Bob’s Red Mill Date Pieces, 20-Ounce Packages

Made from completely natural, pitted, dried and chopped California dates, these chewy little nuggets are wonderfully rich and sweet. They’re great sprinkled on cereals and in baked goods. Lightly coated with oat flour to prevent clumping. You can see our quality. All natural.

Quick facts

  • Case of four 20-ounce packages (80 total ounces)
  • Made from 100% all-natural dates and oat flour
  • An excellent source of fiber and minerals such as potassium
  • Ideal for use in baking or sprinkled into cereal
  • California-grown and packaged in Milwaukie, Oregon

Top reviews

good company–ok product

I don’t care for the flour coating on them and they are not very sweet like other raw dates–prefer mejool dates(wild oats brand is good)
EmelineSan Antonio, FL

Best in baking

They are good in cereal (Bob’s Red Mill Muesli for instance) but are best in baking. I put half a cup or a cup in Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Gingerbread Mix and the result is outstanding. Try the dates, fig pieces and dried apple pieces (all from Bob’s) in the gingerbread too. Absolutely wonderful and it keeps for days.

For snacking, whole pitted dates are much tastier.

ZackSantee, SC

A thousand Times Better than what the store has to offer!

I have a corn allergy and Bob’s Red Mill is the only brand that I could find that didn’t use some form of corn in their dates to prevent clumping.

Taste wise, they are great! Not dry at all, slightly chewy but nice and tender. After using an entire bag I did not run across even one pit or piece of pit! And the slight bit of oat flour doesn’t distort the taste or texture.

I just love having a 1/4 cup of these as a snack and they hit the spot!

Bob’s Red Mill dates are by far one of the best, if not the best that you can readily get since most stores carry them. No additional sugar (some add sugar to dates, crazy hu?), no preservatives, and main thing for me, no corn products!

FlossieCarlton, PA


I like these to put in my morning oatmeal or cereal. I gave then only 4 stars because to eat them out of the bag I had to rinse of the flour covering.
SelinaAuburn, NY

Excellent Dried Dates for Baking or Snacking!

Bob’s Red Mill dried Date Pieces or Date Crumbles are so tasty and a great find! I enjoy these in cereal, oatmeal, ice cream, muffins, cookies, salads, or as a snack! Soft and chewy and a great flavor. I like how they are ‘nugget’ style versus buying dried dates that are usually whole and large. I also love Bob’s Fig Nuggets for the same uses. Yum!
AlexandriaPernell, OK

Not great

I use dates in my oatmeal and these are the worst ones I have ever tasted.

The oat flour coating is definitely not a light dusting, and the flavor is only OK.

Also, the pieces range in size from the tiniest speck to a big chunk.

However, I think these could be good in date nut bread, and other baked goods.

BibiTchula, MS

Bob’s Red Mill Dae Pieces

Good packaging. Have the sunflower, sesame, flaxseed and wheat gern from Bob’s Red Mill, all of which are very good. However, the date pieces would be tastier if they were slightly bigger. They are very small and rolled in flour and this cuts down on their flavor. I bought them primarily to use as a snack. Have seen similar date pieces in homes that look like very tiny short sausages. Unfortunately I don’t know the brand.
IleneHarford, NY