B&M Brown Bread with Raisins, 16-Ounce Cans

Brown Bread with Raisins made with Water, Whole Wheat Flour Salt and Corn Oil. It is a New England’s finest product. 99 percent Fat free. No cholesterol. Available in Pack of six, 16-ounce (total of 96 ounces).

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 16-ounce (total of 96 ounces)
  • 99% fat free
  • No cholesterol

Top reviews


Well, I just tried B&M Brown Bread and it was nasty. when i first bit into it i thought it was ok. Then the after swalloing it it left this after taste that was terrible. The only thing that ive ever eaten that has had the same taste was some mold that was in a bag of shredded cheese i had just bbought. In other words this product is nasty.
KarisaBlacksville, WV


4 of the cans came so dented that I had to toss them out…should have returned them but that is a pain too…
DeonnaBurna, KY

Brown bread

Not happy with this supplier. I ordered this on October 10, 2010 and it is only now (Nov 2, 2010)being shipped. I’ll order this from vermont country store next time. Almost makes me lose my yearning for it.
WillaRaynham, MA

not as i remembered

i have already entered a review but, now realize i entered it as a reply……..

i did NOT realize this one was the low fat version. i didn’t like it as it does not taste like i remember it tasting. i will try the “regular” version at a later date. perhaps it wlll be the delicious moist bread i remember in my “younger” days. it left a faint bitter taste after eating it. i hope to be able to have that delectable bread back in my life soon. but this low fat version just “ain’t” it! LOL

GilbertSpruce, MI

B&M Brown bread and McCann’s Steel cut Oatmeal/Comfort foods for sure in sub-zero wind chills

Ordered Both McCann’s Irish Quick Cooking Oatmeal six-packs [boxes] and B&M Bread tins [6pk] Each 6pk was shrink-wrapped allowing for even more protection. In fact bread had dbl shrink-wrap intact – as well as contents have long exp. dates. Oatmeal, Nov. 2011 and Bread July 2012. Not that either will last that long in this household.

B&M Brown Bread With Raisins, 16-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
Good long shelf life – Exp July 2012

McCANN’S Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, Quick & Easy, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Good long shelf life-expiration date to Nov. 2011

This will ‘bump up taste’ and upgrade texture of plain white bread in Breadmaker 100% – as well as make a very ‘hearty meal’ during the upcoming predicted wind-chill here in VA to a minus 15 – Will try both microwave and crock-pot and add opions then – The box clearly says DEEP bowl for microwaving to avoid boiling over.

SungSaltese, MT

Good camping provision

I first encountered this product years ago in Boston, where it was something of a staple, findable even in those small places eastern Massachusetts people called (do they still?) “spas”. Bread in a can? It must be terrible! And I wouldn’t touch it. Now, I realize that the stuff is actually pretty good, good enough that you would tend to eat more of it than you should, calorie-wise I mean, as the ingredients are remarkably unjunkfoodlike and there is no nutritional problem. However, calories are not a problem in my case, as I buy this bread principally for camping trips, and usually eat it with a liberal application of peanut butter. The caloric load is exactly appropriate for the heavy day-hiking I practice, and I find that the bread stays pretty fresh, still in the can, when kept in a sealed plastic bag, for the three days or so that it takes me to finish it.
GertieChannelview, TX

great memories in a can

Back in the early ’60’s my family would take several road trips a year from our home in NYC to the Boston area to visit my grandparents. We’d always stop at a Howard Johnsons restaurant where, in the days before “kids meals”, I’d always order the traditional hot dogs, B&M boston baked beans and brown bread. You can’t find B&M brown bread where I live in Va….it was just as I remembered…and it’s a great price. Highly recommended (especially with dogs and beans)
EddyNemaha, NE

B&M Brown Bread (in cans)

B&M Brown Bread (in cans)- with or without raisins…I sent for these cans because I’d eaten this brown bread many, many times years ago. We had it at home every time we had baked beans for dinner. They just go together. I had kind of forgotten about the bread until my sisters and I began reminiscing recently about our favorite childhood meals. We all remembered how much we liked the brown bread and hadn’t bought any in awhile. Then we went shopping for this brown bread and nobody carried it in the stores around here. How disappointing! A whole new generation will never know about this bread or how good it is…and how well it goes with baked beans. I ordered several cans and shared them with family. I will have to order more pretty soon. It still tastes as good as I remembered. They almost need to reintroduce it to the public…the younger generations don’t know anything about it. I hope they keep making it and I sure wish they still had it in our local grocery stores. (Portland, OR)
JennaMulhall, OK

B&M Brown Bread With Raisins

I didn’t know if I would like this or not but I do like it. I will buy more in the near future. I recommend it. I opened the can and took the bread out and microwaved it just for a minute or two to heat it up. It was absolutely delicious and I ate every bit of it. To me it tasted like a cake. It is very rich tasting. It is great to keep around for when you want something rich and delicious with no cooking and it is 99% fat free.
MarylouRichville, NY

Wonderful~Childhood Revisited~Just like I remembered it!

I thought this product was no longer available. Then by chance I found it here. It is so good I cannot find the words to describe it. It just arrived and I had a can opened and a slice warmed up with butter on it within 5 min. I sat and savored it for 20 min, taking tiny bites. It is 100% the same as when I was a child. So moist. It is 130 calories for a 1/2 inch slice which is plenty as it is so rich in flavor. It is almost like cake. In the 1960’s we ate slices of it with the B and M Boston Baked beans. My mother also sliced it thin and put creamcheese or marshmellow cream between 2 slices and sent it as a treat for my grade school lunches.

It you want a healthy yummy taste of the past try this bread. The value is fantastic also. I checked a few other websites and it was sky high in price. Highly Recommend.

SherrieRussellville, SC

B&M brown bread

Coming from Maine, this is a must have. Cannot buy it in IL. Bought a case and will be replentishing soon. With raisins for sure. Sat night hot dogs, beans, slaw and brown bread every week.
KendallHouston, PA

B&M Brown Bread

Slightly disappointed in this bread. It just isn’t as moist and tasty as we remembered from our childhood when we had it frequently. That could be because of many passing years or it could be that we bought the 99% fat free one (very likely) instead of the regular. I gave these to several friends and we all felt the same. If I buy this again, it will be the regular and not the fat free one.
GustavoMount Hope, OH

Great Bread!!!

If you like a rather heavy , sweet, dark, bread, that goes well with butter and honey B&M is the BEST!!! A Great comfort food!
MaryannWebster, NC

steam brown bread

Some reviews said the bread was dry. It will be if it is not steamed. Open both ends of the can and push loaf out. Slice into 1 inch slices and wrap in foil adding a little water and place in oven for 10/15 mins. Serve with beans, B&M traditional, Bushes homestyle better, and old fashion skin-on franks. Score a few times on both sides of dog and grill in butter until lightly browned.
Butter the bread just to keep your wight up!
TamekaWaverly, NE

Good Old Brown Bread

I Havn’t had any Brown Bread since 1977, when we lived up north as a child in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s just as delicious as I remembered it !
TasiaRedgranite, WI


I ordered these because they reminded me of canned brown bread I had as a kid. My wife frequently reminds me that my memories of things are more pleasant than the actual reality. That is the case here. The ones with raisins are fat free. They taste very artificial. Not even as good as an MRE (army food). The flavor is bland. The consistency is artificial. I felt nauseous afterwards. If you just want to experience canned bread, try a different one.
RolfHardy, VA


Excellent product-fast delivery. Have been unable to find in stores–so glad I finally located it!
CoraleeWilliams Bay, WI

The ultimate snack

It had been years since I tried this product and it lived up to every expectation as to how I remember it. The best way to enjoy brown bread is with cream cheese on top. It is a shame that this product is not more widely available in local stores. It is truly a classic.
AnnaWoodburn, KY

Best Thing Since Sliced!

I tried this thing out of boredom, and while I was looking for some good stuff at a supermarket, and believe me, this canned bread is absolutely the best-tasting food in a can, ever. Don’t take my word for it, ask Squidward.
ElinorGreensboro, NC

Pretty good

My son wanted to try it and I wanted to see how good it was because of the shelf life. Very long shelf life. Regardless, it was pretty good. Not to sweet and the raisins weren’t overpowering. It weighs a lot and is heavy bread but it is good. I liked it and the only issue I had was pushing it out of the can. Took a little more force then I expected. Other then that it is good stuff.
RobynWindow Rock, AZ

Try It – You’ll Like It!

My family has enjoyed this bread since I was a small girl in the 60s. It was served as a Christmas holiday treat. Now, I enjoy it year ’round. Try it sliced about 1/2-inch thick with softened cream cheese on top. Yummy! It makes a great, light snack.
ThomasenaJemison, AL

B&M Brown Bread with raisins.

I am dissapointed in that the product is not up to the standard established in the old product. It is very short of raisins — almost none. I would not order it again.
CasandraBrier Hill, PA


Just had some last night. I thought I’d check to see if Amazon stocked this product so I can order when I’m out of state. I am not sure what people are doing to cook this that have it with bad reviews (perhaps they are NOT cooking it at all?) but I always just slip it out of the can cut off what I need for the meal (In this case half a can) wrap in foil and bake the last 20 minutes in the oven along side of a can of beans in a casserole dish topped w/ scored hotdogs. Taste as good as ever… steaming it in the foil makes it moist! I freeze the unused half and will thaw and cook the next time around.
AliceKirbyville, TX

Memories of Home

We grew up eating B&M Brown Bread. But here in Central Indiana, it is hard to find. When we would find it in a grocery store we’d pick up 6 cans. Well, our local store no longer stocks ANY B&M products. Amazon has it and now we receive our bread on a regular basis. Convenience and a cost savings besides. In the store, the cost was much higher. Thank you Amazon for helping me continue family traditions.
TaraEtterville, MO

Great bread!

I bought this for my “survival” pantry, but opened a can to try it out. I served it warm with cream cheese and sprouts, but it would be great just plain, too.

It just took one taste to turn this bread from a “survival” item to a regular staple! I just ordered 12 more cans.

FumikoAthens, MI