Bob’s Red Mill Brown Sesame Seeds, 16-ounce

Bob’s Red Mill Brown Sesame Seeds are small and versatile light-colored seeds used in a variety of recipes. Sesame is the main ingredient in the Middle Eastern sauce tahini, which is a key ingredient in hummus. The seeds are also commonly sprinkled on hamburger buns, breads, and salads or incorporated in snacks like granola, crackers, trail mix. Try crusting your next salmon or halibut filet with sesame seeds too! You can even use sesame seeds on dessert such as the Chinese jien duy, or sesame balls. Check out the tahini recipe on the back of the bag and pair with Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Beans for an impressive homemade hummus

Quick facts

  • Case of Four, 16 oz. bags (4 lbs. total)
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo Friendly, Kosher Pareve
  • Versatile seed
  • Nutty flavor, buttery texture
  • Good source of calcium and iron

Top reviews

Not organic…

I have been consuming seeds for years. I grind flax and sesame seeds in coffee grinder and add cocoa with soy milk for high mineral contents and antioxidants which is a necessity for my healthy diet. Organic is the best for me and I am amazed why Bob does not carry one since I consume Bob’s quinoa, flax seed, etc. and all those are organic. I consumed one bag of this then immediately changed to organic years ago. What is so disturbing is that not only Bob will not produce the organic but his followers/(possibly associates) will rate anyone who says anything true but not favourable negative. Talking about politics. wow… I will consume organic regardless of story line that Bob gives on the phone.
CarolaStrawn, IL

Outstanding value

Buying in bulk like this is an outstanding value. I purchased sesame seeds at the grocery store and payed $2 for just one half ounce!
IeshaScottsburg, OR

not as good as others

These are not as good as the others I purchased from Amazon (the ones that come in 3 glass jars). Seem to be dry!
LaviniaEmerson, NJ

What You See is What You Get

It’s sesame seed hull on, nicely packaged, great price, have bought before, will buy again. Get the white if you want unhulled.
ArtRansom, KS

Good source of minerals (and not bad-tasting either)

I put these in my cart and thought on ’em for quite a long while. $17 seemed like a lot of money to spend on something I’d never tried before. Sure, I’ve had some of the hulled (or white) sesame seeds on buns and such, but I was less certain of this “heartier” unhulled variety. I mean, what was I going to DO with all those seeds? Well, my concerns were quickly put aside when my quartet of bagged seeds arrived. Describing the taste is tricky; the bag says they “have a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and aroma that is enhanced by toasting.” Me thinks Bob’s Red Mill didn’t know how to describe them either! I detect nothing sweet and notice an almost slightly smoky flavor. And I can say this: they’ve grown on me. I eat them straight, in cereal with milk, in homemade granola and added to baked goods. They’re really quite versatile. I haven’t made Tahini yet, but there’s a recipe right on the package and one for Hummus and a third for cookies. Unhulled, i.e., brown sesame seeds have a higher Calcium content (16% RDA in 2 tbsp) than hulled, which is the primary reason I wanted these, but they also are a good source of Iron (13%) and Magnesium. They keep best refrigerated or frozen – and happily since I’m dealing with 4 pounds of product, the expiration date is two years off. I’m glad I bought these.
BrandeeBledsoe, TX