Blue Dog Bakery Natural and Low Fat Dog Treats, Pack of 6

Since 1998, Blue Dog Bakery has been dedicated to making healthy all-natural treats for dogs. Our first natural, low-fat treats we created because we wanted a healthy snack for our own dogs. Its wasn’t long before our treats caught on and people were asking where they could buy them. As we’ve grown, we’ve remained devoted to our initial goal to make healthy, natural treats for dogs. We know that a long and happy life goes paw-in-paw with good nutrition, which we always keep in mind when creating new treats. We only use the highest quality bakery ingredients such as whole eggs, nonfat milk and whole wheat – making them easily digestible, full of fiber and protein and good for an overall balanced diet.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 10-Ounce boxes (Total of 60 ounces)
  • Soft, chewy, all natural dog treats flavored by real blackstrap molasses and peanut butter
  • Baked in fig-bar shape for all size dogs; soft and easily digestible
  • Made with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or animal by-products
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

dog treat review

the cookies smelled good
but the dogs really did not like them much
they ate them but did not seem that excited about the taste
i did not taste any of them myself
CalistaNew Orleans, LA

Blue Dog Equals Happy Dog!

Blue Dog’s Peanut Butter Softies rock! My doggies loved them. I usually buy my organic dog treats from, however they don’t offer peanut butter treats. So now I have two awesome companies I can get totally organic dog treats made in the USA from Amazon!
CarolinReklaw, TX

No Teeth? No Problem With These Treats!!!!

I don’t normally write reviews (this is my first one on Amazon!) but this product is a-maz-ing!

I have a 17 year old dog with a whole list of health problems… least of all is the fact that she has five teeth. She’s now on a steady diet of canned soft dog food and tons of Blue Dog Bakery Natural Soft Dog Treats, Peanut Butter Flavor Softies, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). After a LONG search for a treat that was actually soft (we had gotten into the habit of grinding other “soft” treats in the food processor because they weren’t quite soft enough) we found these. These treats are fabulous.

First of all, my dog LOVES them. She may be blind and deaf, but she knows her way to her treat plate and gets up to check it about once every 30 minutes just to make sure we didn’t leave any happy surprises for her. She can’t get enough of these treats.

The reason why I love these treats, though, is because I no longer have to drag out the food processor to grind up other brand’s so called “soft” treats! They easily break apart with your fingers and are soft enough for my dog to eat, probably even whole (she’s a 17 lb dog, though, so we’ll continue to break them up with our fingers!). Think fig newton. That soft. Think no longer having to wash the food processor. THAT HAPPY. 🙂 Plus, they’re much cheaper on amazon than at my local petsmart and I’m not spending any money on gas!

I guess the one “complaint” I have with these treats is that they look like real “people” food! When we first got these, my dad saw them in the (new) glass treat container and thought they were for people. However, he didn’t think they were quite as delicious as my dog thinks they are… He said they were “a little chalky.” I guess they weren’t baked with his palate in mind!

LonnieTwelve Mile, IN

My dogs love Blue Dog

I have always given my standard poodles “cookies”. They have never turned their noses up at any treats, but, their reaction to the Blue Dog biscuits was, and continues to be, extraordinary.

Their reaction to the Soft Treats convinces me that they must contain heroin. My wife gives them one each at bedtime. She has their undivided attention, while she gets ready for bed. The only downside is they tend to drool whilst waiting.

ElayneBuffalo Gap, TX

Woof! Yum!

My puppy LOVES these, and it is the best (healthy for him and tasty too!) for him. He also likes the peanut butter crunchy treats; I swear, they are the only reason he will “stay” when I leave the house!
RegeniaTalent, OR

My dog doesn’t care for them

My dog, a German Shepherd, didn’t think much of these. Her favorite treat, chicken jerky dog treats from a store that starts with “C” and ends with “ostco”, she scarfs up very quickly and with real excitement & enjoyment. These Blue Dog treats she sniffs and won’t take.

They do LOOK tasty to me though, to the point where I want to take a bite. Maybe I would like them more than my dog does.

DemetriusLynnville, IN

Made my dog sick

I have a young, healthy, athletic Boxer and he had diarrhea so bad he had accidents in the house 3 times and moped around for a whole day after I gave him some of these cut up in his Kong treat puzzle toy. Boxers can have touchy stomachs and he has had a touch of diarrhea before with a new treat but never anything like this. Even the time he got hold of some chicken wings it wasn’t this bad. I recently purchased a carpet cleaner and was never so happy to have one on hand, I used it 2 times that night and once again in the morning. If your dog has any sensitivity introduce these slowly or just pass them up, there must be something in them that takes some getting used to.
AdolfoSpurger, TX

Horrible Smell & Dog can’t stand them.

I can’t believe all the high ratings on these. Like one of the previous reviewers, my dog hates them. I’m not sure I would eat them either if I were her as they don’t smell like Peanut Butter at all – though I wasn’t willing to taste them myself due to the horrible smell. My dog’s willing to eat anything I’ve ever given her, food or treats, but with these she takes it from my hand and then spits it out on the floor. For the first box, she would come back and eat it an hour later (while looking up at you thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me”). After that, she said “no more” – she just left them there and never game them another thought.
AndreBethel Island, CA

Fig Newtons For Dogs

Quite impressive, these are so good, I feel like eating them myself. Soft, chewy, and my dog can’t get enough! Very good purchase, your dog is guaranteed to love them!
JohnsonBrookwood, AL

Blue Dog Bakery– Peanut Butter Softies

Our dog just loves these treats! We originally purchased them at Trader Joe’s when he was a puppy, and were disappointed when TJ’s stopped carrying them. We were delighted to find them on Amazon, and the 6-box per package allows us to re-order less often. It’s also a very reasonable price for an all-natural treat. Once the box is open however, it is a good idea to put the treats in a sealed container or plastic ziploc, as they will dry out if left open. It has been five years since we discovered these softies and our “canine-kid” still adores them!
JacquilineStopover, KY

USE WITH CAUTION on small dogs

First off, the dogs like these…apparently they taste really good!!

But, I have toy dogs (Yorkies) and, if your dog has the tendency to ‘inhale’ their treats/food and not chew properly, then the soft texture of these could cause a problem.

I had one of my dogs choke on a ‘piece’ of this cookie (I had broken it up in anticipation, but, apparently not small enough). Thankfully I’m well versed in canine care and was able to dislodge the piece, but it sure did scare the bejezus out of me.

I give these out for special occasions and make sure to crumble it in tiny pieces.

So, end result is: Tastes good, but be cautious with smaller breeds.

p.s. My German Shepherd LOVES these…he has NO problem eating them.

FredrickHerminie, PA

Dog Didn’t Eat Them

I bought these on a lightnining deal and from an objective standpoint, each box is well packaged with a good amount of treats. I have a 9 year old Havanese and she won’t eat this. She ate them the first two times I gave them to her and then she just started to play with them without eating them. Oh well.
JoaquinRadnor, OH

Dogs didn’t eat them 🙁

I was excited to buy this peanut butter treat for my two small yorkies, they’ll eat practically anything, but when i gave them the biscuit they just sat, smelled it and looked at me, then looked at the treat, then looked at me again… So dissapointing!
MaragaretManchester, WA

One stale box

My dog loves these treats and I love that they don’t have the carcinogenic sodium nitrate that all the other dog treats have. Just one complaint. In the last batch of six boxes we received, one box came with completely hard and stale treats even though the bag was still sealed. Hope that does not happen again.
NilsaPeach Glen, PA

my doggie loves it

I bought six boxes and gave out 4 of them. All my friends said their dogs loved them. Because this treat is soft, it is perfect for young and old dogs with sensitive teeth.
LucilaWausau, FL

Dogs loved them!

I have a Basset Hound, a Labrador, and a Boxer. All of them loved these treats. Definitely will buy again
CleoDodge Center, MN

Good treats for the money

Picked these up at the same time we ordered some of the freeze-dried liver cubes.
These are a less expensive option.
Arrived quickly, like everything we get through Amazon.
There are 6 boxes in the order, and each box has the treats arrive in a plastic bag to keep the treats soft and fresh.
When you open the bag, they smell like peanut butter cookies, and my dog liked them immediately.
They’re about the size of fig newtons, so might be larger than some folks are looking for.
The bag doesn’t reseal well, so we transferred them to an airtight container, and they’ve kept better there.
They do tend to stick together, and can get kinda crumbly, and if left in the original packaging, will go stale.
Overall, still well worth the money.
AnneChatom, AL

Great for senior dogs!

If you have a dog with missing teeth or a senior dog who has trouble chewing, this is the treat to get them. Your fully toothed dogs will like them, too.
ArmandinaMarquette, IA

My dog doesn’t like these

My beagle eats pretty much any organic matter that crosses her path but she won’t eat these at all. Also, they don’t look like the one’s on the box do, with a dark center and lighter outside, they are just brown dryish lumps. I thought maybe I had gotten a bad box so I tried another box but they were the same. Maybe a bad case?
VeroniqueEast Bethany, NY

Not for training treats

These cookies are the size of fig newtons, so are way too big to use as training treats. I cut mine into little pieces, but those ended up being too crumbly. Because of the crumbles, you can’t put these into toys that roll out treats, either.

But my dog did like the taste! I’m just not the sort to hand out a whole cookie to my dog.

FloydFort Gratiot, MI

All our Canine friends love these Blue Dog Treats

Blue Dog Bakery Premium Natural Soft Treats in Peanut Butter flavor are excellent! All of our dogs love them, including all our neighborhood dogs.
They are great for small dogs, as you can cut them in half or fourths, making it easy for the little ones…I have not found a dog yet, that does not like them. They come from a good manufacturer, you won’t have to worry about any recall of Blue Dog Bakery Products…I highly recommend them. Try them, your Dog will Thank You!
RedaNewton Lower Falls, MA

Natural Soft Dog Treats

We like this product for our dog because the softness allows us to hide his little pill in it so he thinks he’s getting a treat every morning without knowing he’s getting medicine. It has worked very well for this. And we also like it because of all the good, healthy natural ingredients.
For us it’s a great product.
ChristiMountain View, AR

Great Treats for Older Dogs

My older dog (a beagle) loves his treats but struggles with the crunchy ones as he’s gotten older and his teeth/mouth have become more tender. These treats look like soft cookies and he loves them! Easy to chew, he loves them, and they are easy to break into pieces (if you want a smaller treat). I actually store mine in small baggies to keep them fresh.

I suspect these would be great for younger dogs, as well.

ShelleyMc Intire, IA

Mold and White Fur in sealed bag!

I have purchased these for about a year, the last shipment I received the treats were all covered in a white fur mold. Sealed bags and I can not get the manufacturer or amazon to replce due to their “return policy”. DO NOT BUY THESE
VoncileBrownsville, WI

Great packaged deal!

Nice soft dog cookies. Does look a little like a fig newton. My dog does eat them but seem to like other cookies better. Either way it was great package deal!
PamalaLunenburg, VA

My puppy loves these

My beagle puppy loves these treats. He doesn’t particularly cares for his crate but he goes right in it when he comes from outside because he knows he is going to get this treat. I only feed him natural foods that have no by products, so this products fits the bill. It doesn’t smell bad either. I plan to buy more of this for him in the future.
JaynaEast Rochester, OH

Great for older beasts

For some reason, finding morsel-sized soft treats for old dogs at almost any pet store is challenging. My mixed breed wonderdog (Golden/Shepherd/Chow)just turned 14 and he loves these treats which have the texture of compacted brownies. Like a lot of older beings, he now has trouble with crunchy, chewey foods. He won’t eat any other treats now other than these quality-made, nutritious soft chews. A bit pricey but highly recommended.
AlfonzoLimekiln, PA


Have ordered these doggie treats several times as our three dogs really love them however this time two out of six boxes are stale. When I opened the boxes that were stale there was a small hole in the plastic wrapper making the treats really not suitable for feeding to a pet and return policy reads food items cannot be returned and product cannot be found in any local stores. Really disappointed and now have to order six more boxes as will run out of them sooner than expected.
RomeoBelleview, FL

Blue dog Softies.

I have an older dog who would give these treats 4 paws. She loves them. She will remind me when it is treat time. So 4 out of 4 paws. Thank you Blue Dog Bakery.
KariPine City, NY

Pretty Good.

Great deal with 6 boxes for only $15.

My dogs love them. +Coton De Tulear +Pomeranian Chihuahua + Maltese Terrier
All small dogs as you can see.

***Only thing is despite being the “Softies” or “soft Dog Treats” of Blue Dog Bakery, they all have somewhat of a difficult time chewing the treats so I break them up and cut them prior to their training. (Teaching them the basics of doggie discipline!)

So maybe not necessarily the best treat for smaller dogs, but a great treat overall.

DongExeter, RI