Blue Crab Bay Co. Sea Salt, Fine, 4.7-Ounce Container

Tastes & traditions of the Chesapeake. Product of USA.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 4.7-ounce (total of 28.2-ounce)
  • All natural
  • More pronounced flavor than table salt

Top reviews

By The Sea…

For this item I withheld the 5th star in my review because it’s expensive (less expensive than others that I’ve tried, but because I buy a lot, it gets expensive). It’s the best TASTING sea salt I’ve tasted (I’ve tried twelve gourmet brands b4 finding this one). It’s not overly salty; the salt plus whatever minerals embedded in the Blue Crab Sea Salt tend to make everything tastes better. (The mineral flavors in the salf is more pronouce when used with unheated food.) The only downside is the possibility of the taste becoming inconsistent: mineral/chemical composition changes according to condition affecting sea waters, so taste may vary–Hey, I bought enough to last a while. Yum, yum.
TrinaCharlotte, NC

Best Salt Ever

This is my very favorite salt. Some people can’t tell the difference between various salts- but I can and this is my very favorite! (I also have tried various other sea salts from around the world!)

It’s a good deal for sea salt- there is a lot of salt per canister.

ClemenciaGarfield, GA

Blue Crab Bay Sea Salt

Yum, yum, yum. I’ve wanted to try sea salt for a while now. It really has a flavor, unlike table salt. I will never go back to table salt. I love that I could buy 9 ounces (Pack of 6). I will do fine for a while. I’m giving some to my mother for Grandparent’s Day; And why shouldn’t I?
AssuntaNew Buffalo, PA