Black Star Birdsnest Snake Plant – Sanseveria – Impossible to kill! – 3.5″ Pot

This plant of steel is an ideal houseplant- easy care , needing little water or food. Ships same day as your order with tracking, an ideal gift- long lasting and very beautiful.This is a fresh air plant- gives out oxygen at night so good for bedrooms.

Quick facts

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  • A plant of steel- easiest care lasting for many years.
  • The best vacation plant- will survive your long vacations and look great on your return.
  • A strong and very beautiful Sansevieria. Darl leaves with brght gold edges.
  • Can be re-potted into a larger pot to grow quickly into a large lush plant.
  • Ships same day with tracking.

Top reviews

A bit smaller than I expected but I can’t wait to see it grow and will definitely reorder!!

I ordered this plant along with two other plants (philodendron and spider plant) and when I received the box that they came in at first I thought, “hmm, I will probably receive the rest of the order the next day.” All three plants were inside this fairly small box. It’s not a big deal I just thought plants would be slightly bigger. Okay the plant itself is cute!!! Can’t wait till it grows I have it on a window sill that gets bright light but no direct sunlight.
MickeyTyro, VA

Both plants came in good shape

I bought two of these nighttime oxygen emmitting mother-in-law’s tongues. They’re good to place in where you sleep for a healthier air exchange according to a website “top indoor plants for air purification”. Since oxygen is highly required for recovering process during beauty sleep rejuvenation, they recommend about 6 plants per person for its optimal effect. I’m not sure of the size, however, according to NASA a human requires 6 waste tall plants (particularly carbon monoxide (human exhale) to oxygen converting) to “survive” in the room completely sealed from air. Note that it’s to survive, not for optimal oxygen saturation, though that wasn’t mentioned on that page. Didn’t mean to change the subject, but that was the reason why I purchased these plants from this seller other than a high quality service and quick shipment that I truly appreciate.
WilburnUnderwood, ND

Black Star Birdsnest Snake Plant

My plant arrived in good condition. It is full and healthy looking. There were some brown tips on some of the stems, but the plant looks good after clipping those off. I believe that is customary for the snake plant (mother-in-law’s tongue) though. I am pleased with the plant.
ShanikaHolden, WV