Biogenesi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 25.4-Ounce Bottle

The extra virgin Biogenesis is the result of a passionate work of selection and control, so that on the table of a healthy product reaches consumers, genuine and typical characteristics. The extra virgin Biogenesis is a real masterpiece of nature, where man’s job merely to provide that its outstanding features are preserved in an optimal way, such as using a brown bottle that protects against UV rays, which damages the olive oil’s integrity.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 25.4-ounce bottles (total of 76.2 ounces)
  • With a powerful bouquet and silky texture, this oil has a nutty flavor with a peppery finish
  • Drizzle over salads, poultry, or fish
  • Product of Tuscany, Italy

Top reviews

This product may say it is organic, but it is not.

Amazon seems unwilling to remove the word organic from the description even though it is not an organic product. I sent back my first order on the off chance they sent the wrong thing, but the second one was exactly the same. No where on the label of this package does it claim to be organic.
RossieRocky Ford, CO