BioBag, Lawn & Leaf Waste Bags, 33 Gallon, 10 Count

BioBag Lawn & Leaf Bags are a full 33 gallon capacity, measuring 32.5 inches wide and 41 inches tall. Many communities have banned the use of regular plastic bags for yard waste removal, because polyethylene-based plastic bags cannot be composted with the yard waste or burned. Until now the alternative has been paper bags. Studies show paper bags are difficult for consumers to use and store, have a limited fill capacity (usually 28 gallons), and do not hold up well in wet weather. We strongly recommend that wet grass clippings be left on the lawn, where the clippings will quickly biodegrade and add nutrient value to your lawn. Placing wet grass clippings in either a paper bag or a BioBag can stimulate bag decomposition within three or four days.

Quick facts

  • Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 standard
  • An easy and durable solution for the collection of grass, leaves and other garden waste
  • Breathable which reduces moisture, mildew and odors
  • These bags have a large fill capacity, and hold up better in wet weather than paper bags
  • Wet grass clippings in a BioBag can stimulate bag decomposition within three or four days

Top reviews

Biobags are a joke. A sick joke.

Biobags are the worst trash bags ever created. They are so weak that they hold only about one third the weight of even a cheap conventional bag, thus requiring you to use about three times as many bags, and each bag costs four times what the cheap non-biodegradable bag costs! No one would buy these ridiculous things if they weren’t forced to do so by their local government.
TravisArroyo, PR

Strong and eco-friendly

I’ve been using these BioBag 33 Gallon bags for about a year and I have never had one break on me. I have never had to double up either. I use one bag to line my 30+ gallon outside trash can which is picked up by the city once a week so its filled to the top by the time its ready for pickup.

No complaints here!

TreyChester, NY