Blue Buffalo BLUE Basics Adult Recipe

For dogs that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods, less may be more. BLUE Basics is a healthy, holistic, limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities while maximizing the nutritional value that your dog will receive.

Quick facts

  • Minimize food sensitivities
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Maximizing the nutritional value

Top reviews


my poor puppy has been suffering with stomach problems from day one, i have done everything possible to help him out,
only time he got better was with bland food, but with my schedule is hard to cook for him everyday, but every dog food in the market we tried, and the poor pup would have diarrhea, this was so frustrating, so many trips to the vet, getting him on antibiotics, we tried the cheap foods because some people told us the high end was too rich, switched to the high end foods like wellness, and still my poor dog would get diarrhea. i got so frustrated, that i just cooked for him bland foods
turkey, rice and potatoes, until i started reading about Buffalo basics, tried it, and in 16 months of having this dog, its the first time he is not with diarrhea, not only that but his fur is incredibly shiny, i’m so happy, and i hope i can help others that have gone thru the same frustration!! it sure is costly but worth getting this than paying a vet!
AricaBaldwinville, MA

Best food for my sensitive dog!

For a long time, my dog had “stomach” issues – we initially noticed when he was constantly having to go potty and was always gassy. Since then, we’ve switched him to various brands of food that had more “pure” ingredients. Switching over to these premium foods definitely seemed to help – his intestines seemed to be functioning more normally. However, after months and months of staying on one brand/flavor, he began retching and vomiting every once in a while. I figured it was possibly the richness of the food so I did a lot of research on food specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs and came across Blue Buffalo Basics. My dog has been on this food for the past year now and it’s been top-notch for him! No more retching, great BMs and his coat has never been shinier! And as far as I can tell, he loves it too!
MarchelleMonticello, GA

Has done wonders for my allergy dog

We’ve tried everything from organic dog food to Natural Balance L.I.D. (potato & duck), to finally this brand. We have a pitbull who seems to be allergic to everything – he gets so miserable during flare-ups, which happens quite often. We’ve narrowed down several things he seems to be allergic to including venison, latex toys, and some unknown ingredient (“natural flavors” or canola oil perhaps?) in the Natural Balance dog food. The latest recall about dog food ingredients sourced from China got me researching – Natural Balance may have their dog food facilities here in the states, but they do not deny they order ingredients from China. My dog was vomiting his food nearly every day. I’ve got two other dogs who didn’t, so I thought it was more of an allergy issue than contaminant. But I don’t like taking risks with my dogs. So, in searching for a dog food with limited ingredients, and a company that sources ingredients from the USA, I ran across Blue Buffalo brand. I read the ingredients which did not include “natural flavors” or anything else that I thought might be a problem. One of the ingredients is blueberries, and I figured they dropped in a few berries and mashed it all in with the rest of the food so they could include it on their ingredient list. Imagine my surprise and complete delight when I saw dried blueberries as part of the kibble! This is awesome – there are truly enough blueberries to add antioxidants and other phytonutrients to their diet.

Anyway, within 2 days of feeding this to my pit, his inflamed skin started to heal. His energy level increased (because he felt good), his coat became very shiny, and he has not vomited once since being on this brand (I feed both dry and canned, as well as supplement with some homemade food). We’ve been dealing with his issues for over a year, and this is the first time he seems to have cleared up without the help of medication. He’s been on Blue Buffalo for about a month now.

Update: The “blueberries” may actually be what they call “Life Source Bits” which do include blueberries, but also other ingredients. In either case, the food has done wonders for my dog.

ErasmoStamford, VT


Our 2 1/2 year old Wheaten terrier poodle mix has had problems with her stomach ever since we first got her as a puppy. We have tried every kind of dog food, including the Hill’s I/D. We were thinking we were never going to be able to help her with her diarrhea and gas problems. Out of desperation, I bought the Blue Basics at the pet store and I can’t say enough good things about it. She has been eating it for 2 months now, and has had normal bowel movements and no gas for the first time in her life. The change was immediate. I didn’t think that would ever happen, and you can tell she just feels so much better. Yes, it’s expensive, but in my opinion, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!
DortheyRuston, LA

One of the best over the counter limited diets

Our allergy prone pit is most consistent on this food. We have tried everything and for whatever reason this just sits well. No over the counter food is perfectly allergy contained but for a main stream brand they are reliable and consistent.
AnamariaCovert, MI

good for allergic dog

My Border Collie-Mix, Jackson, has food allergies and I was cooking turkey and oatmeal for him for years. It was such a relief to find this food. It is the first dry dog food that my dog could eat without turning pink and itchy and getting hot-spots (staph infections). It is expensive, but not nearly as much as the Hill’s ZD prescription alternative. And the quality is way better. My vet even said that Jackson’s teeth improved. He loves it, but to be honest, he would eat anything. I love the cooking freedom and knowing he is getting the right balance of vitamins.
MichelinaDes Moines, IA

Best dog food on the market

After trying most high end dog foods & my dog having the same stomach issues, I decided to to try this brand.
Since I switched, she hasn’t thrown up & her BM’s are more normal.
I would rather spend money on buying this food for my dog, then spend money on trips to the vet.
My dog is healthier than ever & it’s because of Blue Buffalo Basic.
DarlenaBlue Hill Falls, ME

A godsend

My 5-month old Golden Retriever puppy had been having chronic diarrhea ever since we brought him home from the breeder. We took him to various clinics and animal hospitals and they ran their tests for Giardia, etc. but came up with no explanation. We tried mixing yogurt into his food, which helped a little, but not enough. Finally we found Blue Buffalo Basics and with a twice-daily enzyme pill called Gentle Digest, he has made a complete turnaround. He seems so much happier and loves the flavor of the food. Highly recommended!
ElenoraFuquay Varina, NC


I usually do not get excited about dog food but Blue Buffalo Basics has did the trick for my dog Sonny. I have a pitbull who I adopted about 6 months ago. unfortunately, Sonny had Giardia when I adopted him back in April 2012 but after that was resolved about a month or so later. The Wife and I still could not figure out what was still causing his nasty BMs. On top of the unsightly BMs he started shedding and losing his hair like a maniac. I was driving myself mad, I couldn’t understand what the issue was……I gave him great food (Acana), walked him regularly but for some reason he still had issues. We just assumed we did not get rid of the Giardia the first time or it came back and the vet told us to go one more round with his Giardia medicine. Still no luck and the same issues, but the final straw was when he scratched himself raw.

When we brought Sonny to the vet again to take care of the scratch we did another parasite test. That test came back clean, the vet proceeded to do other tests to make sure it was nothing serious (The Vet Bills racked up trust me). We all came to conclusion that he was allergic to either his food or something in the environment..Grass, mold etc……

I decided to start off with the food, I did a mad search through to find a food that was created for Allergies. I came across Blue Buffalo Basic Turkey & Potato as my hail Mary attempt. It was pricey but I had to try something.

Within the first week we can tell his BMs were getting better however not ideal, but by the second week, it was like night and day. His BMs were awesome, he also was growing his hair back and he was not scratching himself. This stuff was amazing and I can not believe how much it has helped him. In addition, he used to have really dry elbows with no hair on them , we assumed this was normal due to sleeping and always rubbing on the floor when lying down. I am glad to say that he no longer has those dry elbows and the hair is now growing back in that area.

I can not say how happy I am with this brand and what it has done for Sonny. The only thing that would make me happier is if they brought down the price a little bit. However, if it keeps Sonny healthy I have no problem ponying up the extra cash.

If you have a dog that you believe has allergies, try this brand before you spend a fortune like I did at the vet.

IvoryEagles Mere, PA

Perfect for a sensitive stomach

One of our dogs has a very sensitive stomach. She can’t keep most foods down. This is the only dog food we have ever found that actually works for her. In the past we were only able to give her rice and boiled chicken breast so we are very happy to have found this food!
NadiaDrummond Island, MI

BB sensitive!

Our dog Cooper was a rescue whippet/border collie mix that had only been fed cheap food. His coat was dry and covered in dandruff. He also had a problem with vomiting. He would vomit 5-6 times a day. He would be acting normal and then just randomly vomit. It was usually just bile but obviously we wanted to stop it. As soon as we adopted him we started him on IAMs naturals hoping to help his problems. Unfortunately, not only did he not like the taste of IAMs but the dandruff and vomiting continued. After waiting a few months we then tried Blue Buffalo for sensitive stomachs. It has been a miracle! He no longer vomits, his fur is in great shape and he loves the taste! I couldn’t be happier!!!
EveretteMarshall, ND

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

My dogs love it. So nice to be able to get it in the mail since none of the pet food changes are close to my home.
RosemarieMound, TX

Great for Allergy sensitive Dogs

I have fed my trio, 2 min. American eskimo’s & 1 French Bulldog, Blue Buffalo Basics for over a year now. This food improved their skin, coat, teeth, and eyes. The eskies have allergies and often had dry itchy skin. They would bite and pull their hair out. They also had very teary eyes and lots of tarter on their teeth. Since switching to this food their overall health has greatly improved and they are now happy healthy dogs!
MagenCottleville, MO