Blue Buffalo Health Bar Treats

We love our dogs and cats like family so we want to feed them with the same care as family. That’s why BLUE is made with only the finest natural ingredients.

Quick facts

  • Natural BLUE Health Bars feature delectable flavors and crunchy textures your dog will love munching away at – while they’re helping to clean his teeth, too.
  • Made in the USA
  • Love them like family, feed them like family

Top reviews

Outdated produxt

I have a difficult time finding BLUE products in our area. And when I do they frequently don’t have exactly what I am looking for.

So I was thrilled to find Amazon had several products available.

How disappointing to receive the product and find that it was several months past the date stamped on the packaging. As a longtime Amazon shopper I was surprised…I have come to expect great delivery and quality product. I won’t order the blue again from this source.

FranciscaSouth Yarmouth, MA

My dogs think they’re really yummy!

Healthy, tasty treats. I usually break them in half. I have four dogs, and they all go crazy for these bars. I highly recommend them!
SharitaPort O Connor, TX

My dog loves them!

My dog loves them a little too much.. when she sees me get the bag she gets so excited she almost takes my fingers off!! And I feel good giving her treats I know are healthy for her unlike the weird processed ones from other brands.
ShaTrimble, TN

Sunny’s Faves!

I received these just a few days ago for Christmas for my dog, Sunny, and he already knows which bag these are in. He loves them! He somehow knows the different bags of treats I have regardless if I make any noise taking them from his cupboard. He senses the treats being taken out and he sits nicely by my side waiting for me to give him one. He then runs to his place and eats it until every last crumb is gone! I’m definitely going to get more of these treats and also try some other flavors.
LetitiaBath, MI


My dog hugo turned his nose up after trying one of these bisquits. So I gave them to a friend. Her dogs turned their noses up too.
VickieBurnside, IA

Great dog treats

My dog absolutely enjoyed these cookies every time I gave her one! I would recommend buying that for your animals because they are healthy!
FrancisLaurel Bloomery, TN

Loves them

My dog loves this product from blue. I do have to break them in half for him to eat them. He might be a little spoiled too.
BellColumbus, WI

My dogs’ favorite

I have been pleased with everything I have tried in the Blue Buffalo line. These bars are particularly pleasing to both my puppy and my geriatric pooch. I have also tried the salmon and the chicken flavors and they were also well received by dogs and owner alike.
ShanaTecate, CA

Good snacks for dogs

These are healthy snacks for dogs, but not something that my dogs just love. They eat them, but not as quickly as they do ther types of snacks. I make it a habit to only feed my dogs dog food, no table scraps or people food of any kind. So they aren’t picky eaters, they are used to eating dog food. My Doberman didn’t eat the ones with cinnamon it them at all, but my Schnauzer would eat those after leaving them sitting for a while.
ElayneDix, IL

Another great product from Blue Buffalo

Great cookies. Our dog absolutely loves these and we can give them to him guilt-free knowing they’re from blue and made with great ingredients. They are rather large, so small to medium size dogs may need to have them broken in half or given less frequently.
YoshikoFairview, OR

Blue Buffalo Treats

My two dogs love these. I’m not 100% sold that I would call these health bars. I try to give these to the dogs in moderation. They go crazy whenever I go for the bag. The bars are pretty big in size there fore there aren’t too many in a 16-oz bag. I’ve found breaking them in half or quarters makes things last a little longer. I’ll definitely continue to buy these based on how happy the dogs are when they are treated to one.
JordanPonte Vedra Beach, FL