passion, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6), and Celestial Seasonings Blossom Green Tea, Peach, 20-Count (Pack of 6). It saddens me to say that none of the three is worthy of a four or five star rating. If you are just looking for a tea that has a nice fruit flavor, I would recommend Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Black Cherry Berry, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6). Here are my thoughts on three peach teas:

Bigelow Perfect Peach: Most Bigelow teas are very pleasant to drink, but this peach tea is the exception. Unbrewed, the tea smells fruity and has a particularly heavy apple smell that is accented by cinnamon. It does not smell like peach. When brewed, the tea smells like fruit; the peach is still not evident. This is probably not surprising given that the first two are ingredients rose hips and hibiscus. Usually, Bigelow aptly names its teas but I feel this is more of a fruit tea. Unfortunately, this isn’t even a good fruit tea. The flavor is only memorable for its lack of good flavor. The flavor is bitter, perhaps because of the lemon peel. There is a strong aftertaste. I just don’t like this tea. Bigelow’s peach tea is made in the USA and is caffeine free. 1-1.5 stars.

Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion: Celestial Seasonings misses the mark with this tea. It is a fine tea but offers nothing exceptional to want to come back to each morning. The flavor profile is dull and lacks a distinctly peachy flavor. When unbrewed, the scent is sweet and very much accented by orange. When brewed, the scent does not change much; it is still quite citrus infused. This is probably not surprising given that the first ingredient is orange peel. All in all this is a lackluster tea. Flavor wise, all I could focus on was the orange. I feel like the company should have just put more orange peel in this and made it an orange tea. I think I would have liked that. As the tea stands now, I am confused by it. It is not quite an orange but it is definitely not a peach tea. It is certainly a better peach attempt than Bigelow’s Perfect Pea flavor. This tea is caffeine free. 3 stars

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea -Peach Blossom: This is definitely a green tea. The green tea scent is quite prominent when unbrewed and easily eclipses any scent that other ingredients might individually offer. It remains a strong tea once brewed. You really have to like green tea to appreciate this offering. I couldn’t really identify much peach flavoring in this I no longer drink this tea hot due to its intense flavoring. Instead, I brew a bag, water it down, and add ice. This creates a better version of the diet green tea you might purchase at a grocery. Contains caffeine. 3 stars.

JohnieDale, WI

Very Good

My wife is the tea person in the house and she is very happy with this peach tea. We both like the tea hot and cold and would certainly purchase again.
LynseyWilmerding, PA

The best peach favor in the US.

After trying so many so-called peach flavored tea, I still think Bigelow Peach tea is the best in the US. Why so? Because most peach tea sold in the US either taste like Hisbicus Flowers, or with a strong citrus presence which resembles orange or lemon flavor. My only complaint is that this tea is caffeine-free. To solve this problem, I often put this tea bag in the same cup of my favorite caffeine red/black/white tea, and it works very well.

For those peach-tea lovers, I also strongly recommend the British brand, Fortnum and Mason: Peach Flavored Black Chinese Tea. It is the best caffine-peach tea I tasted on earth. Unfortuantely, you can purchase that only in their UK retail shops, or through their web site.

GeorgettaAfton, MI

Sweet Getaway from Syrup-y Teas

If you want tea that tastes like a melted Popsicle, this is not it. If you want something subtle with aroma and combination of flavors, this is the one. This is more than “just peach” tasting. This is Peach and savory herbs. Soothing. Not meant to compete with syrup-y flavors of other teas that are like warm soda or melted candy. This is TEA.
IdaliaHeavener, OK


I was so happy to find Amazon carried Perfect Peach tea! My grocery store stopped carrying it and I was down to my last few bags before it occurred to me to search online (duh!)

I love to drink this warm and sweetened with just a bit of honey. I find it very soothing, especially when PMS is causing cramps or I have an upset stomach.

BrookePonca, NE

Peach tea

I ordered this tea for the girls in our office and they love it and tell me it tastes just like eating a peach.
PhungZenia, CA

Wonderful natural peach flavor – needs no sugar

This is my favorite fruit/berry tea without caffeine. The flavor is great, and no other brand compares – well no other common brand in a grocery store. I have not tried any brands added lately or those available at Whole Foods. I’m happy with this and see no reason to switch. The price is excellent as a subsription. I drink maybe 3 cups of this tea at night during the winter. Very soothing and no after taste. Tastes very natural.

I also carry these individually wrapped tea bags with me in case I visit with someone. I don’t like coffee if it is offered – so bringing my own tea solves the problem what to serve for my host.

PalmaNorth East, MD


Delicious hot. Makes a wonderful cold sweet peach tea. I make a gallon jug by boiling a gallon of water in a pot on stove, put 1 cup sugar or Splenda, 6 tea bags and let steep for 1 hr. Let cool, put it in the fridge. My husband drinks this every single day and never tires of it.
MaritzaTranquility, NJ