Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Salmon Recipe

Inspired by the diet of the lynx, BLUE Wilderness Salmon Recipe is a high protein, low carbohydrate food that will provide your cat with a higher concentration of the meat she loves. Features: 95% of the protein comes from real meat; Grain-free; Contains the finest natural ingredients, including tasty, nutritious chicken; NO animal byproducts, artificial preservatives, corn wheat or soy; Fortified with vitamins and minerals; BLUE Wilderness is also a sensible alternative to less convenient raw diets, which often require additional supplementation to be nutritionally complete.

Quick facts

  • Provides the added protection of BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource® Bits, a precise blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Includes only the finest natural ingredients and contains NO chicken or poultry by-product meals, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat or soy.
  • A sensible alternative to a raw diet

Top reviews

My finicky cat loves it

Just so you get a sense of my cats tastes –
Foods he does not like include: Blue Buffalo Longevity dry cat food, Friskies canned food, anything chicken flavored, anything beef flavored, science diet canned food for kittens.
Foods he loves: Science Diet dry cat food, Spot’s stew – salmon, BFF – any seafood flavor, Oceanfish canned food from Trader Joe’s, Fancy Feast appetizers.

So if your cat has tastes similar to ours, odds are this one might be a hit with her/him.

My only issue with this food is that is has ash in it. Why?
Isn’t Blue Buffalo supposed to be all natural?
Seeing Ash as one of the ingredients always unsettles me.

However, our vet said we need to start giving our 7 month old kitten canned food to increase his water intake. He is quite the fussbudget who instantly tried to bury food he doesn’t like, so I am very grateful to find a product that is all natural (expect for the ash).

I just compared prices with Amazon and my local Petsmart, seems like you can save approx. 2 bucks if you buy this off amazon.

You might want to buy just one can from a petstore first though – to make sure your pet likes it.

I hope this helps.

LaciePetroleum, WV

They just adore this food

We have 2 Bengals, male littermates, about 14 months old. They have been very finicky eaters so far so we were somewhat stuck with what the breeder had fed them. We decided to try some of the healthier canned foods for them to no avail until this brand was tried. They can’t get enough of this salmon. They even like the Blue tuna too, though they have not liked much else. But actually I can put some of this salmon on top of other Blue food (like the seafood stew) and then they seem to like that well enough. I read an article about cat food preferences which stated that salmon is a favorite of cats and this is certainly true in the case of our boys. I am really happy I found this food for our cats.
JammieMontreal, MO

Canned Healthy Crack for my Kitties

This Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon is 95% Salmon with just the extra needed to fill in the nutrition gaps for your kitties.
My babies LOVE the flavor and beg for it constantly. It smells tasty and keeps them extremely satisfied.
I keep buying out the local Petco – so glad to find it by the box on Amazon

I’m VERY careful about what I feed my little waifs. I mix the canned with dry:
Orijen dry cat food mixed with Wellness Core dry. They’re both great, but I’m transitioning from Core to Orijen.. the ingredients are outstanding, not to mention being cat food of the year for the past three years running!

MaxHelmsburg, IN

Easy, no hassle

The product arrived quickly and in good condition.

I will probably order this way again because it was easier than going to the pet food store with no concern the product might be out of stock when I arrived.

JameToms River, NJ

Mixed Review

As the title indicates — I have a mixed experience with this cat food. On the plus side, it doesn’t smell to high heaven, and, when the cats actually eat it, their tummies don’t go into reverse and urp it up. But — this is the one canned cat food my street cat from Tajikistan doesn’t like, and will pick at it only after he gives up on screeching for something else. My other cat was also a rescue, and he normally treats every mouthful of food as if it might be his last. Even he walks away from this with half of it uneaten. I was frankly amazed — these two cats really will eat anything, or so I thought. It’s certainly a high quality cat food — and maybe the lack of a strong odor has something to do with their disdain. Conversely, they both inhale any flavor of the Tiki Cat food.
EldaMartinton, IL