Bing Beverage Company Bing Cherry, 12-Ounce

Made with real bing cherry juice, Bing Cherry is a refreshing and naturally flavored beverage crafted by a husband and wife team from Colorado. Lightly carbonated, moderatley caffeinated and made with minimal sugars and all natural flavors and colors. Our Bing Cherry provides a healthy alternative to other soft drinks and energy drinks which are often heavily sweetened and high in calories. Bing Cherry contains anti-oxidants and vitamins including 100% daily value Vitamin C, five B-Vitamins, and Ginseng. With only 30 calories per can and 10 grams of carbs/ sugars, Bing Crisp will give you the boost you’re looking for without the sugar crash and without crashing your diet.

Quick facts

  • A carbonated, juice-based beverage containing anti-oxidants, B-Vitamins, 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C, 120mg of Caffeine and Ginseng
  • A healthy alternative to other soft drinks and energy drinks which are often heavily sweetened and high in calories
  • Only 40 calories per can and only 10 grams of carbs
  • All natural flavors and colors with NO high fructose corn syrup
  • Proudly 100% made in the USA

Top reviews

Not All Natural – Contain Artificial Sweeteners

This contains sucralose which is basically splenda. It is a knows artificial sweetener and a poison. Do not buy or drink this.
SharenNunda, NY

My favorite energy drink

I have trouble finding this in my area. Bing is delicious, low calorie, and has no artificial sweeteners. Please keep this in stock!
KristeenNorth Kingsville, OH

Well-balanced energy drink…

This drink tastes pretty good. It does have artificial sweeteners in it, even though you find it in stores that cater to “all-natural” shoppers. Maybe they should try a formula w/ stevia. The energy boost doesn’t leave you w/ huge crash like Monster, etc. It does, however, get a little old taste-wise if you drink it all the time(like most low/zero calorie drinks). Good taste, nice boost, and low-calorie. Ka-ching!
ShellieEdmore, ND

Deceptive and weird tasting anyways

Despite the “all natural” vibe the can emanates, the product is anything but. It’s made with natural flavors and colors but then they hit you with Sucralose, and it has sugar anyways…please just use only cane sugar, the drink is much too sweet anyways. I am also disappointed that they only use 5% cherry juice. The other ingredients they use besides caffeine are in such minute quantities they will never accomplish anything. What’s the point of including .01 mg of Flax Seed extract? I guess it looks good on the label. I’m surprised they had the balls to actually disclose the ridiculous fairy dusting of ingredients.

On top of all this Bing has a very weird smell and aftertaste. The initial taste is mildly enjoyable, but overall it’s a subpar energy drink. It can’t hold a candle up to Guru energy.

AnisaWashington, TX

Not All Natural As Claimed

I took a chance on this product due to the fact I really like cherry juice flavor. I skimmed over the reviews which were mostly positive but apparently not well enough to find out the actual contents of the product. I drank about half the can until I realized something wasn’t tasting right. Then I looked at the ingredients and noticed it contained sucralose (Splenda) which is not something I except to find in a “all natural” drink. I see no reason why they had to do this since it contains 10g of sugar anyway. Why can’t they just make a sugar-free version and keep that bad tasting artificial sweetener out of this version? My next compliant is that it is only made up of 5% juice which isn’t exactly a whole lot. Both of these weren’t mentioned (intentionally?) on the product description. It is quite a shame because I think the taste of the product would have been pretty decent otherwise. I think it is false advertising to say a product is “all natural and no artificial flavors” when it clearly isn’t.
AugustinePleasant Garden, NC

Good stuff

This stuff is amazing, no crash, no artificial sweeteners, and no obscene amount of calories that you normally get if you don’t want artificial sweeteners. Plus it also has gingko biloba and vitamin C which you won’t normally find in an energy drink. BUT if you are paying $40 plus shipping for 16 cans you are seriously getting ripped off! I paid $6 for the 4pack I have right now. Check the local stores (i got mine at a publix) and if you still cant find it, request it at your favorite store. They would be more willing to carry it if they know someone will buy it. Or, contact the manufacturer. They should be able to tell you if it is distributed anywhere in your area.
CarsonRosendale, MO


I love that I can still get this product in California even though it is not sold in any stores! Everyone who sees it is jealous that they don’t have one!
LoisSilver Plume, CO

Bing Mixology

I first bought Bing at a “Loaf & Jug” convenience store. I liked the taste. I don’t get a kick from this like I do with Rockstar Sugar-free, but I think I’m sensitive to the artificial sweetners in the Rockstar which makes me feel more jittery than energized. Bing is a mild energizer compared to other drinks, and doesn’t really feel like a “crash” when it wears off.

Mixology: I use 1 cup of frozen berries and one can of Bing to make a berry smoothie pick-me-up. I really enjoy this, sometimes adding a splash of orange juice, lemon juice, or lime juice to give the drink a little citrus bite.

MeliaMantua, UT

Wow big mistake.

I usually read the reviews but because I was impressed with the product description on Amazon I stupidly trusted the spin.
This so called all natural energy drink is a health hazard, make no mistake. They failed to mention that it has acesulfame potassium
which is aspartame. I don’t think by mistake either because no heath conscious person would have ordered a chemical coctail
that is, surprise again, a non returnable product! Doubters just Google acesulfame potassium.
ReynaEnterprise, AL

All natural caffeine for the day

Love the flavor of this energy drink. Not overwhelming at all and no aftertaste. It is carbonated and reminds me of a cherry 7-Up. Not too sweet, either. Just the right amount of cherry flavoring. I also love that here are no artificial ingredients. For only 40 calories, it is an awesome pick-me-up or coffee substitute.
ClaudIrwin, OH

Great drink, great price

I discovered this at a local grocery store. I really liked it, and bought many of the expensive four-packs there until I discovered it on Amazon. The subscription deal is great, and it shows up right on time.

Like some other reviewers have mentioned, if you don’t like cherry flavored drinks then you will not like this–it is very cherry. Lightly carbonated. Sweet.

KelsiWaresboro, GA

My girlfriend loves these drinks

We’re in the middle of a heat wave right now, and sometimes you don’t want to make a hot cup of coffee in the morning. When you have a case of these in the fridge, you can still get that morning jolt without all that heat. Bing!
JoanArchibald, LA

Tastes great!

Got some of this on sale at the local grocery store today..was impressed with the taste. The energy boost isn’t much different from other products to me. However, the taste is something I’d actually drink as a regular drink! Impressive since many energy drinks are foul tasting..
JoeBrandy Station, VA

as expected

I was very happy with this product.I was able to get it shipped to me for over $10 less I would pay at a gas station.
LoriaUlen, MN

Favorite energy drink

I used to drink rock star energy drinks, but they always left me crashing later. Bing is sold at the grocery store right next to where I work. I sometimes run over and buy one when I get a chance. The best part is that its only 40 calories per 12 oz can. It really does give you an energy boost to, but its more balanced and manageable. I feel like a tweaker when I drink other energy drinks and feel tired crappy later. Oh and it tastes great too!!! way better than rockstar. (unless you just don’t like cherry)

Pros: 40 calories, a balanced energy boost without a crash, delicious!
Cons: it can be kinda pricey, I would like to see this product sold in bulk at sams club or costco because I would buy it!

In the grand scheme of things, energy drinks are just bad for you, but if you’re going to drink one, it might as well be the healthiest and best tasting one.

AlanaSeadrift, TX

energy drink

This drink is the bombs I found out about it when I went on a trip to Denver and was hooked automatically!, the only bummer is I can’t get it in new Mexico I have to order online which I don’t mind, tastes like cherry not chemically and it works!
KateEast Helena, MT

My favorite energy drink

I LOOOVE Bing! I used to buy it whenever I was in Vail, CO (prior to finding it on Amazon, I’d only ever found it in CO). It’s very fruity with a great natural cherry flavour. I usually can’t stand cherry flavoring becuase it tastes artificial but Bing is all-natural and tastes like it too.
TeishaRussellville, MO


Rockstars taste literally disgusting and so unhealthy now after drinking these. It’s my go to afternoon pick me up. Love em.
BrianaArrowsmith, IL

Great Energy Drink

I really enjoy Petey’s Bing Energy. It seems more natural than say a red bull or Monster and has a more pleasant taste than most energy drinks. It has a deep cherry flavor so if you don’t like cherry juice you probably wouldn’t enjoy the full flavor. I personally enjoy it. Amazon’s packaging was good and shipping is as always…lightning fast.
AlyshaNewton Highlands, MA

Just ok by me

From the reviews, I decided to buy a case. I found it very sweet tasting. Definitely a cherry taste. It is not bad at all but day in, day out it can be a tad too sweet for my taste. I usually get the variety pack of Celsius on the subscription service. I find that it provides a better variety even though I am not fond of a couple of the flavors. I would buy Bing again I just did not think it was good as most other reviewers.
LucindaAugusta, AR

Bing Is Best Energy Drink

This 12 ounce Bing Energy Drink has great ingredients and is low in calories. First off there are only 40 calories in the entire 12 ounce can so it is a cross between a regular and diet energy drink. Where does it get its sweeting? It’s got no high fructose corn syrup and not aspartame either, Bing actually is sweetened by cane sugar. Still only 40 calories. Awesome! Three other ingredients also set this drink apart. One is Acai Berries which are a popular source of anti-oxidants. It also has flax seed oil which is a source of fiber and also beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels. The last is the Bing Cherry itself which is also an anti-oxidant and source of potassium which can help alleviate cramping for athletes.

Bing contains 5% juice from black bing cherries. Hence the name. The black bing cherry flavor is quite tasty and refreshing and the people at Bing did not skimp in the energy category either. With 120 milligrams of caffeine, 1000 milligrams of taurine, guarana seed extract, plethora of B-Vitamins and ginseng root extract this drink delivers a more than adequate kick. Although it is not among the strongest energy drinks out there it delivers plenty of kick to get you moving.

WalkerMc Kinney, TX

My hubby is hooked!

I originally ordered for my husband, and he is hooked, he wanted to quite his AM coffe and started drinking Bing instead, and he just loves the drink. I do too! So here I am ordering more! It doesnt make us stay up all night either. And it tastes great!
TonieWallace, SC

Husband loves this!

My husband started drinking Bing instead of coffee in the mornings. He likes the flavor (very cherry) and that it’s low calorie. We order by the case through Amazon as this is the best price I could find for it. The price in the local stores are double that here.

Would be a 5 star rating if the product consistently arrived without damage. Have had two shipments arrived damaged due to the way they were packed. Amazon worked with us to make things right, but it’s still a nuisance.

JonieOconto, NE


I tried this through a friend of mine – and have to say I’m totally hooked. As a mom to 5 – and somewhat health conscious – this fits the bill for what I want. I have noticeably more energy after drinking one of these…. the taste is great – there is no sugar crash… and it’s just awesome! great job!!!!
DannetteAmbia, IN

My Favorite Energy Drink!

I really love Bing Energy Drink. When I want a fizzy drink but don’t want all the calories of a soda pop I grab a Bing. Sweetened with Dark Bing Cherry juice and cane sugar one 12 oz can only has 40 calories.

It’s the only Energy Drink I have found that I like, most others taste like chemicals or medicine to me.

Can’t find it in my local markets so I have a subscription on Amazon to automatically deliver it monthly.

Get it, chill it, drink it! Then decide for yourself, I think it’s the best Energy Drink out there.

HannahClarkston, WA

The best energy drink available

This review is for the drink itself, but not the delivery being offered if you buy it on amazon. I’m lucky enough to live in Denver, where Bing is made, and have been drinking this product for several years now. I work 12 hour night shifts, and I have a 9 month old son at home. Sleep is definitely at a premium in my house. To make matters worse, I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I’ve tried most of the energy drinks on the market, and find they all have a medicinal aftertaste. That’s not the case with Bing. It tastes like a carbonated cherry drink. Not only is it the best tasting energy drink I’ve ever tried, it’s also the best tasting soft drink I think I’ve ever tried. It helps energize me without a ton of sugar, it’s only 40 calories, and has some vitamins in it. What’s not to love? Thank you to Petey’s for bringing this fantastic drink to the market and helping me get through long nights at work and then waking up early to spend time with my son.
ShandaTrammel, VA


This drink is perfect. I use to order Enviga but that was abruptly stopped & wasn’t able to find it anymore. I tried Bing when it was on sale & immediately fell in love w/it!! Amazon has the best price & I love my monthly shipments!
Highly recommended Just read the ingredients & you’ll see why!
AltheaChilmark, MA

Family loves them

My family (4 adults) love this drink. I buy a case a month through subscribe and save, saving even more $$$ than purchasing at grocery store. One a day in the am seems to work well for me, giving me a little extra boost. Tastes great too.
GwendaDenton, NC