Blairs Sudden Death Hot Sauce with Ginseng, 5 fl oz

Blended from habanero pods, cayenne, pepper resin, clover honey. Bottle has skull key ring attached.

Quick facts

  • A perfect compliment to almost any dish
  • A wonderful hot sauce with great flavor
  • Perfect as a Corporate or gift basket item

Top reviews

Unpleasant; too much heat and no flavor

You have to use so little of it there is almost no discernible flavor. Maybe useful for pranks or college students but not for people who love spicy foods.
KenishaPittsford, VT

It’s hot, and it’s good with the right meal

The first time I tried this sauce, I thought it was Blair’s After Death, but only hotter. For those not familiar with Blair’s After Death, it’s basically Blair’s Original Death with a small amount of extra for extra heat but does not taste like an extract sauce. It still maintains the Original Death flavor.

However, after using this sauce on more items, I learned it really wasn’t a hotter version of After Death. The ginseng flavor comes through strongly when enough is used. It’s still very good on a burger mixed with ketchup, good mixed with BBQ sauce on chicken or anything that uses soy sauce really, and passable on rice, but if you use enough, the chemically Ginseng flavor can wreck some dishes too.

I would recommend this for those who would only use a drop or two at a time. In that case, this is still a very good sauce. But for those who use a good amount, I would suggest Blair’s After Death or even the hotter Mega Death instead.

DarellHolyoke, MA

Of all the sauces I own, this is my favorite HOT HOT sauce

I find the best way to rate hot sauces on heat is to compare them to other sauces. This is just slightly hotter than Dave’s Insanity Sauce, but slightly less heat than Mad Dog Inferno. It is way hotter than any tobaso product. If tobaso is the only hot sauce you have eaten, I would suggest eating something more mild than Blair’s. Sudden Death will give a good burn to just about anyone but the most serious chili heads.

What I like about this sauce the most is the flavor. It is very good. Unlike some of the extract sauces which lack flavor, I found this one to taste very good. And it has the heat kick that many of the better tasting sauces do not have.

AlanLoco Hills, NM


I was warned on this one… a drop will do for an entire dish- I don’t find that to be quite true, 4 makes a nice healthy spice and doesn’t bring any tears and I find it to be quite flavorful, not sure what this other person was talking about… this is for real chili-heads, so if you just like a touch of spice then it’s not for you. Interestingly, I don’t find it to be a lasting heat, it’s there and then it’s gone…
IngeCuddebackville, NY