Blue Buffalo Basics Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo Treats help your little buddy maintain great dental hygiene. Because a puppy has special needs, these dental chews are textured to help soothe sore and aching gums during teething. They also include DHA for cognitive development, Taurine to promote heart health and vitamins to support the immune system.

Quick facts

  • Net Wt. 6 oz
  • Natural, crunchy biscuits your dog will love
  • Contain no chicken or poultry by-product meals and are corn, wheat, and soy free
  • Delicious and easily digestible
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth

Top reviews

Great product; Made in the USA; good ingredients

I had previously been a long time fan of Natural Balance Limited ingredient dog treats
Natural Balance Dog Treat, Limited Ingredient Duck and Potato Recipe, 28 Ounce Bag

Recently, as other reviewers of the Natural Balance product have noticed too, Natural balance has stopped displaying “made in the USA” on their products. It doesnt say where they are made anymore on the packaging, but one would have to assume it is China now.

I appreciate the fact that Blue Buffalo products are made in the USA (noted prominently on the packaging). These limited ingredient treats have very similar ingredients as the Natural Balance treats. My dog loves both. I still feel as though the Natural Balance treats are still probably good quality, but I feel better that the Blue Buffalo treats are made in the USA.

I highly recommend these.

ContessaJoinerville, TX