Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Senior Dog Food

BLUE Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for senior dogs is formulated with ingredients chosen specifically to help them maintain their overall health and well-being. L-Carnitine is beneficial for lean muscle maintenance. Glucosamine is beneficial for healthy joints Green Tea, Fruits & Veggies is beneficial for free radical fighters Vitamins & Chelated Minerals is beneficial for immune strength Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids is beneficial for healthy skin & shiny coat The Wholesome Goodness of the Finest Natural Ingredients. High-Quality Protein: Dogs love our tasty chicken, and it provides them with essential amino acids they need every day. Wholesome Whole Grains: Hearty whole grains like brown rice, barley and oats supply the complex carbohydrates that your dog needs for energy. Healthy Garden Veggies: Whole carrots, sweet potatoes and garlic are three of the nutrient-rich vegetables that your dog will get in every bite of BLUE.

Quick facts

  • 30 lb bag
  • BLUE Life Protection for Senior Dogs features the ingredients to support their overall health and well-being.
  • Made in the USA
  • Love them like family, feed them like family

Top reviews

Do More Research!

I am not one to usually write reviews, and I usually never have a bad experiance on what I purchse.
I’m not writing this to “slam” the Blue Buffalo company,and can’t prove that the food I purchased was 100% responsible for my experiance,but here is what happened. I have fed my dog the same food for years. Dog is healthy with no issues. She is getting older and I did some research and decided to get her on a better brand AND figured it was time to switch to “senior” food. I followed the directions and slowly started to mix “Buffalo” with her old food to get her adjusted. Within a few days she started acting odd and had blood in her urine. Took her to the vet, and he said that he has seen this type of food cause the urine to be too acidic and cause an infection. He told me to STOP feeding her “Buffalo” and to go back to old brand. After 1 day of not feeding it to her, and the first day on her round of pills, she is much butter and no more blood in her urine.
Like I said… could be totally unrelated, but seems obvious that the problem started within 3 days of feeding this to her, and the problem stopped (per advice of vet) when I stopped feeding it to her.
I am writing this to inform you, in case you have the same issue and to hopefully save someone the expense of a vet bill and all the hassle my purchase caused me.
ChaunceyMinto, ND

Blue Buffalo dog food

Bought a bag, but after 5 days my older dog (13)was sicker than a dog.
Gave the rest away to the SPCA and bought Newman’s Own dog food.
Now I have one happy, waggy dog again.
SalleyBazine, KS

Do NOT Buy!!!

Long story short, this food made my dog very sick. His stomach became very upset and bloody. Our vet said he has seen it happen many times and it is terrible food. My dog had to get fluids and be on antibiotics. Not fun at all!!!
BrandenMadras, OR

My dog will eat everything…and needed to LOose weight…

For my dog who is 8…a beagle…she is easy to please…but …to find a dog food that contained probiotics, major proteins for a heavy set dog…this was the package for my dog. I was referred to this brand and am delighted that she has lost weight right away, enjoys her meal and seems to be satisfied with the protein…staying full. So thank you Blue Buffalo for providing clearly an amazing product!
GalinaCombs, AR

Great food – reasonable price

I have a 2-year old Doberman/Husky mix and he loves this food. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but it really does contain a ton of great ingredients. He is an active dog and I only feed him 3-3 1/2 cups a day and he maintains a very fit weight. This does contain a lot of protein so it keeps “Petey” nice and full all day. I would definitely recommend this product; and, who doesn’t think a Blue Buffalo is cool?
ShenitaFrederic, MI

Great for sensitive stomachs

I have an 8 year old English Bulldog. His name is Otis but we call him “big dog”. He has struggled with allergies/digestive problems for years. I have tried all the grocery store foods with no relief to my “Big Dog”. I started using the Blue Buffalo Brand 2 years ago and aside for the occasional “barking spiders” my “Big Dog” has had no vomiting, diareah, or allergic reactions. He loves the food and is much happier!
JacqulynCampbelltown, PA

Happy going in, perfect coming out

Bruce has allergies and many foods I have tried over the years create various degrees of discomfort in his ears. He shakes his head and sometimes his ears are so painful that he cries. Breaks my heart. I finally found Blue Buffalo and what a difference. His allergy responses are down by 80%. Although not completely gone, he is a much happier dog and Benedryl usually handles his occasional attacks quickly and effectively. I think as he continues to eat this food, the allergies might actually go away completely. He loves the food and plows right into it. He is a big dog, 110 German Shepherd, but he has a dainty stomach. Some foods give him the runs, and being a long-haired dog, the cleaning process is awful for his mom…me. Blue Buffalo creates in my dog what I consider to be “centerfold” quality poop, if a magazine with such pictures existed. He is on the senior recipe, but I think I am going to try the longevity formula, too, now that he is eight years old. Blue Buffalo is worth every penny. I also buy their treats and a can or two of the food. Bruce loves all of these products. He’s happy and that’s all I want for him!
RachellCallaway, VA

Great Food for a Healthy Diet and a Happy Dog

We did a lot of research before switching to Blue Buffalo and found both the fans and the critics of the product. We switched over from Nutro about to the standard formula a year ago; and 6 months after that to the senior formula. Sophie, our family member of the K9 pursuasion, is very happy with the food; everyday.

Her coat and nails look great, her weight is perfect, and she always has energy and affection to give. We feel really good about the improvements we’ve seen in her health since making the switch to Blue Buffalo.

LibradaIhlen, MN

Love Blue Buffalo!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being able to read my dog food label and know what each ingredient actually is. No by-products, no corn, no wheat, no artificial flavoring or coloring(like my dog really cares what color the kibbles are). I also really love that the food already includes Glucosamine and Chondroiton for my dogs joints, and I did notice a differnce in him after switching from a food that did not contain them.

Its true you are paying more compared to other brands, but take a look at what you’re really getting for your money. My dog eats less food on Blue Buffalo, so the food actually lasts me longer even though its more expensive. He also has a better coat and has smaller, healthier stools. Nobody can believe how great my beagle looks and acts. Just today he ran 4 miles with a doggie back pack on with no problem and he’ll be 13 in June!

I firmly believe that you are what you eat, if you eat junk you’re going to feel like junk and ultimatly be junk! Why not give your dog the fuel his body needs to function and ask yourself: If your dog was faced with a plate of corn, wheat gluten, soybean meal and random animal parts with pretty colors or a plate of deboned chicken, oatmeal, potatoes, carrots and more…which would he dig into?

MichaColumbus, AR

My dogs love this food – it must be tasty!

I’ve tried several varieties of premium-grade dog foods and this one my dogs will dig into, tails wagging. I like the fact that it is organic food for them, I want them to live as long as possible!
ReynaBoonville, IN

They used to call my dog a barrell, not anymore!

Been feeding my lab this food for 6 months now. She is more energetic and has lost her excess weight.
MarcosLandisville, NJ

My picky eater loves this

It has been a challenge to find a healthy dry food that my dog enjoys eating. (He prefers the cheap stuff with fillers, basically junk food). Not only does he like this stuff, this kibble has a bonus of being very thin and small, a plus for senior dogs with missing or sensitive teeth. It also helps with digestion. He has a sensitive stomach and so far has had no problems with bloating or gas.

This stuff is expensive, but it isn’t a scam. You honestly are getting a high quality food here.

LibertyMoravian Falls, NC


I switched from a leading dog food that you can get in the grocery store. My dog is 10 years old and have some gas problems. The Blue Buffalo food did not completly resolve the gas issue, but it is better. His coat has improved greatly and his energy level also seems to be much better. I will continue using the Blue Buffalo Senior food.
TedJustice, IL

Has Improved our dogs coats quickly

We purchased this food in both the senior and the lamb & rice formulas. We have 3 dogs, all of who were shedding terribly, and their coats were dull. We had been feeding Iams for many years. After slowly incorporating this new food into their meals, we are almost completely switched over. All the dogs, (Labrador (6 yrs) Border Collie (10 Yrs) Pomeranian (4 yrs)) are doing much better, and the shedding is quite diminished. They love the food too! It is well worth the extra cost.

It has only been 6 wks, so I am hopeful that they will improve even more! Very happy with this dog food.

CharletteWye Mills, MD

My dog loves it!

My senior Australian Shepherd loves the food and he has been doing very well since I started feeding it to him. He seems more energetic and doesn’t have his usual summer skin allergies this summer.
LeoAngora, NE

Best Dog Food on the Market!

Since we changed to Blue Buffalo for our dog’s food, all four of our rescues have more energy, a shinier coat, and the one with terrible skin allergies doesn’t chew as much. Blue leaves out all of the unnecessary fillers and only includes healthy ingredients. Plus, our dogs LOVE the flavor! I have found that having it shipped (free!) through is cheaper than driving the 30 minutes to PetSmart myself.
SharonRising Star, TX

Highly reommmed Blue

My dog started out on Blue Puppy, now is on Adult and is nearly 3 years old. No problems and gets compliments all the time due to her coat and her “figure”. She’s a weimaraner and thanks to Blue, is lean and healthy looking. Would highly recommend this food to anyone. Every couple of month’s I switch the flavor for her to give her some variety. She seems to like that.
HanaAckerly, TX

aloha from buffalo rocks!!

ALOHA FROM MAUI…i have 3 dogs..2 are senior is 16+ years and the other is 13+ years third is younger and also feed her Blue Buffalo. My 2 senior dogs love this dog food..they are in excellent health and are very happy at meal time..i mix the dry and wet blue buffalo dog foods and they love it..they also really like the Wellness 95% turkey and chicken canned dog food mixed with the Blue Buffalo dry..I highly recommend this dog is great food for your dog and is worth every penny!! Mahalo
SomerWarners, NY

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Love BLUE! Our dogs coats are healthy. Their weight is great and there is much less waste in the yard!
IveyWashougal, WA

great senior food with the plus of easy delivery to my door

I previously was feeding my dogs Eukanuba but was finding it very hard to get the senior version in my area anymore that was not lamb based(lamb equals gas with my dogs) in large bags due to the amount of senior dogs I own. I switched my dogs over to Blue Buffalo and let me tell you they love it. It was an easy transition. I decided to order from amazon due to being on a lifting restriction of 20 lbs. I figured if I could get it delivered to my house it would save me the trouble of getting a stock boy at the local store to carry the items out to my car only to have to then wait till someone got home to help me bring it in to the house. The shipment arrived before the expected delivery date intact no issue with damage to the bag at all. Ups dropped it right on my porch where I keep the dogs food it worked out great. I highly recommend ordering this food, especially if you have issue with carrying the larger bags.
LynnTrinity Center, CA

No more ear infections!!!!!

We have a 9 year old 120 lb. Mastiff/Sheepdog mix that has had ear infections her entire life. She has been to 3 different vets to remedy the problem, and nothing helped. I had to clean her ears and use a cortizone remedy for yeast a least 3 times a week or her ears became enflamed and were painful. I heard about the Blue dog food, and I liked the ingredients used. So we decided to try it. I couldn’t believe that within 2 weeks, her ears were no longer squishy with fluid inside, and the smell went away. We have been using both the dry and the canned Blue formulas and after 2 months there has been no recurrence of infection or inflammation. In the 9 years we have had her, we have tried at least 4 other brands of dog food including some of the high end expensive ones. It had never dawned on us that her food might be causing the infections in her ears. Thanks to Blue dog food, our girl will not have to endure the pain of ear infections the rest of her life.
JoeRockwood, ME

Keeps my dogs healthy

My dogs (two miniature poodles 11 yrs and 8 yrs old) have been eating Blue Buffalo for over a year now. It keeps their coats healthy and shiny and I rarely have any issues with puking or running stools.

It works for us — can’t beat the price on Amazon to have it delivered directly to your door!

LashondaSouth Waterford, ME

Delicious (or so my dog says)

We bought this for our Boxer who was having some terrible gas. After 3 bags we’ve noticed a definite decline in fumes from him, and he seems to look forward to meals as well. Pricier than your average bag of dog food but we think it’s healthier.
DanikaHickman, TN

high quality food

great food! my dogs have smaller stool and great coats! the ingredients are all high quality and the first one is chicken. highly recommend food.
KarmaMethow, WA

Great Dog Food

I have been feeding this dog food to my dogs for 6 months. I wanted to feed it long enough for a measured evaluation before reviewing. Simply stated – It’s the best. My two older dogs(a 14 year old Border Collie mix and a 10 year old German Shepherd) are thriving. They have glossy thick coats, great energy levels, and best of all THEY LOVE THIS FOOD. I even give them a few bits for a treat instead of regular dogs treats. As far as digestibility goes, my oldest dog had started throwing up sometimes after eating her old brand of dog food(which had been vet recommended) – but no worries with the Blue Buffalo. She eats this with gusto and no digestion problems. I really like the high quality ingredients and feel this is the best dog food I have ever found. Can’t beat being able to order from Amazon and have it delivered to my door.
CorrinaRensselaer, IN

Great product at a great price

My dog loves this food and thanks to Amazon this is a better price than is available at any pet store I’ve ever found. The food is very good quality and not cheap, but this is the best price and the convenience of delivery can’t be beat.
ColleenCross Plains, TX