Blue Popcorn 2 Pounds


Quick facts

  • Case of 2-pounds
  • A little crunchy, yet very tasty!

Top reviews

Not very Blue

The popcorn tasted alright, but it wasn’t blue as I thought it was going to be. If you’re expecting blue tortilla chip blue, it’s yellow inside.
JaneanSmithfield, WV


Taste like popcorn, less husky but not worth the money. Won’t be ordering again.
PatrickNorris, IL

Impotent Popcorn

As an alternate to the high fat microwave popcorn and noisy hot air poppers. I wanted to pop my own popcorn – the old fashioned way over the stove in a pot. This was a dissapointment. Nearly half the kernels never pop and the kernels that do pop are very small. I’ll try buying other kernels but I would not buy this again.
GeorgeannOthello, WA

Dry, dry, dry

I looked forward to amazing popcorn… Instead what I received was the driest popcorn I ever made. We went back to Orville’s which actually tastes better! This was a total waste of money.
WendolynIntervale, NH

Somewhat Disappointed !!!

This popcorn was not nearly as good as I expected. It was tough to chew, and loaded with significantly large sized hulls. I have tasted store bought popcorn superior to this product, and I would not purchase it again.
AndreTurton, SD

Great Popcorn!!!

I am a popcorn fiend! I love popcorn very much, and wanted to try some new types.

Last year, my wife got me a gourmet popper, and I have been experimenting with different kinds. I got a couple of specialty popcorn from Williams-Sonoma. They were great, but on the expensive side.

Now, this popped up a bit on the small side. If you are expecting big pops like from Orville Reddenbacher, you will be disappointed. What will thrill you, though, is the flavor. This tastes so very good, with just the hint of oil and salt, I have gone thru buckets of this stuff!!!

Next, to try it with cheese. Hmmmmm…..

MarkusHuxley, IA

Love it!

This popcorn is so much better than the white Jiffy Pop at the store. It’s tender and flavorful and all the kernels pop. Love it!
QueenWright, AR

great for air popper

great popcorn for air popper. only 17 kernals left from 1/2 cup. chewy & some kernals dont pop completely – which i love. my yorkie likes it, too. tried red, blue midnight, black, purple & this is my favorite. i love black, but not good in air popper.
StefaniMiramonte, CA

Love the blue popcorn!

This is the best popcorn ever. I bought it previously from this same company & when it ran out I was so sad because it is a seasonal product & it wasn’t available. Stock up! When I don’t have it i use white popcorn from store, but this is without a doubt the best.
JanayArnolds Park, IA

Get the “blue” popcorn

The best popcorn I’ve ever made. No joke. I don’t know about the other colors or flavors; I haven’t tried them. But the “Blue” popcorn is absolutely dynamite.

Note: it is not actually blue in color. More of a cream color, like most popcorn.

AnthonyLitchfield, MN

Very disappointed

We’ve been popping corn (not the microwave junk) 2-3x a week for many, many years. After this stuff was popped, it tasted stale and chewy…like it was popped a couple of days ago and left out.
The kernels are very, very small also and didn’t have much flavor.
I was also surprised to see that the bag wasn’t even airtight, which explains the stale popcorn. There was no expiration date on the bag and it was closed with only a twist tie, so Lordy know how long it was sitting around.
Amazon refunded my money and I threw the rest of it out. Although it’s more expensive, I’m sticking with Orville!
FelicidadGraysville, IN

Super Crunchy and hearty (for popcorn)

These pop a more crunchy and seemingly more dense then yellow or white corn, has a better flavor to me. I love this stuff!
LawerenceEmpire, OH

So yummy

Wow this stuff is good! Almost every single kernel popped every time! It was flavorful and pretty. I would totally order it again. I loved it!
DanielleLawson, MO


This is very high qulity pop corn, I recomend it. Almost all kernels pop and they are a crisp white when they pop. Very healthy and yummy!
CarmeliaUnion, ME

Nice popcorn, but not huge kernels

I was hoping this was the kind of gourmet popcorn that makes huge fluffy, round kernels. It’s not. But it is a very good popcorn, almost good enough to eat without butter or salt. And it has the added benefit of having fewer little hulls to get stuck in your teeth. Incidentally, I’ve been using it exclusively in a hot air popper.
MichaelaColumbia City, IN

Great popcorn

If you have false teeth and don’t eat popcorn because of kernels hulls getting under your plate, or if you have regular teeth that they get stuck in-between, then this popcorn is for you. It’s smaller then the avaerage popped corn, however, it’s tasty and no stuck pieces between your teeth or under your plates. I rate this cor, a 5 star. I used an air popper for this popcorn.
AnastaciaGadsden, AL

Tasty, but chewy

I enjoy trying different popcorns, and this one is very good. The flavor is great. The only negative comment I have is that the texture is a little chewy. I prefer a crisper corn.
RiaWinterville, MS


I have tried other top name brand kernals but nothing beats this Amish brand.
DionnaMiddletown, RI

Yummy in the Tummy!

I’ve been trying different kinds of popcorn and this rates as one of the best out there. A must try for any popcorn lover.
MigdaliaMountain View, CA