Bob’s Red Mill – Barley Rolled Flakes, 16 Ounces

Cultivated thousands of years ago, Barley is one of the oldest known cereal grains. It is a hearty, whole grain with a sweet nut-like flavor. Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Barley is a good source of dietary fiber and protein. These Barley Flakes make a delicious and satisfying hot cereal. Barley is a powerhouse of nutrition, it’s loaded with dietary fiber and is a mineral-rich food. It also provides an excellent dietary source of essential minerals including magnesium and iron. Barley is a good source of selenium which supports healthy skin. Rolled Barley Flakes also make a wonderful alternative to rolled oats in many recipes, such as homemade granola, cookies, breads, and as a meat extender. Find recipes using rolled barley in Bob’s Red Mill’s recipe section.

Quick facts

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Top reviews

Barley Cereal

This cereal is tasty and has a higher fiber content than oatmeal. I recommend it!
The product arrived quickly and my son loved it too.
SandyFrenchburg, KY