Blue Cattle Truck Trading Original Mexican Vanilla Extract, Large, 16.7 Ounce Glass

Single sourced, using grade-a Mexican vanilla beans. Imported from Mexico – bottled in the united states. Diploma of honor, gold medal first prize, Mexico.

Quick facts

  • Gluten free
  • FDA registered
  • Coumarin free
  • All natural

Top reviews

This is REAL vanilla

I have to add my accolades for this vanilla product. I saw it a couple of years ago in a shop in Boise, ID and was told if I tried it, I would never buy grocery store vanilla (extract or pure extract) again. It was pricey so I tried their smallest bottle. When it was about half gone, I returned to buy their largest bottle! It seems to keep its flavor better when used in baking, and you’ll really notice the difference in things that are not cooked for long periods. I use it for everything calling for vanilla. Try it – I think you’ll also be very glad you did!
LouraGilroy, CA

The most wonderful, delicious vanilla ever!

I have loved Mexican Vanilla for years and years. In fact have even been known to go south of the border just to get it. But I have never found anything of this quality in a border town! This is by far the best vanilla I have ever used. I put it in everything; cakes, cookies, pancakes, french toast, even my bath water! Also, don’t forget mexican vanilla is great for burns, and to keep mosquitos away (only real mexican vanilla works for that.)

This is also perfect for a gift. The packaging is darling, I can’t stand to put it in the cupboard, I just keep it right on the counter. It’s that cute! I’m going to give it to my sisters for Mother’s Day and my grown daughters in their Easter baskets.

Really, trust me on this one….try Blue Cattle Truck Mexican Vanilla, there is not any better.

TanekaRoseland, NE

Rich vanilla flavor

I saw this being used on a cooking show once and had to try it. It has a very good flavor but somehow not as strong as i thought it would be. i quess I was expecting it to be more.
LawanaPeabody, KS

Best Tasting Vanilla

I have been using this vanilla for years. Once you tried it, you can’t go back to using anything else! I have given this vanilla as gifts, I always get great feedback. My mother loves to bake cookies, she was so impressed with the taste and was amazed that it made such a difference in her baking. Awesome product you won’t regret using. […] now carries it also.
KaneshaDeposit, NY