Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Mission Figs, 12-Ounce Cup

Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Mission Figs can be eaten as a nutritious snack. It can also be used in in cooking, either in baked items or in a cooked dish.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 12-ounce per cup(a total of 72 ounces)
  • Can be eaten as a nutritious snack
  • Rich in complex carbohydrates; a good source of dietary fiber
  • Contains a wealth of essential minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium

Top reviews

Great!! Is all I can say

I buy these every month and I have nothing but great things to say about Blue Ribbon, from the golden figs to these they are nothing but the best. Like I said I but once a month
JoettaOrange, TX

What happened?

Don’t know what happened to this batch! The last batch I ordered (same Blue Ribbon Orchard mission figs) it was more chewy, moist (just enough) and tasted good (yum-yum)! Couldn’t stop eating! This one had a bitter/funny after taste, some figs even had a slight grayish look, was too dry and hard (was it due to too much preservative Potassium Bromate or sitting in storage for too long or what?), and wasn’t that sweet either! Disappointed to say the least.. I truly hope the rest (5 more 12oz cups to go) of the batch taste better than this first cup I opened, although I doubt that very much.. The price was decent with free shipping. But then again price isn’t everything! Ahh..Live and learn..
ChristenaClearmont, WY

quality a little uneven but good figs.

I get this six pack once a month. Usually the quality is good to very good, but sometimes I get a very dry batch.
ShaynaSeaboard, NC

my favorite

You oughta see a 3 year old try one and then put’em away. I like’em too I mean too much. Best black mission figs I can find and I’ve been eating black figs for a long time.
KerryBighorn, MT

not as good as the kalamata figs…

These are not as dry or as delicious as the kalamata figs. I set out to try different kinds of dried figs but I concluded the kalamatas are the best. Some people like the fact that these mission figs are not as dry but they were too mushy for me.
DomingoGlens Fork, KY

Sweeter and a bit dry in places but good

I have had Blue Ribbon figs for years in the store. They were usually a bit more moist than these, perhaps because of packaging (they were in plastic bags like the ones prunes and other dried fruit come in while these are in tubs). The figs are sweeter and more consistent than the other local source i have for figs here in Utah, and that I like. These are not as moist as they were long ago, but similar to those days, you will have the occasional fig that’s got sort of a dried, tough, perhaps sunburnt edge. That just comes with the fig territory if you like to eat them out of hand as I do. Overall – this is a great item to have on hand, a nice change from raisins or craisins, and very yummy.
ThaoParkman, OH

Great figs

I love these figs, they are very moist and tasty. I read a lot of reviews about figs, I know sometimes they can be bad even from the same company that packaged them. I guess I’m just lucky, I got a good batch this time. I’ll definitely order them again, just hope my next shipment will be as great as this one.
LauranHigh Springs, FL

love these figs

Black mission figs can be difficult to find at a reasonable price, so these are both good and reasonably priced. Most of the time the containers have good sized, moist figs, but once in awhile they are smaller and drier. I have purchased these more than once, and find them to be a very good buy.
KirstieNorth Eastham, MA

poor quality figs

Figs were really dry and tough. Although the expiration date was Sep. 2011, there were white specs all over and it looked to me that the dried fruit went bad.
IsrealLake George, MN