Black Lemon Jade Sencha Tea Loose Leaf

Our private reserve tea with a taste of floral and watery creme de la creme of sencha Darjeelings boasting Keemum, Assam & Nilgiri that makes this full of freshness and mouth watering flavors

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  • Lemon Jade Sencha tea

Top reviews

Best Chai to date

This is probably the best loose leaf masala chai I have tasted in the US (outside of an authentic Asian restaurant). I dont often write reviews, but if you’ve ever had real masala chai (and not the syrup stuff they sell in Starbucks et. al. coffe shops) you’ll love this stuff … inexpensive, high quality … beats Teaism hands down … I just ordered more, and I’ll keep ordering more … if you’re British/European, and you’re looking for a nice black tea … this is the one xxx!
RosamondSaint Johnsville, NY