bionaturae Organic Elbow Pasta, Gluten Free, 12 Ounce Bags

All pastas are not created equal. bionaturae organic pastas from Italy are made with the artisanal techniques of long ago. The difference between a traditionally made pasta like bionaturae and an industrially made pasta is easy to detect. The pale color and porous surface of our pasta is different because we extrude the shapes through traditional bronze dies instead of Teflon dies and dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures. This process is slower and more costly, but the difference in quality is worth it. bionaturae pasta is made by a third generation of a family of pasta makers. We offer semolina, whole wheat, egg noodles and gluten free pastas. Take time out of your day to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner made from bionaturae organic pastas from Italy. For best results use bionaturae organic  canned tomatoes from Italy for your sauce.

Quick facts

  • Certified organic and Kosher (circle K symbol)
  • Imported from Italy
  • Gluten free pasta without sacrificing taste, texture and nutrition
  • Cooks like traditional pasta
  • Goes with all your favorite sauces
  • Certified Organic & Kosher ( Circle K symbol)
  • Imported from Italy
  • No rinsing after cooking
  • Unique formulation gives true pasta-like texture
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

No good with tomato sauce or mac & cheese sauce

I tried this many years ago (same ingredients as they have now) and I really did want to like it because I know how bad regular wheat pasta if for me and I’ve been loving elbow macaroni since I was a kid and hoped I could make my own mac and cheese out of this. But white rice also gives me tummy trouble and this is made mostly of white rice. But that’s not the only reason I gave it just 2 stars. As I’ve said in my other bionaturae pasta reviews, if I had to eat gluten free I’d rather give up pasta than eat this stuff. All of their pastas are made from the same “formula” (that’s what they call it). And no matter how many times I’ve tried it, different types of pastas, different cooking times, they all taste chewy and sticky. The taste is not horrible but texture just ruins the entire eating experience.

My full review is below. This review will not show as a verified Amazon purchase because I bought mine locally. But if you do choose to buy this and can’t get it locally, Amazon Prime is the way to go. Check out Amazon Prime ( for details on how to get Amazon Prime shipping perks for free, or ask me about it.

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> Organic

> Gluten Free

> Kosher (circle K symbol)

> Produced at a dedicated gluten free facility with no risk of cross contamination with dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, or eggs.

> The manufacturer is one of a select few in Italy who are authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health to produce gluten free pasta. The factory tests for the presence of gluten during each production cycle. Independent testing is also done at a laboratory in the United States on each lot before the products are distributed in this country.

> The actual taste is a little like regular pasta. But the texture was so bad I couldn’t finish it.

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> Tacky, sticky, chewy. It was so chewy it stuck to my teeth. They claim it has a true pasta-like texture. As an Italian-American from NY who has been eating pasta of all kinds regularly for over 50 years, for me it does not have the “true pasta-like” texture as they claim. Like I said, sticky, chewy, tacky.

> It felt like wet cement in my stomach. It made me constipated because it is not made from whole grains. And smothering it with my special melted cheese sauce didn’t help any. It just made it heavier in my tummy.

> Being organic and gluten free is the only thing I can see good about this stuff. But as I’ve mentioned in other reviews, poop can be organic and gluten free but that doesn’t mean you should eat it. Sorry if that sounds crude, but I think it really goes make a good point.

> It is expensive, but if you have already tried this and like it and can’t get it locally, then Amazon Prime is the way to go. Ask me how to get Amazon Prime free shipping perks. But I don’t see it being worth the price, at any price, not even free.

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INGREDIENTS: (same as all of their pastas)

Organic Rice Flour, Organic Rice Starch, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Soy Flour (and water is used)

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Euro-USA Trading Co., Inc. (importers of bionaturae)
5 Tyler Drive
PO Box 98
North Franklin, Connecticut 06254

phone (860) 642-6996
fax (860) 642-6990

TamekaNorth Bay, NY

bionature gluten free pasta

the best gluten free pasta we’ve found..good texture if you don’t over cook….unlike the rice pasta. it’s not cheap but you don’t think you’re eating gluten free when you’re eating it.
LakeishaBaker, CA

Excellent elbows!

This is by far the best GF macaroni I’ve found. A friend bought me a bag at a local healthfood store ($4.99!) and I didn’t think I’d like it..but wow, it is just like the “real” thing! Comparable to Muellers elbows. I’ve used it for both hot dishes (excellent for mac & cheese) and cold salads, and it does not loose its shape or texture during cooking. I truly dislike rice-based pasta because of the white goo that is in the water after cooking. And I hate having to rinse the pasta before adding sauce – you will not have either of these issues with this pasta.

I know it’s expensive, but honestly – it is worth the price. And, anything less than $4.99 a bag seems like a good deal to me! Our local stores really gouge for GF items.

TariSheldon, VT


Having tried several brands of gluten-free pasta, this is hands down the best available. My son has celiac disease and this pasta tastes like “the real thing” the others in my family cannot tell that it is gluten-free. It is somewhat more expensive since it is imported but it is worth the cost and is less expensive to purchase at Amazon.
ShanekaHolgate, OH

fantastic gluten free product

This product and competitive price reflect a good value on an excellent gluten free pasta that is difficult to find in stores in my area.
GerryFlushing, NY

you are not likely to know it is gf

I am in the process of going gf in doing so finding something that is appealing to me can be difficult but this pasta by far is the best, my husband did not even know it was gf till I told him. He and I were both socked. It not only has the taste of gluten pasta but the texture as well. I have had both the spaghetti and elbow mac and would recommend both. I have not bought it here so can not a test to the shipping just the product

Since I wrote this review I have bought it through Amazon and found it to be a much better deal. I have also made a number of meals with it and even used it in a dish to pass. No one could tell the difference, they all thought it was traditional pasta not gluten free. I just with Bionaturae would come out with a gluten free lasagna noodles so I could make that from scratch too.

KishaWolf Lake, IL

great pasta

Of all the gluten free pasta’s on the market, my husband likes this one best. It is close enough to the real thing that I can get away serving this pasta to the whole family.
NichelleAtkinson, IL

Best Gluten Free Noodles. Period.

We have spent 9 years cooking gluten free. We have tried every kind of noodle out there. Bionaturae are the best by far. You won’t regret it. Now, when will these work with Subscribe and Save? I want a case a month!
JackiCollison, IL

best gluten free pasta

Even though I do not have a gluten allergy, I was introduced to bionature gluten free pasta products a couple of years ago. This is the only label I have found that duplicates the taste and texture of wheat pasta. I have become about 70% guten free, and believe this helps my overall health, and know that it helps me control my weight.
MarquettaInman, NE

The BEST gluten free pasta!

This stuff tastes just like regular pasta and the elbow noodles can even be used in a pasta salad without getting all mushy.

I don’t normally use soy products, but this is made with GMO free soy and it is only part of the ingredients. I am willing to overlook the soy ingredient and eat it since the texture is almost identical & it tastes so much like wheat pasta.

This is the best gluten free pasta! Thanks Bionaturae! ;o)

JamieBox Elder, SD

Love this pasta!

I’ve been GF for approx. 10 years, and this is the best elbow ‘macaroni’ I’ve had in that time. I made mac and cheese and could not stop saying ‘YUMMMMM’! Rather than chewy, I found it nicely ‘al dente’ and prefer that to the soft mushiness that most others turn to. I will be using the subscribe and save option for this one!
DonnDe Valls Bluff, AR

Okay, but not my favorite…

Since realizing that my son is gluten sensitive/celiac, I have tried a lot of different GF pastas, so was excited to try this based on the great reviews. While I would agree that it is the best rice/potato based GF pastas I have had, I would not say it is the best GF pasta out there. It is still quite chewy and there is a lot of starchiness in the water when it’s done cooking…like glue. Taste and texture improve when it’s reheated and liquid is added for absorption. If you are looking for a GF pasta that’s better than regular pasta, try the Quinoa/Corn pasta by Ancient Harvest. That is the best GF pasta in my family’s opinion.
DungBucyrus, KS

Worth trying

I am personally trying to eat gluten free. I purchased this product in hopes that I could still eat things like Macaroni and cheese, as long as I could find a suitable alternative for my wheat pasta. This product does exactly that. I have cooked about 6 bags of this stuff so far, and nobody can tell the difference between it and regular pasta. I have noticed that it takes about 15 minutes to cook, which is longer than normal pasta, but other than that, its perfect. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to pasta…..I would recommend that you give this product a try.
GeraldinePinecliffe, CO

Gluten Free Macaroni

This is the best gluten free product that my husband and I have tried. When you eat this macaroni you would never know it was gluten free. We have tried other gluten free macaroni and will continue to buy bionaturae gluten free macaroni products. Try it and see what I mean.
LettieVallonia, IN

Very good. Worth paying a little more for.

Gluten-free foods are pretty expensive, especially for a single mom. But pasta the teen will love, and that doesn’t have what seems like a 60-second window on timing for being edible, is a big deal. I have overcooked and undercooked this, and while it was apparent, it was no worse than it would be with doing the same with ordinary pasta. It makes great real mac&cheese and chicken pesto pasta and the bulk buy means I never have an excuse to eat gluten and take gluten-ease and “hope to live to do better another day” — because I have something better at hand. I think the elbows seem ever so slightly thicker than the cheap gluten-ish stuff in the store but not enough to consciously notice unless you’re looking for some difference. I wish this was cheaper but I’m willing to pay it.
CaryNorth Chatham, NY

delicious and easy gf pasta

My son has celiac so we have been searching for tasty pastas- this one is easier to prepare than the rice pastas (less likely to get globby) and handles sauces better- consistency is closer to wheat pasta also, has less flavor than the quinoa blends so needs a sauce to make it truly palatable-if you are looking for a pasta to go with a tomoato based sauce so with this one.
WillowKilbourne, LA