Bionaturae Tagliolini Egg Pasta, 8.8-Ounce

Bionaturæ (bee-oh-na-too-ray) roughly translates to mean “organic nature.” For the founders of the company it means this and far more. It means the celebration of Old World tradition, of authentic Italian food and of family. The superior quality of our foods is made possible by the traditional small-scale production that is so unique to Italy. Each product is lovingly crafted by food artisans who utilize timeless methods of production handed down from multiple generations. Each product is made with passion, resulting in the highest quality and most genuine offering.

Quick facts

  • Durum wheat is grown in Italy on small family-owned farms that have been using traditional agricultural methods for centuries; All ingredients are certified organic and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

Top reviews

reminds me of Italy

I rarely eat anything but whole wheat pasta, but every once in a while, I eat some of this as a treat. Almost as good as the pastas that I ate while in Italy! Just make sure you don’t over cook.
JeanettaRidge, NY