Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Habanero BBQ, 16-Ounce Bags

Resealable stand-up Zipper Bags.

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Where’s the Lime?

Tastes like a poor Ranch fav almond. Barely any lime. What are these 5 star reviewers eatting anyway. Proably the wasaibi and soy bold BD almonds. Save your money and calories, do not buy these. Buy extra wasaibi.
LillaMountain Home, AR


I deserved to get a nasty product when I selected a product flavored with Wasabi and Soy Sauce. If you really like Wasabi and Soy Sauce, buy this product. The nuts are of a high quality.
IleanaDearborn Heights, MI

Not what I hoped for, but probably should’ve expected

I picked up a can of these after the glowing reviews I read for it. To keep it short, it has a very authentic wasabi taste. It literally tastes like an almond dipped in wasabi sauce. And that, to me, doesn’t make the most appealing snack. I find the wasabi flavor overwhelming, and none of the soy flavor coming through. I thought it’d come through as a more balanced flavor, but that’s not the case. I won’t be eating anymore, personally. I gave it two stars since it is wasabi flavor, and it certainly tastes like that.
JonnieMiddleburg, PA

What Happened?

I used to love the smokehouse almonds but the last few cans I bought SUCKED! Bland with little flavor. Does anyone know if they changed ingredients or recipes or something?
CleoCrystal Spring, PA

Taste great, price not so great!!

The cans are teeny tiny, and for what they charge it’s just not worth the expense. Also, I really hate how they charge different prices for different flavors. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The product itself is yummy, just not happy about the prices.
MarquittaGlenwood, NY

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t like these.
I guess it’s my fault for not liking them, because I actually have never tried wasabi, but I like asian flavors in food and adore all of Blue Diamond’s bold flavors, so when I saw this in the store, I was like hey why not.

Now I know why not. These nuts were horrific…they had this…harsh acerbic taste to them that I just could not enjoy. I ended up wiping most of the flavoring off and chopping the nuts up to put in stuff like salads. The nuts themselves are high quality and always taste fresh, so at least I was able to get some use from them. However, I would never buy these again and if you are not experienced with wasabi, you may want to think twice before buying them lol.

PamilaMilligan, NE

Blue Diamond Wasabi Almonds

The wasabi flavor was not as strong as I like. I have had others (in the large 39 ounce plastic jar from Costco that were better, but they are no longer available. These are an adequate substitute. The smaller container is handy.


ConcettaConcan, TX

After a few cans, I’m hooked.

It took two or three cans, but I love these now. When I first tried these, I thought the taste was not as “bold” as I would like it to be. I do wish they were a tad stronger and hotter on the wasabi taste, but I am hooked on these now. I eat some almost every day.
StormyRedding, CT

Not worth the money

These have no bite at all…Nothing. They should scratch off the “Wasabi” from the label… on the verge of false advertisibg…”Bold”…My behind…the only reason for 2 stars is that they are at least Almonds….
MckinleyWest Rutland, VT

Eh, they’re all right

These almonds aren’t bad–better than just eating regular salted almonds. But I tried the Jalapeno Smokehouse almonds first, and I like those a LOT more than the Wasabi & Soy. I found that I got a stronger “kick” from the horseradish if I sucked on the almond first before eating it.
ErinCedar Bluff, AL

A nice enough flavor, but I wouldn’t describe it as either “Blazin'” or “Buffalo Wing.”

I’ll start off by noting that I love almonds, I eat almonds every day, and I particularly love Blue Diamond almonds. The most important qualities of almonds, for me, are freshness, quality, and careful roasting. Blue Diamond almonds get 5 stars on all those parameters.

And I’ve tried all their flavors, especially their “BOLD” line. Alas, their definition of “BOLD” is apparently “a little too spicy for kids.” This flavor is okay, as a change of pace, but doesn’t exactly set my taste buds a-“blazin’.” It doesn’t taste like Buffalo wings — it’s too sweet and not vinegary enough. And it’s definitely not spicy enough. I realize that real Buffalo wing spice can be brutal, and might not suit a mass-market snacking product. But really, they haven’t even tried here. There’s not even a hint of Tabasco, for example.

As I said, this is a pleasant enough flavor, especially if you need a little change from, say, my favorite, Jalapeno Smokehouse. But it doesn’t taste much like anything in particular. They could have called it “BOLD Generic Faux-Spicy Snack to be Eaten Brainlessly While Watching the Game” flavor and it would have been more accurate.

AdenaHempstead, TX

Not the best flavor

Ordered these because I wanted to try them and none of the stores in my area seem to carry them. Normally I eat the habanero bbq or the wasabi.

For spiciness they are better than the habanero but not as much as the wasabi can be (though in all fairness the wasabi is in a whole different taste spectrum anyway)

Flavorwise is where they lose out. They taste MUCH saltier and the flavor itself is overpowered by that until you get to the end zing where the spice kicks in.

In summary, they are edible and I will finish off the cans that I ordered but I will go back to purchasing my wasabi and habanero after that.

NapoleonEly, IA

Not As Balanced As Other Bold Flavors, But Not Bad

I went out on a limb trying Blue Diamond Almonds Bold – Wasabi & Soy flavor. I had never had wasabi before, but I have like many of the other “Bold” flavors Blue Diamond makes (Jalapeno Smokehouse and Habanero BBQ) so I decided to give them a try. The flavor is definitely bold. It reminds me of the horseradish flavor that is common in many deli mustards. It has grown on me over time, but I would like to see a little more balance with the “soy” flavor. This is where I like the other flavors that I mentioned better as I think these are bold but better balanced. If you love wasabi or horseradish, this will probably be right up your alley. Combine that with almonds being one of the healthier snack options, and you’ve good a good treat. Much like the other flavors, the bold flavor makes moderation fairly easy as I could not imagine going overboard on these. Enjoy!
LesaMorris, CT

Taste kind of strange….

To start, I’m a big fan of Blue Diamond brand Almonds. I really like the bold flavors, Habanero BBQ and Lime & Chili. I had never seen the Blazin’ Buffalo Wing flavor at the local grocery store so I ordered them here on Amazon.

When you first put an almond in your mouth you get the initial hint of buffalo wing flavor but it quickly goes away and then just tastes kind of strange.

They aren’t bad but they aren’t my favorite. Every bodies taste buds are different so you might like them but I don’t think I’ll buy this flavor again.

BevHobbs, IN

Blue Diamond Almonds Habanero BBQ

I love the product, they have great taste, easy to order and we did not have a long wait time to recieve them. I will order again.
LeePierce City, MO

Not the best in the World

This product was delivered on time, but I can not say that it was worth the money. When you look at the price per oz. it becomes much more expensive than you think.
MaudStanardsville, VA

The 2nd Best Nut of Man

My fav bold BD almond by far. Completely addicting. TY Lord that they are pretty expensive. Not the best nut though. That distinction, of course, goes to Mauna Loa garlic and onion fav Mac.
JenaAripeka, FL

Great taste.

Almonds are super nutritional food and while high in fat, are certainly better than cheese puffs!
CorinaBurgess, VA


These are very good.
Like salt-and-vinegar potato chips, but more substantial and delicious. The almond gives a nice hint of sweetness under the assault of the vinegar. I’ve eaten 2/3rds a can at one sitting.
MoraFontana, CA

Milder than most of the bold flavors with a slight zing of lime citrus flavor!

These almonds are very good with a slight zing of citrus lime in the favor. I was surprised that the chili flavor to me was not as bold as I expected. Some of the Blue Diamond bold flavors like the Wasabi and Soy flavors are just, WOW, bold and overpowering. This flavor while it was good it is milder and I didn’t get a hint of a lot of chili until a minute or so after eating a few. Even then it seems mild when compared to some of the other bold flavors.

One serving of these nuts is 170 Calories and it contains 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of saturated fat. You also get calcium, vitamin E and magnesium from the almonds which are good for your body, heart and bones. I would rather eat 28 of these almonds for 170 calories than 11 potato chips for the same calories and none of the dietary benefits.

This flavor has only 5% of your daily intake of sodium. The only problem with these almonds is that they taste so good you have to be able to close the can and walk away. If you don’t like the super bold and spicy flavors then this flavor is ideal for you.

I like all of the Blue Diamond Almond products as I feel that they are healthier for you as long as you don’t overdo it in eating them. This is still a great flavor and I like them!

EpifaniaWilton, CA

Can I offer you ladies a cool beverage or a tasty snack?

These almonds are very tasty and popular at my workplace. If you’ve had wasabi peas, you’ll probably like these too. “BOLD” is a bit of an overstatement, as these almonds are not as intense as the peas with the nasal burn, but still do have a bit of kick. I wouldn’t say the soy sauce flavor is that apparent, though, but I’m not counting that against the product.

Most wasabi-flavored snacks really contain horseradish because it is a cheaper substitute. Wasabi is notoriously difficult to cultivate and the chemicals that give it its characteristic pungency are volatile.

I like these a whole lot and routinely buy several cans of them from my drugstore whenever they are on sale. My mom’s factory wo-workers like these too. However, I took this to a baseball game and it was almost universally hated. Go figure!

KarlynBellmawr, NJ

Bold BBQ taste that is not too spicy!

I love these Blue Diamond Almond snacks and I particularly like the bold flavors. This flavor is very good and the smoky BBQ taste just sets off the flavor of the crunchy almond that it coats. I like an evening snack while I read a book and these for me are just so much better than chips and other snack foods. It gives you a chance to snack but still eat healthy.

One serving of these nuts is 170 Calories and it contains 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of saturated fat. You also get calcium, vitamin E and magnesium from the almonds which are good for your body, heart and bones. I would rather eat 28 of these almonds for 170 calories than 11 potato chips for the same calories and none of the dietary benefits.

This flavor does have 7% of your daily intake of sodium and if you are on a salt restricted diet then make sure to watch your salt intake. The only problem with these almonds is that they taste so good you have to be able to close the can and walk away.

This is a very good product and I recommend it to you!

WinnifredNorth Branch, MN

Crunchy almond treat with a sassy Jalapeno kick!

Rather than just eat chips for a snack I love the Blue Diamond Almond snacks. This is one of my favorite flavors and the only problem is that they are hard to stop eating. They have a nice rich smoky flavor and the jalapeno is just enough of a spicy kick to make these almonds taste better.

The nice thing about this treat is that they have only 1 gram of sugar while giving you 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. They are a healthy snack and you get Vitamin E, magnesium and calcium in every serving. This particular flavor does have 180 mg of Sodium (7% of a daily 2000 calories diet) per serving but they really taste good! Just make sure that you only count our 28 almonds and eat one portion for 170 calories. It is really hard to do and they taste so darn good!

AnEssex, MA

A hot, bold and tasty snack!

I love Blue Diamond Almonds and this bold flavor gives you a spicy hot choice for a snack. They are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and calcium while only being 170 calories for one serving. They also add 3 grams of dietary fiber to your diet and 6 grams of protein while only adding 2 grams of sugar.

They do contain 15 grams of fat but only 1 gram of saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fat. (Mostly they are the good stuff) If you want a quick snack that is high in protein and low in sugar and sodium these are pretty good and spicy.

While there are other flavors that I like more this one is still very good. Just remember, they are addictive so you only get one serving!

RutheMount Vernon, ME

Great snack!

I love these. I bring them to work for a between meal snack. They are bold and really take the edge off my hunger.
ShakiaHaverhill, OH

Great Flavor….

I’m a big fan of Blue Diamond brand Almonds. I really like the bold flavors, Habanero BBQ and Lime & Chili. I’ve never seen the Jalapeno Smokehouse flavor at the local grocery store so when I saw them on Amazon I decided to buy them.

I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed. This is right up there with my favorite flavors. It has just enough heat and jalapeno flavor with just a little bit of smoke. To me, these have almost as much heat as the Habanero flavor. Which isn’t a bad thing. I like spicy.

I would defiantly recommend these if you like the Bold line of Blue Diamond Almonds.

LatriciaMedford, WI

Not habanero-y at all, but still insanely addicting

The heat here is very very mild. I’ve had habanero sauces and chips that were so hot they made me cry for help. These are not like that. Only occasionally will you get a little kick. It’s actually mostly tangy and tomato-y. The dusting of flavoring on the outside of the nuts will coat your fingers in an orange film.

Satisfyingly crunchy and tangy, it’s really hard to stop eating these. Even though the habanero kick isn’t there as promised on the label, it’s still really tasty. I highly recommend these. Sodium content is very low at 4% per serving. High in Vitamin E (35%) and magnesium (20%). This 1 pound bag (x3 bags) is a great deal compared to buying the 6 oz tins at the store, however, when my local Walgreens has buy 1 get 1, the price drops to about $0.35/oz.

Blue Diamond makes about 8 other flavors that I know of. My favorites are the Soy Wasabi, Honey Roasted, Smokehouse, Dijon Mustard.

TinySouth Wellfleet, MA

Great flavor

I’m a big fan of the Blue Diamond brand almonds and I especially like the “bold” flavors.

The Lime n Chili flavor is my favorite with the Habanero BBQ being a close second.

I agree with another reviewer that says the tartness of the lime flavor is just enough to bring out the chili flavor. Its a nice balance.

I would say my only complaint is towards the end of the bag the flavor can get a little overwhelming because of all the extra spices that accumulate towards the bottom.

BenjaminFulton, MI

taste awesome!

these taste amazing. might make the poops burn a little 😮 but they taste amazing. the salt and vinegar ones are the best and very addicting.
FredricBrunswick, NC

Different and tasty!

When I first tried these tasty almonds, I was amazed at the great marriage of flavor. Has the kick of wasabi, and the sweet taste of roasted almonds. The first one is an eye opener each time even after you have had them many times. Bold and fun! If you like sushi, and you enjoy the taste of wasabi, these are for you.
LouettaSaxe, VA