Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food for Adult Dogs, 24-Pound Bag

In his adult years, your dog can easily put on a few unnecessary pounds. That’s why you need to feed him BLUE Longevity for adult dogs. It’s a nutrient-rich, optimal-calorie formula that will satisfy your dog’s hunger and help prevent him from gaining extra, unhealthy weight. What’s more, BLUE Longevity adult dog food helps support his specific needs with ingredients that have been shown to help with: Lean muscle development, energy for an active life, immune system health, healthy skin and coat.

Quick facts

  • Contains a wide variety of anti-aging nutrients that have been shown to fight the development of age-related diseases.
  • Made with nutrient-rich ingredients with a low caloric density.
  • Specially formulated with nutrients that have been shown to help your pet live a long, healthy life.

Top reviews

Produces results !

Blue Buffalo delivers what it promises. My dog is no longer gaining weight and my yard has less deposits !
MaricruzElwood, NJ

dog food

This is an excellent dog food. Their stools are nice and firm whenever they eat this food. I mix it sometimes with Wellness Core reduced diet and my dogs love the food.
KoryBig Timber, MT

Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food Adult Dog 24 pound bag

is the best food for my dogs They love it and are very healthy and happy and full … would never ever give them anything else again… Thanks Blue for making my dogs healthy and at a very healthy weight…
HoseaLa Junta, CO

Very pleased

My dog seems to be thriving on the Blue Buffalo Longevity Dry Food. He previously had a medical problem that requried that I cook and defat all of his food. Of course he loved his special diet but I found it tiresome to cook every day after he recovered. I was able to wean him onto the Blue Buffalo with no problem. I love having the food delivered right to our door since both my husband and I are senior citizens and lugging bags of food from a store ia a hassle. So I guess this review is also a rave for Amazon Prime.
BlairPort Costa, CA


I have been purchasing BLUE BUFFALO dry dog food and treats as needed, for my dogs for quite awhile now. Where my brother will purchase super expensive brands, and my father will purchase the cheapest brand…. I instead, being somewhat of a health nut and also wanting my pets to enjoy a healthy diet spent hours one day at Petsmart, reading the back of all the bags of dog food wanting to find something natural, healthy, without any chemicals, and to contain some glucosamine (which I also give her in tablet form daily ) and that they like and will eat! After having spent hours reading all the labels of all different brands, found BLUE BUFFALO to be superior to the rest of their brands.
Knowing that you should not switch dog food for they may get sick, or to do in a transition of time, I must admit while I do stay true to the BLUE BUFFFALO brand, I do go back and forth with the flavors to keep it interesting for the dogs. I have to stick with non chicken flavors, so my dogs do love the salmon, duck, whitefish, and both longevity ones, in which case I am not sticking to longevity considering I was told by the vet to keep her calorie intake down now that she is 13, so I feel that is fair. Only issue, is the Longevity for Mature Dogs is 58 online plus shipping, where its generally less at petsmart. So I am back to going to the store and picking up dog food, but I will miss those days of finding out to my surprise that it was either the same cost or less to buy online and IT SHIPS TO YOUR HOUSE!!!!! INSTEAD OF GOING TO A STORE, PARKING, RUNNING IN TO PICK UP A 24LB OR PLUS BAG OF FOOD, HAULING IT OUT TO THE CAR, AND THEN INTO YOUR HOUSE——- IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT TO LEARN I COULD HAVE IT SHIPPED TO MY HOUSE FOR LESS MONEY!!!!! So if you buy any other flavor of this food, I definetly advise you to just order it and have it shipped… ITS EASY AND EFFICIENT AND BRILLIANT!!!
ArlieDover, KY

Dark Pieces Gotta Go?

I have a Queensland Heeler named Bisket, about 3 years old and switched over to Blue Buffalo (Adult) about a year ago from a decent pet food found in the store and petco. Bisket really likes Blue but does not like the dark pieces in it. She’ll eat the first few bits (all) then starts to pick those chunks out. I have tried two different types of Blue and she does the same thing to both types. Also, I found her breath turned fishy or at the least, Foul from eating Blue Buffalo. Her scat is firm and she loves the food with the excieption of the vita chunks (dark chunks) so am I getting the full benefit of Bule? Is the price still worth paying for if she’s not getting the full benefit of the food? Humm? I guess only her hair dresser knows for sure, lol

Blue Buffalo Adult Dog Dry Food, Chicken and Rice Recipe, 15-Pound Bag

KarissaEminence, MO

Fishy smell – gives our dogs bad breath. Also noticed our dog dragging her butt after eating

We tried this food and unfortunately it gave the dogs bad breath (a fishy smell). It also made one of our dogs drag her butt, which she does not do when she eats Blue Buffalo Lamb version. We switched back to Lamb.
GregoriaMedanales, NM

Healthy and delicious

As someone who has cooked for her dogs for 4 yrs now, I was not too happy to switch back to dry dog food when meat prices soared. I had previously given one of my dogs Blue Buffalo so I knew it was a good quality food. Most of the time, my dogs are eating Blue Buffalo dry dog food and always gobble it up. Since I’m comparing to the home cooked meals I make, I find the dogs drink a lot more water and have more stools which isn’t fun for clean up. Otherwise, the dogs are maintaining a good weight and their coats look healthy with a supplement of Salmon oil each day. Overall, I’m satisfied with this product.
StaciaFlatgap, KY

Lab Loves It!!

As my Lab has now reached what is considered to be the adult senior age, I wanted to find a new healthier dry kibble commensurate with his age. The new kibble had to be one that wouldn’t add excess weight due to a bit of slowing down in his activity i.e., he now becomes tired after a three mile walk instead of a heretofore 4-5 mile jaunt, he’s not quite so ball-chasing crazy as before and his swims in the pool are not quite as often. He also seems more prone to the seasonal allergies such as mountain cedar that also gives his human companion fits. For his allergies I do have a vet prescribed shampoo that significantly reduces the middle of the night floor thumping waking up human companion from a deep sleep scratching times! Plus he gets an allergy injection when the allergy gets really bad.

I first tried a small bag of this kibble mixing it in at the vet reccommended ratio, e.g., 3 parts of the dry kibble I had been using to 1 part Blue Buffalo (hereafter referred to as BB) in order to properly aquaint his digestive system to the new kibble. I noticed right away that he seemed to like the BB add in. As the ratio changed, I noticed he was really tail wagging while munching. As the ratio progressed to the now 3 parts BB to 1 part other kibble ratio, I noticed he tended to nose around the other kibble seemingly preferring the BB. I’ve also noticed his (winter) coat has a bit more shine to it, pet dander is less noticible, the above middle of the night scratching has become even less frequent and he has dropped a few pounds as well. Next week begins 100% BB and it appears my boy will be perfectly happy with only the BB kibble in his bowl.

I have also switched to a number of other BB products including their chew bones and some dry treats. My Lab loves them all and seems to look forward to treat time even more (if that’s possible).

Unless something drastic happens to change my mind, I will be sticking to this BB dry kibble product notwithstanding it tends to be a bit pricey. The ingredients appear to be some of the healthiest available in pet food and treats, there doesn’t appear to be any animal by-product fillers or unhealthy for pets grains, it hasn’t caused any weight gain and doesn’t seem to further irritate his allergies. Yes, according to the Vet, the type and kind of food/treats you feed your pet can both cause or irritate (existing) allergies. I took my Lab to raise and love and wouldn’t think of giving him food or treats that contain ingredients that are unhealthy or even harmful to his health. Plus, BB products are made right here in the U.S.A.

I will NEVER EVER buy any pet food product that is made in CHINA! Pet owners, PLEASE, read the label before you buy your pet foods and treats. If it indicates it is made in China, PLEASE don’t buy it. It is a well known, documented and published fact that thousands of pets have already been sickened or died from eating pet food/treat products made in China where everything from cheap fillers such as melamine powder (the same ingredient they make melamine dinnerware from!) to diseased, rotting meat flesh, dead animals still in plastic bags are all tossed into the mix. There is little to no quality control in China. The goal is to make cheap, ship it off to the U.S. where it is sold by distributors for a high price and profit. Given the thousands of both human and pet consumable food products that hit U.S. shores on a daily basis, the FDA, with their ever shrinking inspector cadre thanks to Washington’s budget cuts, can do only so much to catch tainted human and/or pet food products once they reach the U.S.

Shame on all the U.S. companies who buy China made pet food products for distribution in the U.S. in the first place and then hype them up to pet owners via cutesy advertising all the while being careful to not disclose the fact in said advertising that the product was made in China. If that fact was made known up front, given historical data on China made pet food products, doubt sales would be very good. It is overtly obvious the only concern of the distributors is to make a fast greedy buck; never mind the fact that feeding these China made products can result in serious illness to or even the death of a pet.

In the event any negative changes occur as a result of long term feeding of this dry kibble brand, I will immediately update this review.

JacquilineGreensboro, VT