Bob’s Red Mill Flour Garbanzo Bean, 16-ounces

Garbanzo Bean Flour, freshly milled and 100% stone ground, is popular in Middle Eastern cooking and baking. Use 7/8 cup to replace 1 cup of wheat flour in baked goods. A recipe for easy-to- prepare Hummus is on the package.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 16-ounce (total of 88-ounce)
  • All natural
  • Kosher certified
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free

Top reviews

Perfect for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

We made chocolate chip cookies with BRM Garbanzo Bean Flour and the results were fantastic! The brown sugar and chocolate mask any bean taste that other reviews have mentioned. Our friends couldn’t discern any difference from classic CCCs. The texture, body, and elasticity (meaning reduced tendency to fall apart that occurs with most other gluten-free flours) is nice and chewy — the same as CCCs made with regular flour. And an added bonus — the high protein and fiber level (I calculate 2-3 g fiber/cookie) fills you up so that you are satisfied with smaller servings and the glycemic index is significantly lower.

I highly recommend this flour even if CCCs are the only thing you make with it.

LowellHartford, WV

Garbonzo Bean Flour

This is great stuff. Made some really tasty banana bread. Good quality and lowest price in town.
MatthewPortland, NY

yum falafel

We had trouble finding this locally – delivery was fast, no more hunting up and down the flour aisle at our local grocery stores.
StevenPrescott Valley, AZ