Bisto Gravy Granules – Chicken 170g

Bisto is England’s favorite gravy mix. It has a smooth taste and is made with fine granules to make it easy to mix.

Quick facts

  • Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules
  • A smooth taste
  • Made with fine granules to make it easy to mix
  • Bisto is England’s favorite gravy mix
  • Imported from England

Top reviews

Very good!

I was given some of the chicken and beef granules by a friend. I have only used the chicken, it’s easy to use, dissolves easily in warm water and is very good. It’s hard to find so thought I would check Amazon and here it is, so happy to have found some.
I tried something new while making some instant mashed potatoes, I put the granules in the liquid before I mixed in the instant potato flakes. I didn’t have to make any gravy to put on the potatoes, it was good with it just mixed in. I would imagine you could do it when making regular mashed potatoes also.
LatarshaHoldenville, OK

Ahh Bisto Granules

I found these granules when I lived in Africa for a couple months. It took me forever to find them again once I got home, I actually packed some in my luggage to take home. They make gravy by just adding them to boiling water, the chicken is a little darker then you think of as chicken, but good. They’re especially nice if making gravy for one or two people, thickening stew or soup etc.
VestaEastford, CT

Love it…not the price

Easy to use and all the Bisto flavors. Same exact product at English Tea Store dot com …half the price!
ArdisSmithville, MS

Pretty amazing!

I love this stuff! I never saw anything like it before where I live. You put it in hot water and while stirring away BAM there is gravy! It just happens and its flavorful and has good body to it.
Also its great thickener for soups and stews. Give one a try and see what you come up with it. It certainly will not go to waste in you cupboard. A Nice staple for just when you need it.
EmelyDover, OH

Color odd, but great taste!

Dissolved easily in hot water without any lumps!! Great flavor. Dark color, which put me off at first; but when I tried it, and felt the smooth texture, the color didn’t matter. Great for mixing into dishes that need thickening. I’d even use it on mashed potatoes, but would have to forget the color. The color looks like beef gravy with a great chicken gravy flavor.
RonaSun City, FL

Gravy Granules For Chicken

This product adds that bit of ‘extra’ needed to enhance an otherwise dry or bland chicken dinner. It’s quick and easy. When added to your chicken pan drippings it brings out the flavor to make it one of your best home-cooked meals ever.Bisto Gravy Granules for Chicken – 170g Drum
DanieleGrimesland, NC

LOVE, LOVE Bisto! Don’t like This flavor though

Bisto is the absolute best gravy maker there is! I couldn’t possibly live without it.

But I tried the chicken flavor and hated it. I use the favourite flavor for everything- all meets and poultry. The favourite just tastes better and works with everything well.

That’s just my opinion! Sorry Bisto manufacturer!

CynthiaOakland, NJ

I’ve missed this…

After moving from the UK I have always missed cooking with this. Glad I can now order it. When cooking chicken in the pan it’s always great to just add some veg and water and pour a little bit of this in while you’re still cooking. That way you get a great gravy and the taste seeps into the meat.
IlaElwood, NJ