Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce with Ginseng and Skull Key Chain – 5 oz

Take Mounds of Fresh Red Habaneroes, Mash Um Up. Slice Up Some Firery Cayenne Chilies, Squeeze in The Lime Juice and WAIT…Dont Forget the Clover Honey and Ginseng and We Have Blairs Sudden Death. FEEL ALIVE!! Made with Great Karma. This is Blair’s most famous sauce…Amazing flavor for a sauce of this heat level. Please use with extreme caution. Keep out of reach of children. Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce won 2nd Place at the 2002 Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge. Comes with skull key chain.

Quick facts

  • Blair’s most famous sauce !!
  • Use Sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution.
  • Made with Great Karma.
  • Death never tasted so good!!!!

Top reviews

The absolute benchmark of hot sauce.

Blair isn’t joking: that plastic skull is a cogent, stark warning not to take this sauce lightly. And another note: this isn’t so much a sauce as it is an additive.

Here’s how you can literally fire up your mouth: take one 24 ounce jar of generic hot salsa from your supermarket. Let’s say you laugh at their idea of "hot", which means you’re ready to go with Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce.

Put the salsa in a blender. Do not blend yet. Pour about 1/4" of water in the empty jar, shake it up, pour into the blender (get all of your salsa’s worth). Put four-six drops of Blair’s into the blender. Cover and blend on "Liquify".

Pour into a serving bowl. Take a nacho chip, dip, and eat. Now run to your kitchen sink, and stick your mouth under the tap. After five minutes, the burning should stop.

Repeat until the bag of chips are gone.

I add a few drops to canned chicken soup, and it really makes it far more tasty and hot than you could ever buy. I’m impressed at how tasty the sauce really is, if you use it properly. It takes a little practice to get the right balance of flavor-to-hot, but it really does add flavor to soups, salads, chili (man, does it ever), hamburger, just about anything. A single bottle might last you about three months, and you’ll sneer at lesser sauces in your grocer’s aisles.


LinnBoston, MA

a mouth full of angry bees!

ok, so i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. i went to grab the bottle of blair’s after death sauce, but picked up sudden death by mistake. i proceeded to spill about a full teaspoon worth onto my plate, then dipped some battered fish into it. i realized my error the moment i started to chew. instantly my mouth felt like it was bursting into flames while angry bees began stinging my tongue. sweat started running from my head like a faucet. holy cow! it is waaaay hotter than dave’s temporary insanity!!! taste? it’s ok but who buys hotsauce for taste?? even milk didnt help. the good thing though is that it stops killing you in about 15-30 minutes… that is , until it exits the other end!!!
LueWeber City, VA

Another great Blair’s sauce

I picked up a bottle of Sudden Death and Beyond Death. I have previously had After Death, which is very similar, except half as hot. After Death is the best in terms of pure taste. Sudden Death is almost as good but twice as hot. I didn’t really care for Beyond Death which is just as hot as Sudden Death, but had both a sweet and a sour flavor at the time time that didn’t sit well with me.

To date, I have mixed this sauce in with ketchup on a burger, and with BBQ sauce on chicken drumsticks. I was able to use a good amount of it without finding it overly hot, but my threshold for heat is a lot higher than most people.

CraigHillman, MN