Blue Diamond Natural Almonds, 7 X 100 Calorie Bags, Dark Chocolate

Oven Roasted almonds with no added oil are a healthy snack, offering a wonderful blend of delicate flavors and an abundance of nutritional benefits. Eating almonds as part of your healthy lifestyle also provides you with a satisfying snack that fills you up with fewer calories, and helps with weight management.

Quick facts

  • 7 x 100 calarie to go bags per box
  • No Cholesterol
  • Good Source of Protein
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Added Oil

Top reviews

nice low calorie snack-healthy too!

These say dark chocolate, however, they are actually covered in dark cocoa. First thought, they were not what I thought they should have been but the taste was good. Mostly Almond taste. Just be aware, only dark cocoa covered but they are good.
EarleenWilliamson, IA

Awesome on flavor, size-not so much

I love these almonds-they are so tasty, healthy and great for a quick snack. However, the problem with these 100 cal. packs is that it becomes TOO quick of a snack. You can polish off the tiny bag in under 30 seconds. For almost $8, I’m not quite sure these are worth it.
WillodeanSturkie, AR

I love Chocolate

I love chocolate and 100 calories,which includes the nuts, is just perfect for my snack. Blue Diamond almonds with Chocolate are very good.
VanessaHeafford Junction, WI