Black Truffle Olive Oil – 100ml

Made with the finest ripe olives, from the first cold extraction, to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a rich and natural flavor. The brilliant green gold color and fresh aroma enhances the fruity, buttery taste, balanced with a pungent, peppery finish. Ideal for everyday cooking.

Quick facts

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Top reviews

Very Nice

I like having this little bottle in my pantry. I was dubious when I first purchased it at a fancy grocery store, but a little bit has gone a long way. I add it occasionally when I want to give a little extra richness and depth to a squash soup, or mashed potatoes, or just drizzled very lightly over pasta with a nice freshly grated parm.

Could I live with out it– certainly. But I’d rather not.

DwanaMazama, WA