bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Gobbetti, 16 Ounce Bags

All pastas are not created equal. bionaturae organic pastas from Italy are made with the artisanal techniques of long ago. The difference between a traditionally made pasta like bionaturae and an industrially made pasta is easy to detect. The pale color and porous surface of our pasta is different because we extrude the shapes through traditional bronze dies instead of Teflon dies and dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures. This process is slower and more costly, but the difference in quality is worth it. bionaturae pasta is made by a third generation of a family of pasta makers. We offer semolina, whole wheat, egg noodles and gluten free pastas. Take time out of your day to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner made from bionaturae organic pastas from Italy. For best results use bionaturae organic  canned tomatoes from Italy for your sauce.

Quick facts

  • Certified Organic & Kosher ( Circle K symbol)
  • Imported from Italy
  • Dried at Low temperatures with superior quality
  • 100% Whole Grain-6 grams of fiber per serving
  • True pasta texture-not gritty or grainy

Top reviews

fluffy, tender – not “nutty” or chewy

This is the BEST whole wheat pasta we’ve had, and trust me- we’ve tried most of them. Not only does it taste really great, it stands up to just about anything you subject it to- overcooking, baking with sauces, being sauteed in oil, refrigeration, etc.

The bionaturae pastas all cook up lovely. And unlike other whole wheat pastas, there’s no weird aftertaste or bitterness no matter how long you cook it for. No matter how al dente (or how tender) you like your pasta cooked, this pasta holds up to whatever you subject it to. We tend to like pasta more on the tender side, and the pasta retains its shape, doesn’t disintegrate or get glue-y even after 12 minutes in boiling water. Holds on to sauces very nicely. Also refrigerates well after being mixed with sauces.

My daughter, who is four years old and a SUPER picky eater, prefer this over her regular semolina pasta.

The best part about this? This particular pasta shape boils up LARGE and fluffy and really fills your plate, so you can have a nice large bowl of pasta for not a lot of calories. I love the shape of the Gobbetti – spirals of noodles with ridges to grab cheese and sauce.


LinWare Shoals, SC


I am shocked how delicious this whole wheat pasta is. To me it tastes like regular pasta and not whole wheat. Therefore, I don’t feel like I am losing anything in taste yet I’m gaining more in nutrition. Cooks Illustrated reviewed this pasta as the best whole wheat pasta around and they were right. I will be ordering this from now on.
CarrieSandborn, IN


We love pasta in general (both white and whole wheat) and Bionaturae’s whole wheat gobbetti in particular.
The only problem was that the gobbetti was difficult to find where we now live, so I was really happy to see it on Amazon at a reasonable price.
It’s got a slightly heartier feel after cooked than white pasta (white pasta feels just slightly smoother when chewed). The heartiness, as well as the twisty shape and surface ridges, of this pasta go particularly well with tomato-based meat sauces (like a bolognese) and also with bean or lentil sauces/stews.
Our kids enjoy this pasta, I think because of its twistiness. They sometimes want it with a little salted butter, and sometimes even plain, instead of the sauce so that they can eat it with their fingers.
All in all, this is a good-tasting way to get a whole grain food into our diet.
BernieSaddlestring, WY

Best whole wheat pasta EVER

I’ve been eating bionature organic whole wheat pasta’s for 2 years now, and I can honestly say this is the BEST whole wheat pasta I’ve ever eaten. This is great in home made soups or pasta salad. THANKS AMAZON
AlonsoNew Windsor, MD

Be healthy AND happy!

I always try to purchase the healthiest foods available for my family, buying organic and high fiber foods as often as possible. That’s why I purchased a package of BioNaturae Organic 100% Whole Wheat Gobbetti. I prepared it last night for dinner and this pasta is a winner!! I know from experience that pasta cooked “al dente” is just too underdone to me, so I usually add an extra 60-90 seconds to the cooking time. Not only did this pasta stand proud and tall in the boiling water, but it also expanded beautifully… what was a small portion of dry pasta turned into an entire bowlful of fluffy goodness. And the taste was wonderful, especially when enveloped in my homemade organic pasta sauce! This is definitely the BEST whole wheat pasta I’ve ever eaten; many turn into a glutinous mess with a postage-stamp aftertaste, but not BioNaturae. This will now be my Go-To pasta brand.
GerthaNorth Bend, NE

This stuff is great

It taste great and it is whole wheat. I have never tasted whole wheat pasta that is this good. This is much better than the stuff sold int he grocery stores.
DinorahCentertown, KY