B&M Brown Bread with Raisins, 16-Ounce Cans

Brown Bread with Raisins made with Water, Whole Wheat Flour Salt and Corn Oil. It is a New England’s finest product. 99 percent Fat free. No cholesterol. Available in Pack of six, 16-ounce (total of 96 ounces).

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 16-ounce (total of 96 ounces)
  • 99% fat free
  • No cholesterol

Top reviews

cook in brentwood,ca

Ok, guys, saw this as an ingredient in a “Chopped” episode and had to Google – we are diving in on this intersting local specialty on your recommendations…..made my husband hanker for canned bacon, something we took camping as kids that was salty and disgusting. Thank god it was $140 for 12 on Amazon……brown bread not cheap at $45 for 12 with shipping. Hope we don’t have to give to food pantry…….
LurleneSouth Beach, OR

The greatest bread!!!!

I remember growing up in southern California and my Mom would make beanie/weenies for dinner. That was a good night cause we always knew we would get B&M Brown bread right along side. Now I’m almost forty, and terribly troubled that now where on the West coast can you find this wonderful treat. I will have to order some and hope that it is as good as I remember. I really don’t want to be disappointed like I was when I tried Spam again for the first time as an adult, that was truly a disgusting venture. However I do believe how can you go wrong with a classic like brown bread in a can?????? Enjoy your childhood memories as have am and indulge in the past.
OlivaOphir, OR


The best–I live in DC and no one sells it here–every time I go home (the Cape) I bring it back for my New England buds. Baked beans with everything added, hot dogs and hot brown bread–take me home!!!!
EdDe Soto, WI


to my knowledge the only producer of tinned brown bread..still sold in many New England grocery stores…best with cod fish cakes and baked beans (of course ) also wonderful well toasted with lots of butter or peanut butter for breakfast
ElanorRock Island, TN

It’s really better than I can describe to you

Why are five stars “the best” when B&M Brown Bread in a can is so much better? This star system must be flawed. I suppose that if you’re reading this you already know of the manna under discussion. If, however, you haven’t tried canned brown bread, please stop reading and get to your local B&M dispenser. It is clearly in your interest.
JanOneida, NY

Carry on the tradition

A long-time traditional New England accompaniment to baked beans. Happy to find it available online after moving out of New England.
GeoffreyVentura, IA

brown bread in can

it is sold at farm fresh in Va it is in the baked bean aisle
EdmundoWalnut Grove, MO

blast from the past

hadn’t had this since i was a kid , 35 or 40 yrs ago, wow so good, thanks for the memories!
CeciliaHinckley, NY

Brown Bread in a Can is Awesome!!! 🙂

OMG! Today was the first time I ever heard of Brown Bread in a Can, let alone tasted it!, Man it’s soooo GOOD! If your reading this review TRY This Brown Bread in a Can it’s Yum-o! Yeah Me for trying it & not whimping out,LOL 😉
SharmaineVernon, IL

B & M Brown bread with raisins

I remembered loving brown bread in a can as a kid. If you’ve never had it you’re in for a treat. My sister in law serves it sliced and tops it with cream cheese, round pineapple slice, and a candied cherry on top. I just slice, warm in microwave, and spread with butter. It sort of tastes like bran muffins but with mollasses. Unfortunately it is hard to find at the grocery store, though sometimes I can find it around Thanksgiving. I was so happy Amazon had it and at a great price. I ordered a case of 6 and shared with family. It arrived on time and in perfect condition, and my family enjoyed it very much.
JeaneneVinegar Bend, AL

Only brand I have tried for 65 years

Nice easy taste . Dark brown color that toasts up well .Butter is my favorite or philly cream cheese . Always great & it does go well with beans . Lucky we can get it all around Boston . One of those foods you dont have to do much to enjoy – simple flavor .
CharlotteMaysville, AR

B&M Brown Bread is THE best!

A genuine New England staple. For generations, Moms have served this to their kids with hot dogs and baked beans. We had it every Saturday and it was always my favorite meal. If you’ve never had it then you’ve got to try it. Not only does this bread taste delicious warmed and spread with butter,(always serve it warm) but for the preppers out there, this bread has a shelf life of 10 years if stored properly. It’s also a great product to take with you on a camping trip.


The price on this site is WAY too high. You can get it for about 2.99 a can if you order by the case from a site called BUY THE CASE dot com. You’ll have to buy a case but for 38.00 and some jingle, you can get 12 cans versus the 6 cans sold here.

Try it, you’ll like it. Even Mikey likes it! ; )

NancySchoenchen, KS

Yummy for the tummy especiallly toasted…

Who would think that bread from a can would taste so good? Well, this one tastes delicious, especially toasted and buttered. Smart balance or butter spray works well too. Whether straight from the can or toasted, this bread tastes moist and chewy. You can’t go wrong. If you like bread, I suggest yo try it. The plain is good, but the raisin one is much better. That is, of course, as long as you like raisins. A great item to keep in your emergency food kit.
JanethCarolina, RI

Delicious, lightly sweet

I grew up in New England and somehow never came across this tasty, tasty bread. Not sure why, but I’ll trust other reviewers that B&M brown bread is a New England thing.

Anyway, this stuff tastes superb! It has just the right amount of moistness and sweetness – a bit like a thick hearty cake, or a very dense banana bread. Very good by itself, or heated up with some butter. I haven’t tried using it like sandwich bread, because to me it just seems much more a breakfast or dessert item.

It comes out of the can easily, and is very easy to slice. I don’t know how good it tastes after it has been hiding in the cupboard for awhile, because usually I end up opening it a few days after I buy it. It does very well wrapped in plastic or foil in the refrigerator, though.

Both kinds are good, though I prefer the one with raisins in it just for snacking on. The plain would be very good to use if you plan to top with fruit or some other such thing.

LynneMississippi State, MS

Blast from the past

I had a hankering for the brown bread in a can that my mom used to serve with hot dogs and baked beans when I was a kid, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, the light bulb went on and I googled it. Here it is! So I will be ordering it and seeing if my kids like it as much as I used to. Hope I like it as much as I used to. Funny that so many reviews for this item are similar!
AundreaTaft, CA