Biscoff Spread Combo – 1 Smooth

The famous Biscoff spread from Europe – the original smooth creamy sensation and the new crunchy version! Suit your every craving for the great taste of the classic Biscoff caramelized biscuits. Imagine the possibilities – use it on toast, in sandwiches or just enjoy right off the spoon.

Quick facts

  • The delicious Biscoff spread from Europe – in original Smooth and new Crunchy
  • Two kinds of Biscoff spread satisfy your every craving
  • A great nut-free spread for sandwiches, waffles, pastries and more
  • Contains more than 66% Biscoff cookies
  • Package includes 1 jar of each type of spread

Top reviews

Delicious product/Bad price

I love this product and have found numerous ways to us it. I think my favorite is on Ice Cream. I like that you only have to use a little. I prefer the Crunchy, I guess I like the texture. But the price I paid I found out later is appalling. I can get the same jar at Walmart for less than $4 a jar. So I am very disappointed that the great deals I usually find on Amazon, did not play out with this product, in fact I kinda feel like I was ripped off!
KennethLuzerne, IA

Delicious and Addicting!

This cookie spread is smooth, creamy and delicious. I’ve only eaten it out of the jar, but I think it would be tasty on a bagel, toast or cracker. This tastes like creamy shortbread cookies~ heaven!
ThomasenaBlodgett, OR


Loved this on a bagel or toast. Sweet and tasty for those of us who are not peanut butter fans
MelvinaMarlboro, NJ

Tasty, but the ‘crunchy’ is a bit oily

It is difficult to write this review since I had a somewhat mixed experience: the ‘Smooth’ is _absolutely fantastic_ while the ‘Crunchy’ isn’t my thing. If you like Biscoff cookies, you’ll *love* this stuff. I was skeptical, but had to give it a try. Put it on bread, apples, bacon, or just eat it out of the jar. Better yet, put it on bread with thin green apple slices and top with bacon. Awesome!

As for my experience with the Crunchy, the flavor is pretty much the same as the Smooth, but there are little chunks of cookies in the spread. I expected that. What I didn’t expect was that the oil in my jar had separated from the spread and was pooled in the top of the jar. I stirred it back in — I’ve had similar experiences with Nutella and other spreads in the past, and that usually does the trick. Unfortunately, this one kept separating, which made the texture kind of nasty. The flavor was still good, but the experience wasn’t the same.

5+ stars for the Smooth, which I will be ordering again, but separately.
-1/2 star because they come in GLASS JARS. Just be careful, especially if you have kids.
3 stars for the Crunchy because it is a spread made from Biscoff cookies and IS crunchy.

Overall, 3.5-4 stars for the bundle because it did let me try both options and now I know which one I like best.

EarleanDeer Park, AL

This spread is AWESOME on toast!!!!

I’ve tried both the smooth & the crunchy versions, my very favorite is the smooth. This is a wonderful treat, one that I always have on hand.
KayceeWillis, VA

I love this stuff!

I had some Biscoff cookies on a flight and loved them. I wasn’t sure I could find them in my area, so I checked on Amazon and found these spreads as well. Long story short, the spreads have the great taste of the cookie. They are almost too good, because it is hard to resist nibbling them. I’ve put them on toast, on English muffins, and even just from a spoon. Before you know it, the jar is empty!
KarenaNew City, NY

2 good

This disappears faster than PB.
If you haven’t tried it….DO!!
Even the crunchy is a unique experience for the taste buds.
JeanettaPocatello, ID