Black Beans, Fermented* – 16 Oz Bag Each

BLACK SOYBEANS, SALT (contains soybeans).

Quick facts

  • Bag of 16 ounces
  • Paste made from fermented beans is a wonderful sauce
  • Finely chop and add to fish or meat dishes

Top reviews


I had a recipe in mind that sounded delicious and wanted to try it and it called for these fermented black beans. When I opened the package they even smelled good. Most beans do not smell good. I just have to find more recipes so that I can utilise this huge amount that came in the package.
DamarisCornucopia, WI

Fermented Black Beans

The fermented black beans are of outstanding quality! My Oriental recipes have come to life. I will be ordering more. I found this product at – D & J Asian Market.
JazminLoop, TX

Delicious Fermented Black Beans

Very authentic. Tasted just like the beans they put in my favourite chinese takeaway. Keep them in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid to make them last properly. To use the black beans just take out what you need and put in a sieve and hold under cold running water to get rid of the excess salt, then put the beans in a bowl of cold water for 30mins to soften. I like to use these beans with chinese flat wide rice noodles. If you go onto Google Images and type in whatever chinese recipe you want a load should come up. Just click on the one you want then press the x button on right hand corner of the picture. If anyone is after chinese flat wide rice noodles, then a good place to go is quite near Walthamstow Central Station, E17. As you enter Walthamstow market you’ll see a 99p shop on the right. You will need to stay on the left hand side, walk for 3-4 minutes and you’ll come across a chinese shop (not particularly big but they do have a lot of stuff) and they sell the noodles fresh and dried, as well as an abundance of other chinese goodies for your recipes as well as a selection of frozen dim sum, mmmmm…….. Apparently you can freeze the fresh noodles, then defrost when ready to use. If you can’t separate them properly then pour boiling water over them for 2mins. The dried noodles (cheaper) you’ll need to pour boiling water over them for 6-8mins
MarissaWadena, MN

chinese fermented black beans

this product is hard to find at the grocery and is a staple of chinese cooking this one bag will last for a long time
JanuaryLiberty, TN