Blue Diamond Almonds, Whole Natural, 1.5-Ounce Packages


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great simple healthy snack

“Blue Diamond Almonds, Whole Natural” are whole “raw” almonds in a 1.5 ounce pack. They’re great for staving off hunger and have no added salt or ingredient besides almonds.
Although you could easily make these yourself in snack bags, the Blue Diamond packs offer convenience and better shelf life.

The package is a tube like bag, so you can pour them into your mouth – you don’t even need clean hands to eat these. Great with a fresh fruit smoothie for a convenient “meal” in a hurry. Excellent for travel or carrying to work or class for a mess free snack.

JillShoshoni, WY

Just right!

I like these because there is no salt to get in the way of the natural goodness of the almonds.
SunnyFriendswood, TX

Great snack anytime

I keep a couple of theese tubes in my lunchpail or gym bag that way I always have something healthy to eat. This is a great snack and because they are raw you are not eating anything bad. They have saved me from visiting the fast food restaurants on my way home from the gym or also from eating junk I shouldnt from the vending machines at work. Great product.
LaticiaLampasas, TX