Blue Sky Natural Soda

Established in 1980, Blue Sky Beverage Company continues its commitment to make only natural, great tasting and purely refreshing beverages including Blue Sky Natural Sodas, Organic Sodas, Blue Sky Free Natural Zero Calorie Sodas and Blue Energy energy drinks. Our beverages are all natural with no preservatives, no artificial colors and only natural flavors. As a member of the Hansen’s Beverage Company, they are held to all of the standards associated with natural Hansen’s sodas. Real Flavor. Real Natural.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty-four 12 ounce cans of soda (total of 288 ounces)
  • Classic cola flavored soda
  • Sweetened with real sugar, never high fructose corn syrup
  • No caffeine or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • All natural, Kosher certified

Top reviews

WARNING! Caffeine free!

Nowhere in the description does it even imply that this is caffeine free. This is clearly deceptive. The thought didn’t even cross my mind that this could be possible — without it being explicitly stated somewhere. I don’t have anything directly against caffeine free cola-like beverages, but I strongly feel like they should be clearly labeled — as one would expect alcohol free beer or meat-free lunch meat to be.
BeverleyHowell, MI

No Fizz

I enjoy Hanens soda but Blue Sky is not for me. I tried 2 varieties, so I suspect it is just the brand. No fault with the ingredients but why bother with soda if it tastes flat?
HannaLynd, MN

1 Star…Please

Yeah i have to agree i don’t know where these one stars are coming from. All i have to say about Blue Sky is best Soda EVA….I mean u get the nice cola flavor but it takes better natural, its really good. I now hate coke. Maybe ordering it from a ware house isn’t best, if sodas are left sitting for a lonnng time they do go flat even unopened. If you can find it at a local health food store or some where. (if you go to penn state sisu at west has it) Its delicious.
GarthMeigs, GA

Man this is delicious

It is Captain & Coke season, and this cola is the BEST. It is a real treat. Now I only have to feel guilty about the alcohol, rather than the alcohol plus the High Fructose Corn Syrup!
JonathanNorris City, IL

This is great soda!

Don’t know what the other reviewers are drinking but this soda is great. Love the Cola and Dr. Becker’s (like Dr. Pepper, a little different and without the cloying sweetness). It doesn’t have the fizz of say Pepsi, but neither does Coke. And I love a good fizzy soda, and this has enough fizz for me and great taste. It’s hard to find where I live, and the only store selling it just closed, so I’m moving to buying it on-line, that’s how much I like it.
PaulitaOakdale, IL

Yum!!! Real Sugar and you can tell it!

Blue Sky Cola has a great refreshing taste with real sugar. No after taste left in your mouth. It doesn’t taste like Pepsi Throw back where you get a heavy flat taste. The taste is crisp and the product sparkles in the glass. If you are a rum drinker that likes to use a COLA mixer every now and then, this is the one!
BelenLuana, IA

After a lifetime of Cola drinking a winner to the war of Cola!!!

Grew up drinking Coke and the occasional Pepsi. Cola was always my favorite drink and I stopped drinking it due to the caffeine, until I found Blue Sky. This stuff is perfect. It has everything Coke or Pepsi had going for them without the bitter hit of Coke and the sickly thin sweetness of Pepsi. I empty my local stores stock every time they stock it.

Incidentally I also love Blue Sky Root Beer and Cherry Vanilla Creme. But their New Century Cola is a little too heavy with the molasses (they must use a darker sugar for it) for my taste.

VirginiaHutchins, TX

Naturally good

I quit caffeine in 1999. I went organic/ natural at about the same time. I went for years without a soda. There was no soda made that did not have offending ingredients. As soon as I saw these on the shelf of my local Fred Meyer I got them. Wonderful taste. Tastes just like my memory of a cola, but with no caffeine or HFCS, preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. All natural, made from sugar and cola nut, with no GMO ingredients. I have tried a few flavors and my favorites are the cola (haven’t tried the new century organic one yet) and the vanilla cherry creme.
FumikoEra, TX