Black Winter Truffle Butter from France in Plastic Container – 3 oz

Black Winter Truffle Butter – 3 oz/85 gr by Terroirs D’ Antan, France. This rich butter readily absorbs the aroma of the fragrant truffles, making this butter intensely flavorful. This is a superb way to introduce truffles to your cooking and your kitchen, before taking the next step to whole truffles. Toss in hot pastas, add it to hot pan juices for an easy and flavorful sauce. Best if used right before serving to preserve full aroma. After opening use within 1 week. Ingredients: French butter, black truffle puree, black truffle peeling, natural black truffle extract, black truffle juice concentrate, sea salt – Origin: France – Packaging: Plastic Container – Brand: Terroirs D’ Antan – Shipping: FedEx Next Day Delivery

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Top reviews

Good, but not very truffle-y

Good flavor, though at 3oz be prepared for a fairly small container. It does have little bits of truffle and truffle smell, but the flavor, while good is a bit weak.
CelindaSecor, IL