blue eyes Gourmet Herbal Tea 4oz. tin

blue eyes Gourmet Herbal Tea 4oz. tin

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  • blue eyes Gourmet Herbal Tea 4oz. tin
  • blue eyes
  • herbal tea
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Top reviews

Superlative comfort tea for the dessert addict

I was in my local tea shop buying my usual Earl Grey/Darjeeling blend when a young couple came in and asked for this by name. The shopkeeper opened the tin and an incredible fragrance — sweet and seductive — filled the shop. I bought a quarter pound and am here to report that it’s everything the product description claims, and more. I don’t know as it would stave off a full-blown chocolate craving, but it certainly will quiet down a run-of-the-mill sweet-tooth.

I wonder how the mix might be in a sweet bread — soaked in a little water and added to the dough. It would probably make the bread pink, but that’s not a bad thing for a romantic-smelling tea.

JessieSouthington, CT

Fantastic, rich, sweet and sour heaven

I love this tea and still think it’s the perfect epitome of that rich red fruit tea. The hibiscus leaves dominate to give it a sour, anti-oxidant packed flavor. It’s kind of like a zinger, except it’s the best zinger I’ve ever tasted. I’m a pretty regular tea drinker and agree that loose leaf is the way to go, but sometimes I’ll drink a tea that had to be brewed loose leaf and think, why bother? Too much time and effort for a tea that would taste similar brewed in a tea bag. But with a choice few- genmaicha, a delicate white tea, and this one- it’s totally worth the effort and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

This tea makes the water into a red, juicy but not overly powerful elixir. It wakes up your taste bugs with it’s tartness, gives you just enough sweet to satisfy your craving but not give you a sugar spike to make you crave more. Rich, beautiful, fragrant, delicious. The ingredients are fresh, top notch, it’s perfectly blended, and quite simply, it’s one of my must-have teas.

BernardineBrisbin, PA