Black Capelin Caviar

Originally hailing from Iceland, Black Capelin caviar is usually served as an appetizer, hors d’oeuvre, or side dish.

Quick facts

  • PRODUCT SIZE: 12 oz – jar
  • STORAGE: Room Temperature, SHELF LIFE: 4-6 weeks

Top reviews

This is the first time I’ve tried caviar…

…and it’s just all right. Another review made a claim that this has a “mild” flavor – he must’ve gotten a different jar. Not that there were a billion ingredients in the product, but from what I read about caviar, I was expecting “capelin roe and salt”…not spices, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and other food coloring. Otherwise, you get what you paid for…fish eggs, ang plenty off it for a low(er) price. Maybe I can save enough money to try any of the big three (sevruga, beluga, or osetra).
TashiaSimmesport, LA

Not Pleasant

I ordered this off of Amazon because I had never tried caviar before, it arrived & the whole family tried it – it was not good – we didn’t even finish the jar. I thought maybe it was because I had never tried caviar before, but I just tried fresher caviar last week and realized I love caviar – this stuff is just gross.
WilburnPauls Valley, OK

Best Buy!

I love caviar, but can only have it once in a great while because of the expense. My brother gave me a jar of this Season’s brand capelin caviar from the cold waters of Iceland… and it was fantastic. Some of the best caviar I’ve ever had and I’ve had some pretty expensive caviar. When I discovered the price! Well, I won’t have to do without caviar any more. The eggs are very small, firm, black, and just the right amount of saltiness. Delicious. I highly recommend this brand for anyone who loves caviar and enjoys that clean snap of fresh roe. Season Black Capelin Caviar from Iceland, 3.5-Ounce Glass Jars (Pack of 4)
AllenDustin, OK

Good value roe

very tiny eggs; very salty, strong flavor. good value for the price.Black Capelin Caviar
LaurenHoyt Lakes, MN

Decent Stuff, Overpriced Shipping

Overall this cheap caviar is good, it taste well/tasty and goes well with crackers. The only thing about it is the overpriced shipping of $18.00, this is a huge down. And another thing about this caviar is that it turns your poop in green color, probably dyes.
CorinneCandler, NC

Good News- Bad News

Good News: The caviar is de-lish and it was a 12 oz. jar (not 10 oz.). A rich texture and bright taste. Bad News: I was quite disappointed at the $16+ shipping charge for 3-5 day very which I think is quite excessive. The shipping cost was more than the item.
AuroreYountville, CA

Great Product

This product had a very good taste, mouth feel, shelf life and the price was great. We enjoyed it very much and will purchase it again.
CandyNorfolk, NE

Good and Bad

This isn’t a caviar for the caviar snob (as in, my mother spit it out) but I think that it tastes great for the price! It’s also much better than grocery store caviar, and the shipment arrived within 3 days of ordering! The shipping speed was great, but I still think that $18 is incredibly overpriced for shipping costs. Also, it DOES turn your poop green! I wouldn’t mention it if it hadn’t already been mentioned a few times, but yes, like nuclear green. Odd, to say the least.
LouannBogota, TN

Excellent buy

I am not some kind of caviar snob but I have had the very expensive down to lumpfish from the local grocery store. I was so surprised at the extremely fresh taste and mild flavor. It even had the “pop” of the expensive brands. What was so wonderful with this type is I could just get a little spoonful whenever I wanted instead of waiting for a special occasion.
LyndonWarrenville, IL

best caviar for the dollar. Great compared to grocery store brands.

This brand is not to salty, not to fishy. Great caviar taste with ample pop. The freshness is evident. I have bought this brand over and over and it’s never let me down. I’ve introduced several friends and family members to caviar using this brand and it never fails to impress. Highly reccomended.
JosieHollidaysburg, PA

Black Capelin Caviar

I love caviar and I’ve had some of the best and worst. This is one of the best and for the price it really can’t be beat. The roe is small, has a very fresh taste, not too salty and has a perfect ‘snap’. Great for everyday and special occasions.
ArmidaEdmonds, WA

Inexpensive caviar

This was an inexpensive luxury, but not of course, to be compared with the real thing …. which would have cost a great deal more.
My wife and I thought it good value – we did not expect it to taste like real caviar – and we will probably buy some similar products from the same company.
IsidroEmmitsburg, MD

Not Impressive, but it is what it is

I agree that the shipping is too high. A little too fishy for my taste and I prefer larger eggs. Also, a previous reviewer is right about the green stool factor. Probably too much added color. It is what it is.
RacheleBarnhart, TX

Mixed feelings…

I thought it was a bit on the “fishy” side, but my wife (her x-mas present) loved it, and if anything, she is hyper-sensitive about freshness with seafood. I’d buy it again, especially considering the price.
GraciaSeneca, WI

Very Salty

When i tried this it tastes very salty. If you like anchovies then this is the caviar for you because it tastes almost exactly like anchovies.

It does have a little “pop” to it but the eggs are very small, it kinda looks like blackberry jam. Also Capelin is actually red this is dyed black.

ingredients list is as follows.
Capelin roes, salt, water, stabilizer (xanthan gum), spices, citric acid, sodium benzoate (0.1%) as preservative, FD&C Blue #1, Yellow #6, Red #40

To test this product on a “caviar aficionado” i had one of my Russian friends try it and he said its “ok” but its very salty and tastes fishy. If you plan on using this as a topping for sushi then it would be fantastic.

For the price its a good deal if you like salty briny fish.

CliffMenominee, MI

Wonderful Pop, Slightly Salty

This Capelin Caviar was really quite good–I ate it by itself and with some cream cheese and melba rounds–one of my favorite ways to eat caviar–and it mixed really well with the whipped cream cheese. I prefer cream cheese to creme fraiche, but I like both. The package was very carefully and thoughtfully packed, with ice packs and cushioning, so the product arrive in perfect condition. It came with a gorgeous little mother-of-pearl spoon, that, while fragile, is beautiful and will be something I look forward to using with guests. It was very pretty. I balked a bit at the shipping & handling price at first, but seeing the care they put into it and realizing it was packaged to keep the the caviar at the absolute best possible condition for shipping without excessive cost, it was worth it.

If I had paid big bucks for this caviar, I might have been slightly disappointed–but only slightly–but at the price that is is, I’m totally impressed with the price vs. quality. It was just a ‘touch’ fishy smelling when I first opened it, but it was also not chilled (I had taken it from the packaging and couldn’t wait to open it and see the quality until it chilled–and while it was shipped with ice packs, I live in Texas, and the packs were melted–BUT it wasn’t burning hot/melting levels, which it very well could have been–it was just slightly warm) so it had a bit of a fishy smell to it, usually the sign of a poorer quality caviar. But after it chilled, there was no fishy smell to it at all. It was also quite salty–I realize anything with 620mg of sodium per serving is going to be salty, but there is overwhelming and then ordinary salty for caviar, and this one leaned to the ‘saltier’ side.

All by itself, it’s just a tad too salty for ordinary tastes. But mixed with the cream cheese or with the creme fraiche, it was absolutely perfect.

It also has the nicest ‘pop’ to it, and that is my favorite part of caviar–that nice little pop to it. The color is quite deep, and it does stain a little, so you’ll want to be careful with that. It’s really quite gorgeous too, for decorating appetizers or amuse-bouche for guests. For me, I ate the entire jar in two sittings–it was really quite scrumptious. I ordered a smaller jar, because I wasn’t sure of the quality, but now that I’ve ordered and am impressed, I will definitely be ordering a larger jar from them again in the future.

If you’re wanting a caviar for making a dish, for including in decoration for party platters or appetizers, this is a perfect cost-effective version to get. Definitely worth it. If you’re wanting chilled caviar to be served all by itself and eaten straight, this works, but it’s definitely obvious it’s not as high of quality as some of the more expensive varieties. I did, however, eat it straight myself and enjoyed it–I just wouldn’t necessarily use it for a party or dinner guests intended to eat it straight–but for recipes and appetizers, I think it’s difficult to even tell the difference. Really good stuff.

DalePrairieton, IN

Superior taste!!!

I basically grew up eating fresh Caspian sturgeon and caviar, until it became scarce in 1980’s. Hence, I have first-hand knowledge of what the real stuff should look and taste like.

This arrives neatly packaged in bubble/cardboard, in glass jars with metal lids, and label states it’s a product of Island. Shipping did not take long, only about 5 business days.

The taste and smell is unbelievably the very same taste/smell of the real thing. Texture is nice and pops, although quite a bit smaller than real stuff. Overall, try the old Russian method of eating this: Nice, firm slice of freshly baked white bread spread with butter – then thinly spread this caviar all over it. This is the way we’ve always ate it, and the experience is unbeatable. The worst thing you can do is put this on a dry, salty cracker. Or, eat it in any other way for that matter.

I ordered two jars at once and paid the same shipping, so it was $5 per jar. I am planning to order a lot more, probably 5 jars at a time. Supermarket sells real Osetra (sturgeon) caviar at $80 per 1.5 oz!!!! American caviar at $45 for 3oz!!! Come on guys, this is no rocket science – this stuff is the way to go. From now on, I’m totally sold and a loyal customer!

MargetHigh Ridge, MO

disappointing after the rave reviews

I’m a big fan of caviar, but this is one of the saltiest I have ever tasted. It’s quite a disappointment after all the favorable reviews — like eating a spoon of tiny black salt tablets. The price is reasonable, but it doesn’t make up for the taste. It’s not as bad if you spread it thinly, but that shouldn’t be the case.
ShanellMercer, WI