Blue Dog Bakery Natural Low Fat Dog Treats, 20-Ounce Boxes

Since 1998, Blue Dog Bakery has been dedicated to making healthy all-natural treats for dogs. Our first natural, low-fat treats we created because we wanted a healthy snack for our own dogs. Its wasn’t long before our treats caught on and people were asking where they could buy them. As we’ve grown, we’ve remained devoted to our initial goal to make healthy, natural treats for dogs. We know that a long and happy life goes paw-in-paw with good nutrition, which we always keep in mind when creating new treats. We only use the highest quality bakery ingredients such as whole eggs, nonfat milk and whole wheat – making them easily digestible, full of fiber and protein and good for an overall balanced diet.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 20-Ounce boxes (Total of 120-Ounces)
  • All natural, low fat dog treats made with real blackstrap molasses and natural peanut butter flavor
  • Made with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or animal by-products
  • Promote clean teeth and fresh breath; baked in a variety of animal shapes for dogs of all sizes
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Blue Dog Bakery Premium Peanut Butter and Molasses Dog Treats

I’m surprised at how many people have given these cookies a high rating. They are huge. One I just pulled out of the box is 3 inches long by 2 inches wide. I use treats to train my puppy and reward good behavior. The StarMark Clicker literature suggests using a treat the size of a navy bean! Dogs don’t really seem to have any concept of size, and treats are for training not supplementing food. If I try to break these down in size, a good part of the cookie turns into unusable crumbs. Also IMPORTANT: The first two ingredients in these cookies are wheat, and I goofed as I NEVER buy any food products for my puppy containing corn nor wheat. I have tasted them, too, and at least for a human they aren’t cloyingly sweet. Of all the treats I’ve tried, both my puppy and I much prefer Paul Newman’s organic cheese dog treats which contain things like barley, chicken, carrots, apples and rolled oats. More expensive for sure, but they break easily and are great for training rewards.
NicoletteKimberly, WV

Quality and Convenience. Imagine that.

This is an excellent product, my 3 pups love them and this is the most convenient way to get them. I have signed up for automatic deliveries through and I never have to worry about searching everywhere to get more. It comes right to my door. I will be looking for more of the things I always buy to be delivered automatically. To whoever thought of this for, thank you.
CelestaBokoshe, OK

Natural and tasty

For me, it’s great being able to buy natural treats for my dog that also taste great. My dog loves these (and I like them, too). I’ve made dog biscuits before, but it’s convenient to be able to pick some up at the store. I’ve tried a number of natural biscuits, some good, some horrible. These are great. I’ve never bought them in bulk from Amazon, but the biscuits are inside of a sealed plastic bag within the box, so I’d guess that they would stay fresh for a while.
FelicidadHornbeck, LA

Dog Cookie Review

My dog White Cloud was a little hesitant at first, but now she really enjoys these Peanut Butter Molasses Dog Treats. These are really not all that expensive and she sometimes eats 3 of them at a time. I will buy more of these.
AngelinaBuffalo, IL

Product has changed for the worse over the past months

I have been buying Blue Dog Bakery, Peanut Butter and Molasses dog treats for over three years. My dog did love them, but since the recipe changed he won’t eat them any more. I noticed that they didn’t smell the same and that each individual biscuit was harder than rock. I thought they were old stock or stale and returned them to the super market where I bought them and got my money back. I tried them again from a different super market and found out the old and stale smell and feel of the dog treats was in every box I bought. I returned them all again. I went to the ‘wonderful and friendly’ Blue Dog Bakery website and contacted them by using their web form email for contact with the company. I wanted to find out why they ruined a wonderful product. The website claims that they will get right back to you regarding your comments and concerns. Haven’t heard a word from them to this day. How is that for great customer service? I have gone back to good old dependable Milk Bones and my dog is happy and I’m actually saving money rather than buying those stale over priced dog treats from Blue Dog Bakery.
WoodrowGregory, MI

Blue Dog Bakery Low Fat Treats

I like to give my dog healthy treats. I tried a box of these low fat treets from Wal-Mart and my dog loved them. I kept going back to get more. Then all of a sudden they don’t have anymore on the shelves. I thought I would try to find them on the internet and was happy that I found them but not as happy as my dog. He is a black lab and has a weight problem and weighs about 127 pounds.
Thank you for a fine product.
ShereeScotch Plains, NJ

My dogs love them

My two dogs generally have differing opinions of treats, so sometimes it’s hard to find a treat they both like. They love these.
ShonnaColmesneil, TX

Great Snack

We found the Blue Dog snacks in a catalogue, but could not find them locally. I did find Amazon had the flavor Phantom likes the best. I order a large quantity because my buddy receives 3 every afternoon. He greets me at the door, and of course I rub him and talk to him for awhile. THEN I ask Phantom if he would like a cookie (Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats – Molasses & Peanut Butter). He tears off into his room and sits and stares at the box until I am in the room. I pull out one large and two small cookies. He gets so excited that he is dancing all around. He knows he has to sit before he gets a snack. He will take the snack and run into the other room. There he drops the cookie and comes back for another one. This continues until he has all three cookies. When he gets all three snacks he will lay down and eat them all. His eyes light up when you ask him if he would like a cookie. Blue Dog makes other flavors of snacks, but Phantom really likes the molasses and Peanut Butter ones the best. I can’t explain how much Phantom loves his Blue Dog snacks!
EllenOberlin, KS

Great Blue Dog Cookies

One of my fellow Afghan Hound Rescue associates recommended I try these for my two Boyz. .Both of my Boyz love them. From the rescue lists I am on, ALL AFFIES LOVE BLUE DOG COOKIES!
I highly recommend them and will continue to buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CharleenSan Carlos, AZ

Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter & Molasses Biscuits

My German Shepherd Nyla will sometimes even turn her nose up at a piece of Ham or Steak but goes crazy for the Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter & Molasses Biscuits. It was such a relief to find a snack that was good for her and that she enjoyed so much! If you have a picky dog then this is a snack you will want to explore. I have shared these biscuits with everyone of my friends who have dogs and they have all come back with the same report….My dog just loves these biscuits, where did you get them? They cost a little more than regular dog biscuits but are worth every penny when you know you are giving your pet something that they love and is good for them! Buying them on line at using the Subscribe and Save offer has saved me quite a bit of money and is very convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend using this service. Take a chance your dog will love you and you will be very satisfied with the product and service!
MarlynPage, WV

Blue dog Molasses Peanut butter cookies

I have a miniature schnauzer who is allergic to chicken. For a treat this is safe for her to eat without her having any problems. I will continue to buy them.
ReggieSilverdale, WA

couldn’t find them in store

My dog loves these treats and they smell so good! I’ve tried three different stores and can’t find them anywhere. Too bad no one from the Marketing Dept. reads these reviews; maybe they would start carrying them again. I’m very disappointed I can no longer buy these treats.
KamilahNew Port Richey, FL

Declining Quality

I’ve been ordering these treats for my dogs for a few years now – they really liked them. The cookies were not only adorable, but apparently pretty tasty. Recently, though, the last few boxes I’ve bought have contained nothing but broken remnants of the advertised shapes of cookies that don’t even have the cute outlines on them that originally distinguished them from each other. Additionally, the cookies look overcooked and are very hard. Plus – they no longer have that fresh baked smell to them. I really am disappointed in the quality control from Blue Dog Bakery. For the amount of money I spend on these, I expect consistency to the quality. I guess I need to find another low fat treat alternative for my furry family members.
JudeThree Bridges, NJ

Great dog treats

I have been buying Blue Dog Bakery Treats for almost 10 years. Quality was really great for a number of years. In the last few years I have gotten cases (6 boxes) that had all most all burnt cookies. The company replaced them. The latest purchase (with the new logo) are now back to the ones I liked in the past. I like that they use human grade (I have ate them myself) ingredients. My dogs just love them. Wish I could buy boxes of the small cookies (hearts and squares) I have small dogs and have to break the larger ones into smaller pieces.
FilibertoArvilla, ND

My dogs love these

My dogs are just crazy about these biscuits. When I try to give them some of Costco’s Kirkland dog biscuits they give me this sad look before they reluctantly take them. The “blue doggies” get a much better reaction. I have to admit that I tasted them and they really do taste good. They are however, a little too hard for human consumption.
KareyWood, PA

Doggie Delish

Great price and product. My dogs love this as a “Good Job” treat can’t go without it. Can’t find this size and flavor in local stores anymore.
MurrayWest Coxsackie, NY

great Made in USA Dog Cookies

Also love their doggie paws, stars, More Blu Dog Bakery cookies, and the Live Well ones they discontinued recently, wish they would bring them back. We have 2 large dogs and big cookies are great for them, the small cookies are great for training. Only cookie my largest dog will respond to when sidetracked by a rabbit, person or when told he must go to his room. He Loves them so much he races to his cage when normally he would hide rather than go there.
TrudiNorthfield, CT

He loves them.

My dog Oscar absolutely loves these cookies,he jumps straight up and down and prances around them like a cat.So comical the way he shows me that he appreciates these cookies ,they never fail to entertain me after I give them to him
DevinMilford, NJ


Two Labradors, 6 and 5, have been treated to Blue Dog Natural Dog Treats since they were four months old..The cookies still get the same excited response from them as they did then..I am careful about what I feed my pets and was initially impressed by the ingredients in the cookies.I then became impressed by the newsletters from Blue Dog regarding the approach to dog treats…My labs get these cookies as bedtime cookies .We say “come get your nighty-night cookies” and they bound in and take them to their beds. Finally, I must add that getting them from Amazon is great..they arrive so regularly that my pups nor I never have had to wait.
ChauOklahoma City, OK

best doggie bisquits on the market!!

My dogs just love these crunchy and healthy treats. We are very particular about what we feed our girls and are happy to have found such a good product that is a great value AND made locally!!
KristopherAlma, WI

5 doggies love them

I have five dogs ranging from a 100# Lab to a 12# jack russell. All I need to do is say “Does anyone want a cookie” and all five come running. I have been using these treats for over a year and they are loved today as well as they were when I started.
DottieGhent, MN

Doggies love them!

Great biscuits, they smell good enough to eat! Doggies of all sizes love them – highly recommend! Other flavors are pretty great too – try them all.
AlexandraMetairie, LA

Blue dog cookies

Blue dog cookies have a good taste they clean teeth &are low fat so please try them for your dog.
BellaTurners, MO

Dogs absolutely love these

The dogs absolutely love these treats, and these are MADE IN THE USA

no animal by products artificial colors preservatives or flavors

RinaConverse, TX

My dog loves them!

These treats are around $6-8 a box where I live, so the price on Amazon is great! I bought a case of six mid-November, and my dog is finally on his last box. He normally goes through a $10 bag of Beggin’ Strips in a week, so we’re saving a LOT on doggie treats.

As for the flavor, my dog will eat just about any treat, but he seems to be more excited about these than most hard treats (he usually prefers soft ones). I like that they smell good, unlike some similarly priced treats, which seems to reduce stinky doggie breath (and I’ll admit it, I tasted one… wasn’t too impressed with the flavor, but they’re not for me!).

The only downside is that some of the treats are HUGE, but they can be broken up into smaller pieces.

EmmaSharpes, FL

Low Fat treat for Yorkie

Benji, our 5 year old yorkie, had a case of pancreatitus, loose stool [ie; like water] and vomitting. Off to the vet for xray’s blood tests, 3 injections and 5 drugs to take home {$800.}. The vet said Benji had too much fat in his food [he only ate dry dog food and a table scrap once in a while] so now he eats a low fat dry dog food, NO TABLE FOOD and these great low fat treats. YES they are big, so break them, yes they are hard, good for tarter control. But I must mention Benji only gets a portion of one biscut per day if he does his tricks like rollover sit and bang your dead…It took some time to find a low fat treat that Benji would eat..BLUE DOG WINS!
YukoHudson, IL

Excellent Product

This is the only dog cookie we have purchased in the past 7-8 years. Our dogs refuse to eat any other kind.
ClotildeWoody Creek, CO

Fred thinks “nice variety”

This is a good stable treat. Fred enjoys the different flavors and sizes. He gets one a day or two if they are the small size. If I run out of his other 2 “cookies” these are OK by themselves, but clearly not at the top of the list. However, if I run out of them he does miss them, just not as much as the others. I know it is more than numbers, because he does not miss his “meaties”.
BerylGuasti, CA

Great Dog Biscuits – Great Price!

These dog biscuits are such a treat for my two large dogs. They get them as a bedtime treat and look forward to them. I was so surprised to find them at Amazon and immediately signed up for the auto-delivery. I was hesitant about ordering biscuits through the mail because of possible damage to the biscuits. However, I was amazed that the biscuits came out whole and were not damaged, at least in the two boxes that I have aleady opened. Don’t think you could go wrong with these.
AnabelRobstown, TX


The entire box of treats was so hard I had to hit them with a hammer to break them small enough for my 60 lb dog to eat.
MarquittaGlenrock, WY