Blue Monkey 100% Natural Coconut Water, 11.2-Ounce

Blue Monkey coconut water is one of the worlds healthiest beverages.  It’s no wonder coconut water has seen explosive growth in the last few years.  Blue Monkey Coconut water contains the same amount of electrolyte balance as human blood, and also contains the sugars and vitamins that athletes needs to replenish themselves after strenuous activity.  By positioning the beverage as a healthy beverage alternative to isotonic beverages, it has carved out a significant following among consumers.

Quick facts

  • A pack of twenty four ,11.2-Ounce (total of 269-Ounces)
  • Pure coconut water
  • 100% natural

Top reviews

Dents, Dents and more Dents

Each and every can I got had dents. Not sure whome to blame, the manufacturer or Amazon for the packaging.
JordanChoteau, MT

Make sure you get without pulp

I had pure coconut water product in canada ,which I liked and therefore ordered this product over here. They send me pure coconut water with pulp instead. I do not like the pulp in the pure coconut water. The canister I recieved had a bold yellow label stating ” with Pulp” . And the can showed in the picture on this website does not show ” with pulp” . It was misleading. If you like the pulp go for it its great product. Just that pulp in the water gives some strong coconut smell which I donot like.
MorrisJohnstown, CO

Cans arrrived dented

I was disappointed in the condition of the cans as they arrived almost all with big dents, sometimes more than two on a can. I have heard that it isn’t safe to drink from cans that have dents, so I had to research the risk and check out each can for the location of the dents. I contemplated sending them back, but have decided it is most likely safe to drink. Still, this isn’t what I had in mind: to drink a beverage that is supposedly good for one’s health while being concerned about the remote possibility of botulism! In the future, please package this product properly so it arrives in flawness condition.
ChinMarne, IA

Taste Okay

I rated this a 1star only because out of the 5 coconut water brands in order of 5to1star (Zico 5, Taste Nirvana 4, Amy&Brian 3, C2O 2, Blue Monkey1) it wasn’t bad but not as good as any of the others I’ve tried.
LashonBloomingdale, GA

Not fresh tasting.

I bought a can of this at my local Whole Foods / Harry’s and I was disappointed. I felt like the only thing I could taste was the can it was in. This does not taste like fresh coconut water. It tastes like a tin can with some musty coconut flavor. I’m not very picky but I didn’t even finish it. I wonder if this issue is why many other brands use the paper box style containers.
AdolphKimballton, IA

Best Tasting Coconut Water Ever

I have tried every single brand of coconut water out there. I usually buy ZICO
brand and up until today I thought ZICO was the best.
OMG this has the best flavor. Smooth, sweet, no “gamey” aftertaste. Perfect.
TrinityBrodhead, KY

One Ingredient

I knew nothing about this brand, but I bought a case because it has a good price. I was very pleased to find that it has just one ingredient: coconut water. There is no added sugar or preservatives. It’s unfortunate when you buy a coconut water can for the health benefits, only to see that it has tons of sugar and other unwanted additives. This product does not have pulp, which is one thing I prefer. Other than that, this is the best canned coconut water I’ve had, and it’s well priced. Highly recommended!!!
MarcusHurdsfield, ND


This is the BEST tasting coconut water out in the market!! I wish it was available in more supermarkets!! Tastes like coconut water from the Caribbean Islands 😀
EhtelTecumseh, NE

Dented in Shipping

Length:: 0:46 Mins

Every single can of Blue Monkey Coconut Water is dented.

Blue Monkey 100% Natural Coconut Water, 11.2-Ounce (Pack of 24)

RhondaAlford, FL

One of the best I’ve tried!

I’ve tried just about every brand of coconut water. I find the Blue Monkey brand delicious…on par with Amy & Brian’s and C2O, which I consider to be the best. Blue Monkey is a product of Thailand (like A&B’s and C2O), therefore the coconut water is naturally sweeter and more flavourful than the Brazilian-origin coconut water brands such as Zico and VitaCoco (which I find to lack flavour).

The current price of Blue Monkey on Amazon beats the price of A&B’s and C2O so no reason not to buy!

ZackaryHoney Creek, WI

My favorite coconut water, and no dents!

I’d rather not write this review, because I want to keep this product a secret, but I just have to give praise to the Blue Monkey 🙂 I guess I discovered Blue Monkey coconut water at the right time, because the price is right and when I received my order, it was packaged by Amazon as a box-within-a-box. Not a single can was dented as some other reviewers described. The cans are a heavy duty aluminum like I’ve found when I had a soda in Europe or S. America. Speaking of the product specifically, the portion is perfect and the taste is by far my favorite. No added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which I find gives other coconut waters a somewhat sharper taste (for lack of a better discriptor). The 11.2 oz. can is great, too. I would rarely drink an entire 17 oz. can , so here I don’t feel like I’m wasting any or letting it sit open until I come back for the second serving. The flavor is most similar to C2O or Amy & Brian’s, and less like VitaCoco or Zico. I’ve had most every brand, and even though taste is pretty subjective, I would rate this as 5 stars for the overall experience and price. I got it on the subscription program for once-per-month delivery, and the price savings are a great deal.
BariUtica, MS

The best tasting Coconut Water

We have tried all of the brands of coconut water available in our area (Dallas, Texas) and this is the best tasting. The only thing I can say that is negative is the packaging from Amazon and the manufacturer. All of the cans are dented, but this doesn’t impact the product. Just realize when you order the case from Amazon, the cans will be dented. Otherwise, this product is wonderful! The best tasting product!
TillieColumbus, TX

Not my favorite, but it’s OK

We have tried many many different brands of coconut water and when we purchased this one at the store we thought it had the best taste on the market and quickly ordered a case. The box arrived in great condition but, as many reviewers have noted, every single can was dented and scratched. On top of that, it didn’t taste nearly as good as the ones we had purchased at the grocery store. I don’t know if the dents would have altered the taste but there was definitely a difference. While still drinkable, we probably won’t order again.
RhonaMilledgeville, GA

Ok, but in steel cans

The product itself is fine, but the steel cans give it a sour aftertaste to me. I won’t order again.
JeroldOakville, CT

Good but price just went up ~30%…not worth new price

Purchased one time with subscribe and save but then price went up 30% recently. Don’t think worth the higher price…would have kept subscription otherwise.

Regarding dent cans, can report that most of ours were also slightly dented, but didn’t bother us much at the previous low price.

RobbieValley Head, AL

Inconsistent taste and dreaded dents!

I recently received my second subscription delivery. First of all, all the cans were horribly dented, as many reviewers have commented. The cans from my first delivery were all okay. This tells me the product handling is irratic. Still, it would not have bothered me, until I opened one. To my surprise, the taste was different than the first batch I received. The product is 3 months old based on the date on the can, but it tasted like it was off.

I really liked the idea that Blue Monkey is not from concentrate and slightly cheaper than Zico, but with such quality control problems, I have gone back to drinking Zico.

ColbyTaylorville, IL

Tasted like the metal can

I had purchased this product at Whole Foods after another customer highly recommended it to me. It was the BEST tasting coconut water I had ever tasted so I quickly ordered a case from Amazon. The case arrived quickly and none of my cans were dented or damaged in any way as noted on many of the other reviews. I chilled a couple of cans and couldn’t wait to drink them. What a disappointment! Every can that I drank tasted like metal. Yuck!
NormaOakville, IN

Blue Monkey 100% coconut water (pack of 24)

I assumed you guys get some proof from suppliers that they are honest with how they pitch their products.

Not a bit of coconut water taste. Wondering where this water came from, used 23cans to water my house plants. Good they did not die. Will never buy this product again.

PamulaAugusta, KS

1st shipment, great, 2nd shipment-sucked 🙁

I tasted this brand of coconut water while vacationing in Hawai’i & loved it! I was so excited to find it on amazon. Despite negative reviews for dented cans, I ordered a 24-pack for $26.56 which I felt was a steal & signed up for subscribe & save. The 2nd shipment I received 2 months later (per my selected frequency. I didn’t even check before I got my shipment, but apparently, the price jumped to $34.71!!! So, fine, my fault for not verifying before the shipment went out, I really liked this coconut water so I’ll just eat it & look at the pricetag next time around. I got my 2nd shipment – cans were dented (a lot more of them w/ a lot deeper dents – this couldn’t have happened in shipping since just about all the cans were dented – even the ones on the inside??? But who cares, dented cans, whatever…the worst thing – THE TASTE WAS AWFUL!!! I have to pour the coconut water out of the cans into a new container & let it sit (covered) in the fridge for a few days so the weird metallic/fermented taste dissipates…so weird…I was willing to drink it a little rancid – thought maybe it was 1 can, no, 2 cans, OK, maybe I should let someone else try a 3rd can…I then figured it helps to let it sit a few hrs in a different container. Needless to say, I canceled my subscribe & save subscriptions – sucks that I paid almost $10 more for a crappy shipment – boooooo…
LaureenBlue Gap, AZ

Blue Monkey is yummy and a good value

I spent a month trying every coconut water I could get my grubby little hands on. During my trials, I went to Whole Foods (booooo!) and took home at least six different brands. I got another five from Sprouts (yay Sprouts!), and found at least another seven varieties at Central Market (yeehaw Central Market!!). Of all the ones I tried, the one I liked the most that I could order in bulk was Blue Monkey. I would definitely rank it among my top 3. However, the other factor that made it a top pick for me was the 12 oz serving size and the attractive price point. My orders were always fulfilled on time, and I had a consistent flow of good tasting coconut water. I was actually planning on increasing my order to two cases per month.

Today however, I’m sad because my automatic monthly order for a case of Blue Monkey through Amazon has been cancelled with no explanation. My only recourse seems to be to let them notify me when it becomes available. I don’t know what happened, but I’m very disappointed. I hope something changes soon. Until then, I guess I’ll buy O.N.E. or Amy and Brian’s at Sprouts or Central Market. If it becomes available again I’ll switch my four stars to five.

TranCarter Lake, IA

Beat-up appearance, upbeat tatse

Just received my first order of Blue Monkey coconut water yesterday and my first impression after opening the packaging was “what the heck happened to all these cans?” as virtually 21 of 24 can were substantially dented and scratched. Looks like someone was playing catch with them while wearing a concrete mitt as the cans somehow got beat-up something good. Fortunately there does not look to be any punctures or spoilage of the actual coconut water itself. Am sipping my first one as I write this and the taste is a but stronger and not as sweet as other coco water brands I have tried, but overall a decent taste. The manufacturer/distributor must offer the swell pricing on a case because they are pretty much only shipping the cans with external damage.
KamKewanna, IN

Cans arrive dented but it’s delicious!

After trying to order Vita Coco through the mail, I finally decided to try another kind. It comes in cans so it was less likely to be damaged during shipping. I am SO glad I did!! This is the best coconut water I have ever had; it is delicious and refreshing(as long as it’s ice cold). I can live with the dented cans; I used to throw 2 of the 6 Vita Coco cartons away so I’ll take dented cans any day!
LouraSully, IA


Great Product. Cans may be dented but this is still my favorite coconut water brand of all time. Thanks you did a great job.
LeopoldoMc Gaheysville, VA

Best coconut water in taste, low pulp, and ONE INGREDIENT!!!

Best coconut water in taste, low pulp, and ONE INGREDIENT!!! 17.6 oz quenched my thirst. Keep up the good job!!!
DewayneQuitman, AR

Best coconut water Yuuuuuuuuum!

Without any added sugar Blue Monkey has managed to make the sweetest (but not too sweet)
most refreshing coconut water. It is my daily treat after a hot yoga sesh.
ReikoMorris, CT

Blue Monkey Coconut Water

Blue Monkey Coconut water is delicious, pure and natural without any additives.
We like it very much. Amazon has best price!
MernaDobbins, CA

expensive but worth every penny

Blue monkey is my favorite coconut water drink, I recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay the price for a healthier drink than soda pop.
TambraSagamore Beach, MA

Great Flavor!!!!!

I’m from El Salvador , leaving in the USA so i know the real taste from coconut water and this brand is amazing!!!!
MargretBoyers, PA


Shipped fast and is what it says! It didn’t take forever to just ship out the items even at a large quantity.
SpringGlenham, SD

Great taste, great value. Try it!

I’ve just begun drinking coconut water, and this is my favorite so far both in value and in taste. It is the sweetest I’ve found that doesn’t contain any added sugar (like some brands of “coconut juice”). If you’ve tried Zico and have been disgusted by its lack of flavor, give this one a try. It’s cheaper, and muuuuuch tastier. And it’s good for you! Only 76 calories in a can: much healthier than a can of soda.

As to the packaging, mine arrived with perhaps 5 cans slightly dented and all others perfectly intact. I can’t complain about that, considering that it’s an imported product. And mine arrived nicely chilled, so I could enjoy a can right away! That may be the product of the colder weather, but it was a nice surprise.

The one thing to note is that this brand comes without coconut pulp. I rather enjoy having bits of coconut to chew on, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I used the subscribe-and-save option just to get the better price the first time around, but this product won me over. I plan on keeping my subscription.

YoungEssexville, MI