BioBag Dog Waste Bags

One of our most popular products. Picking up after your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner. In many communities, it is also the law. Now owners have a logical alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags.

Quick facts

  • Made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and other polymers
  • Alternative To Regular Plastic Bags
  • Clean & Responsible
  • Bags are black to hide contents after use
  • BioBags are manufactured in the USA
  • Made from plants, vegetable oils and Mater-Bi
  • Great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags
  • Should be used within one year of purchase and stored in a cool, dry place
  • Comes in standard size, large size and on roll for easy portability
  • Pack of 4, 50-count boxes (total of 200-counts)

Top reviews

Good bag, but they don’t fit a Bags on Board dispenser

I don’t know why I thought these bags would fit in my Bags on Board bone dispenser. Maybe I was just hoping.
Still, a great bag that is truly biodegradable (unlike Bags on Board)
BrigidAlexander, ND

Wish they had handles

I love the BioBag poo bags — they’re plenty roomy, opaque, soft and flexible. My only complaint is that they don’t have handle ties. I like to tie my bag and then carry it by the handle until I get to a trash receptacle. With these, you only have a knot at the top. Otherwise, they are perfect!
PreciousMaplewood, NJ

Bio Bags Dog Waste bags

The bags on a roll are terrific. They take up less space and work wonderfully. I especially like being able to use a biodegradable product.
CristinaWhitehouse, OH

Inexpensive but defective

Half of these bags are defective where one side is split (torn) from the top to the bottom. Makes it more like a tissue than a bag. Beware! I would return them except that it’s not worth the trouble and fortunately I have a small dog:)
KaleyDeepwater, NJ

Good product, but sort of expensive

Our family used these bags for a while… it’s great to find a non-gmo cornstarch bag that is REALLY biodegradeable, unlike some of the poop bags, which say they are, but really they just break down into a billion tiny scraps of plastic (so they theorize they “degrade” faster than regular plastic. However, this just means more tiny micro-bits of plastic in the landfills and ocean!). Beware what you read in the product descriptions! It should be 100% “compostable”.

However, seems these bags just keep getting more expensive. Good product, but I want to pay as little as possible to throw out poop! I recently discovered another similar product at about half the cost, which are called Nature Babycare Eco Diaper Disposal bags:

Obviously, these are intended for disposable diapers, but work just as well for poop. They are a little thin (a little thinner than the Bio Bags), but they work just fine and I haven’t had any problems with them. They are about the same size as the Bio Bags with tie handles. They are white, not black like the Bio Bags, but don’t show through, so they are a winner for us. I’m really not too picky about what to throw out poop in as long as it works, it biodegrades, and I don’t end up with poop on my hands. I’m happy to find another product that costs less, hope this helps someone else.

CherrylWiden, WV

They work but…

While I feel better throwing these away because I know in time the bag and it’s refuse will biodegrade in a good manner the bags themselves are on the weak side. You get more than enough in this package but after tearing one off the roll they have a tendency to rip along the seams when I try opening them. There are nights where I have gone through 3 or 4 bags and other times I can go weeks at a time without wasting one. While I appreciate the concept I will be searching for another brand that can withstand my Hulk like strength.
AldenFreeville, NY

Composting Bags? Awesome!

We use these bags every day and we love them. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I just sealed dog “leavings” in plastic for an eternity. I wish they made their large dog bags available in rolls.
KelleeGoodfield, IL

Eco-option for dog bags

We love these bags and use them daily for our 2 large-breed dogs. They are roomy enough to hold both of their waste on the same walk. The bags have pre-cut holes in the top so you can slide one of the bag through a hole and it seals without messing with tying it, which is super helpful with 2 dogs pulling you along for a walk. Can also clip the bag via the hole onto their harness for long walks where there isn’t a trash can so you don’t have to carry/smell the waste. Best part is it’s biodegradable and compostable.
DaraPalo Verde, AZ

keep rollin’

I love these bags. I try to be as green as I can and these bags help me get one step “closer.” I actually use these bags to scoop the cat litter frome the multiple cat boxes around the house. They are the perfect size and I love the fact that they come in a roll that allows you to just tear off one at a time. Some stores do not carry the “rolls” anymore so it was great to find them here at Amazon. They are also great (perfect size) for picking up dog waste (their original intention I guess). I have several friends with dogs and I always keep a roll in my car – very convenient to store neatly in the glove box or console.
KennySeymour, IL

Great Bags

My only gripe is that they don’t really fit into the bone shape carrier, so we had to attach a small pouch to the leash to hold these bags. Other than that, these bags are great. They separate from the bunch easily and they are easy to open. They cover the smell well enough and you feel better about using them over the environmentally harmful bags.
EvanElderton, PA

Great bags

Great for picking up doggie poo. Sometimes she has larger piles so I wouldn’t mind it they were slightly larger themselves, but overall, great bags. Love that they biodegrade, we use other products of theirs as well, but this was my first introduction. Great idea. Poop breaks down, why keep it locked up in plastic for years?
CherryEstero, FL

Easy to use BioBag

These BioBag Dog Waste Bags are easy to use. They are big enough for my husband’s hand to fit in to. I use them with my Li’l Pals Waste Bag Dispenser.

You do have to take your time tearing the bags apart. They are thin and if you tear too fast you can tear a hole in the bottom of the bag and the consequences are not pretty. I take my time tearing the bags and have not had any problems with them. I have been walking in 100 degree weather using them. Once they are tied I do not have any odor coming from them as I walk.

CandiPioneer, TN

Eco-Friendly Bags

Great biodegradable bags! My only complaint is that I wish the bags were a little longer but other than that they’re great! Also, the roll is pretty thick so you might have trouble fitting it in your bag dispenser (I just tear several of the bags from the roll so it’s skinny enough to fit in my dispenser – not a problem for me). I’ve already placed 3 orders of these bags and I plan on placing more orders in the future.
BrandeEast Saint Johnsbury, VT

On my second order…

I have just ordered my second pack of 5. These work great for my 60 lb dog. We have had no problems whatsoever. I’ll keep ordering!
LornaLewistown, OH

great bags

These bags have worked well for me. They are large enough (for my 70lb lab mix), they are sturdy enough (I’ve never broken through or ripped a seam), and they are truly biodegradable. My only gripe is that the rolls don’t fit in standard bag dispensers- not that they claim to, but it would be nice if they did. In any case, I’ll continue to buy these bags.
ElzaEndicott, NY

Doesn’t fit in bags-on-board style dog bag dispenser

My singular complaint is that these bags don’t fit in the dog bag dispenser I already own; The bags are not wound around a center core and they are loosely wound so they can’t even be made to fit in my holder. (I even tried to remove half of the bags and kind of shoving them into the holder).

Other than that, the size and quality of the bags is great. I have 2 small dogs (chihuahuas) and 1 bag works for picking up after both of them.

I read the previous reviews and it’s important to me that these bags comply to the strictest composting standards.

CriseldaEvans, CO

Great bags on a roll, but treat them gently

I love that these bags are on a roll and the Amazon price is great. A minor complaint is that an entire 20-bag roll doesn’t fit into most standard-sized poop bag dispensers. However, it’s not that much work to count and tear off a section of 10 bags and roll those up (start with the sealed end and work towards the open end).

The one-star deduction is because these bags easily rip and puncture. Be careful when you are tearing each bag off as you can easily rip the bottom of the next bag on the roll. And don’t even try to use that hole at the top of the bag; I’m not even sure what that hole is for. If you try to follow the diagram for closing the bag, the hole will tear open. Hopefully it will tear towards the top and not towards the bottom. Just tie a knot at the top and ignore that diagram. Also, if you drop a full bag on the sidewalk, it’s very possible to put tiny holes in the bag when it hits the sand in the sidewalk cement. Hopefully a garbage can is nearby, because the bag is no longer odor-proof.

TimikaCasa Grande, AZ

Eco-friendly & practical

I don’t have anything bad to say about these bags. It’s pretty straightforward- they do the job and they’re bio-degradable… done. The opening in the box for pulling the roll works well and they’re easy to just throw in your pocket.

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was ease of use of the bag. They’re a tiny bit tough to open (but that’s because the material sort of sticks to itself) and they could maybe tie a little easier. Let’s just say I’m glad I have a small dog! Otherwise, they’re great!

BillieMize, KY

Biodegradable bags

Although these bags don’t fit into the roll carrier I already own, I still prefer them to other bags. They are super easy to open in the dark, or wearing gloves, or wearing gloves in the dark. They don’t crinkle too much either so if you have one or two stuffed in your coat pocket it doesn’t make a racket. After running through a 5-pack of boxes, I’m about to make my first re-order.
KipKeota, IA

Love these bags!!

We are a pretty ‘green’ family and these biobags are great for those that want completely biodegradable doggie bags! They are not flimsy or thin – your hand feels very protected against doggie’s busines. I did prefer the flat boxes vs the roll but this way has less packaging. The bags are nice a roomy and easy to tie. The directions on the actual bags are little confusing so we just tie it the way we like. The price is worth the peace of mind for me knowing that all these bags will eventually break down. Will continue to purchase!
TheolaSusquehanna, PA

Quick and Clean

I’ve had a Welsh Corgi for almost a year now. I tried using a pooper-scooper and normal plastic bags at first. A friend gave me a roll of the biobags for a puppy present. I haven’t looked back since. They’re easy to use. 🙂
EarleneFlorence, NJ

Reliable, convenient and environmentally sound

I used Bags on Board refills for several years but was looking to switch brands after BOB removed some of the texture that allowed you to open an individual bag. I gave these a shot and am now a brand-convert. The bags are easy to open and won’t easily tear. I wish they fit into the BOB dispenser; perhaps future versions will. Overall, great!
NoemiPortia, AR

Amazing value for these quality bags!

I will never stop buying these bags. It’s a great price for the number of bags you get. It makes the frequency of buying poop bags tolerable! They’re easy to use, aren’t a pain to tear off or unroll, grab easily… As far as poop bags go, haha, you really can’t beat the price and product.
MattieBurns, KS

waste for waste?

great product, but boxing it seems like a waste to me. other sites sell these without the box. (i hope they aren’t just throwing the box away!)
AllanWalton, KS

Great for cat litter

We have three cats in our house and two litter boxes. I love these are biodegradable. We use World’s Best Cat litter so all material is recycled back to the Earth. The bags are a great size for changing the boxes; we only use one bag to empty both out. The boxes are changed at least twice a day. They are not too big and not too small. It can be a little awkward at times scooping into the bag, but you get the hang of it after a few times. I also use the thirteen gallon bags for my shredder.
LorineAlmira, WA


I really love these bags and use them with a Li’l Pals dispenser found here on Amazon. The two together work great for my kids diapers. One improvement, is make the bags a little longer, to fit diapers a bit better. My daughter is wearing size 5 diapers, and if she goes up a size, I fear they won’t fit well enough to allow me to tie a knot. This goes for both Seventh Generation diapers and also the gDiaper compostable inserts.
PageRatcliff, AR