Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix, 16-Ounce

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix is an easy-to-use mix for tasty gluten free loaves. This bread is ideal for sandwiches, toast, bread crumbs, rolls, burger buns, and croutons. All you need from your kitchen is milk, eggs, butter or oil, and cider vinegar. One bag makes one 1.5-pound loaf. Like all of our gluten free-labeled products, this product is processed in a dedicated gluten free facility and R5-ELISA tested to confirm its gluten free status.

Quick facts

  • Case of Four, 16 oz. bags (4 lbs. total)
  • Gluten Free; Vegan/Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve
  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility; R5-ELISA tested gluten free
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Bake by hand or use a bread machine

Top reviews

Better options available

I love many BRM GF products, but this is not one of them. GF baking is tricky stuff and if you have only tried rice/starch blend mixes, you’ll probably love this because it does rise well, isn’t gritty like rice mixes, doesn’t get “hard” at room temp like rice, and is much spongier.

Unfortunately, there is still more to want and like in GF bread. First, there is so much bean flour that it’s noticeable in the taste. Seems that some people like this (or don’t notice) and others truly detest it. We’re in the detest category.

Second, there is actually too much rise in this unless you put it in the oven after a very short rise. I was making dinner and was about ten minutes late putting it in. It rose higher than you would think possible, but then collapsed in the middle – not the top, but think of someone sucking in air in their mouth and making that hollowed cheek look. That makes for a weird shape!!!!

Usually, this oddly shaped bread only happens when you either add too much water or when you use a lot of bean flour. This bread could be so much better with less bean and more sorghum, millet, Montina, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, or almond meal. Probably, with a combination of the above, it would be fabulous.

I knew there was this much bean flour when I bought it. I usually make my own and have some delicious recipes. I try mixes for two reasons: to see if I’m missing anything and to support the companies that go out of their way to make GF products.

I’ve answered my curiosity…I am not missing anything and will not be buying this again. While too sweet, Pamela’s is much better choice if you do not like the beany taste and the odd shape.

DwayneSelma, CA

yucky bean flavor

I love most Bob’s Red Mill products, but not this one. The pie crust tasted like beans…. yuck! I would search rice flour with potato starch & tapioca starch as a better alternative.
HilariaAlger, OH

Great texture, bad taste.

It is interesting to me how many great reviews this product got, as I was not satisfied much. Granted, this is the first gluten-free bread I have made, so I do not have any gluten-free breads to compare it to, but compared to regular wheat bread it is bizarre, and it taste nothing like the homemade bread I am used to. I will say the texture is great for being gluten-free – it really holds up well compared to the store bough white bread made from rice flour (which is crumbly and tasteless). In fact, it its texture is comparable to wheat bread, and the bread is certainly not tasteless. That being said, the taste, imo, is pretty bad. It is extraordinarily beany tasting that totally overpowers anything else. It really tastes like eating a spoonful of garbanzo beans, which is fine, but not for bread! When I want bread, I want it taste like bread, esp when making a sandwich. This is terrible sandwich bread, as you will not be able to taste the ingredients adequately. You’ll just taste the bean flour.
WarrenNewton Highlands, MA

tastes and smells like beans…

I was recently diagnosed with celiac and our co-op had many Bob’s Red Mill products, so I thought I’d try the bread mix. Used it in the bread machine and came home to a house that smelled terrible! Tasted the bread and it had a strange and unpleasant bean flavor and mushy consistency. I have talked to people who like the bean flavors in GF products, but its not my thing. Yesterday I made bread with Pamela’s Bread mix and it was WONDERFUL! Tasted like the bread I made pre-GF days. Will be ordering bulk Pamela’s baking mix (AWESOME–made muffins and they were great!) and bread mix on Amazon from now on.
PatrickCarnelian Bay, CA

OMG, horrible

this is the worst bread I have ever eaten. I followed the directions, and the bread is very gritty because of the bean flour. I used 1 bag, plan on using the rest for something else. blech.
BasiliaDelmar, NY


I thought this bread was pretty good overall. The only problem I had is that it rises VERY high. I now make two loaves out of the one mix so that it doesnt get so high (if it gets too high it will collapse).
EwaBeatty, NV

Not great

I’ve made several loaves of this bread. It definitely has that “gluten-free” taste and texture – not comparable to wheat bread at all. It also tends to rise too much during baking and then collapses somewhat during cooling. This creates an odd shaped slice of bread. I recently tried Pamela’s bread and it is great. I’m waiting until I’ve baked a few more loaves of it to give a final verdict, though…
DenisseCedar Hill, TX


This is the first loaf of GF bread I’ve attempted to bake, I followed the instructions to the letter and it was better than expected. I did have a problem with a large air pocket at the center bottom of the loaf, causing an implosion when I removed it from the oven. I think the rise time may have been too long, so I will half it if I make this one again. The taste is good, the texture smooth and elastic, slightly like egg bread. It was moist, not crumbly. It’s a little beany, but if you aren’t expecting it to taste like white wheat bread, then it’s fine. I wouldn’t put jam on it, but I think it would do well for french toast or for a sandwich with hearty robust fillings. I’ve been eating yummy artisan wheat breads all my life until I was forced to remove gluten from my diet, and in comparison, this wasn’t awful. I give it a B-, surely it could improve but it’s edible and my picky 8 year old likes it.
ReneaCorbett, OR

Daily Bread

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Homemade Wonderful Bread has proven to be a product we use almost daily. With my husband diagnosed with Celiac, who loves bread and bread products, Homemade Wonderful Bread has filled the bill. I will be attempting to use it for Thanksgiving stuffing. We’ll see how it works!
KeraNebo, KY

The BEST and easiest to covert to Vegan

This bread mix has been the easiest make and convert into a Vegan loaf. It doesn’t have a bean flavor at all. It rises well and I am very happy with it. It’s the perfect healthy sandwich bread and I feel very lucky to have it easily available. I converted the mix on […] for myself and my son who has celiac. I discovered a lifelong undiagnosed Gluten intolerance when I changed my diet to GFCF diet in support of my son.. We are currently Gluten/Wheat, Dairy, Casein, Soy, Corn and Egg free and this mix is a wonderful to have on hand with all of the “from scratch” baking that I have to do. SO great to have a convenient mix..
GertieChilcoot, CA

Excellent GF Bread Mix

We have tried several bread mixes and Bob’ Red Mill has shown to be the best.
AntonioAvondale Estates, GA

Absolutely the best AND the easiest!

This mix saved my life. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I tried all the “great” gluten-free bread machine recipes I could find (I am awful at baking bread by hand). They were all uniformly and unequivocally TERRIBLE. They were dense, didn’t rise properly, caved in at the top or sides, etc etc etc. They also all tasted very gluten-free.

This mix, though is wonderful. It rises, sticks together very well for a fluffy gluten-free bread (it still has the tendancy to fall apart if not toasted), makes wonderful croutons and stuffing, browns properly and only occasionally caves in a little bit.

Things I have learned with this mix that help it a great deal:

1. Let the loaf sit in the bread machine for at least 20 minutes after it stops baking. (I have the standard Oster bread machine that was popular when the bread machine rose to popularity.)

2. Make it with rice milk. To me, cow’s milk and almond milk taste funny with this recipe.

3. Let it cool for a good long while, it is very moist and will fall apart if you try to slice it immediately.

I hope you enjoy this bread as much as I do!

AndreAnna, TX

You’d never guess it wasn’t wheat bread

I’ve just made my first loaf. This bread has great flavor and texture: nice and spongy, not grainy like rice flour breads. It rose very nicely and didn’t fall much during cooling, so you get normal-looking slices for sandwiches. I look forward to adding herbs and seeds to the next loaf. After you grease your loaf pan (if you use the oven method), add a sprinkling of rice flour to bottom and sides of pan. I’ve found that greasing the pan isn’t enough to keep the loaf from sticking, and what a shame to lose part of loaf taking it out of the pan.
SelenaPleasant Plain, OH

The bread you can actually enjoy!

This bread mix really is “homemade wonderful”!!

After so many disappointing frozen loaves of gluten free bread, I decided to try to make some at home. I took a chance on this product and I am so glad I did.

It doesn’t seem like it will work out as you are mixing up ~ it seems like batter bread rather than a traditional yeast bread. Just follow the directions on the package and you won’t be let down. Remember to remove the loaf from the pan as soon as it is done or else the bottom of the loaf will get soggy. (cool it on a rack)

I found out that this bread doesn’t store well for me. It gets stale/moldy very quickly (due to the fact there are no preservatives). I slice up the whole cooled loaf and freeze it, defrosting slices as I need them. Then you can enjoy the whole thing without waste.

JeffieScooba, MS

Very good!

My husband decided that he wanted to make me a loaf of “freshly baked” bread. But, neither my daughter or I can have gluten. So, he found this mix and made it. It worked extremely well in our bread machine. It rose nicely. And, baked up perfectly.

It had a very nice spongy texture. And, it made great sandwiches. For the person on a gluten free diet who wants homemade bread, you can’t beat this mix!

PilarDurkee, OR

Great Gluten-Free Bread

My husband has celiacs and I am very excited with this product. I have been making bread from scratch for several years. I have tried other gluten-free bread mixes, but this one is the best. It’s easy in the bread machine. Comes out with a nice browned crust and taste great! Another brand I tried was always doughy in the middle. The price is less expensive than buying gluten-free bread at the store. All around a winner.
MarielaGreenbush, MN

Gluten free bread that actually works!

This bread rises and tastes great and manages to be healthier than many other gluten free breads. It also slices to make sandwiches very nicely. This bread is highly recommended. It calls for a few items to add to the bread mix and takes a few minutes to rise, but it comes with its own yeast packet that works very well.
NatalieVan, TX

homemade gluten-free bread mix

I followed the directions on the package and substituted egg replacer for the eggs and used soy milk. I used a bread machine. It turned out beautifully. Tastes great!
MerleSauk City, WI


I don’t mind the taste of this bread – but it’s cakey not fluffy like wheat bread. My kids will eat it – but only toasted and warm – it crumbles very easy. I haven’t found a GF bread that isn’t crumbly – but out of the GF bread mixes I have tried – this is the most tasty.
RobinNiwot, CO

Great in pancakes…

We make gluten free pancakes using this bread mix as about 1/4 of the dry ingredients. It makes the pancakes fluffy. (You’ll find you need an extra amount of milk or soymilk.)
GlynisCairo, OH

tbe best

This is the best gluten free bread mix I have found. It is tasty, soft, and has nice texture. I have tried many other gluten free breads, both mixes and baked, only one that comes close is Kinnick, but at twice the cost.
KayCrystal River, FL

My son’s favorite bread

My son is gluten intolerant and allergic to eggs, milk, soy and several varieties of nuts. I make this bread with rice milk and replace the egg with flaxseed meal and water, and he loves it! The taste and texture are superior to anything else we’ve tried. It is very easy in the bread machine, but it can be mixed and baked by hand, too. If I’m not using the machine, I prefer to mix it truly by hand (300 strokes with a sturdy mixing spoon), as the dough tends to climb the beaters of my mixer.
GeorgianaArcadia, KS

This is not bread

I have made my share of GF bread mixes – and while most share the “cake-like” texture of this mix, they at least don’t taste like bean-cake. This mix has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It has the cake-like texture of most GF breads, is almost as sweet as Pamela’s bread mix, and tastes like dried, crushed beans.

I have made this in the oven and in a Zojirushi Virtuoso, and the result was nearly identical both times. I’m not sure what one could call it, but it is NOT bread.

The closest I have come to finding “real” bread in a ready made mix is King Arthur’s GF bread mix. Pamela’s is a tolerable second, and could rival King Arthur’s if it just weren’t so incredibly over-sugared. I generally like Bob’s products, this however is just terrible.

Sidenote: I wish the manufacturer’s of these GF mixes would take the time (and $$$) to send a small “research” team to Freiburg, Germany. Once there, visit any family-owned bakery and closely examine all the products therein. Take pictures, notes, samples – whatever it takes. Then make a day trip over the French border into the Alsace region and do the same there for Baguette. And finally make a last excursion to Basel, Switzerland and repeat the above procedures.

Document your findings, bring them back home, work on your recipes, and then sell us mixes that produce proper bread (it IS possible, even without wheat and rye). That’d be worth five or six Dollars a box/bag.

NakitaConesus, NY

Good with modifications

I have made this bread about 10 times so far. I like it well enough, however, I did have some trouble with it at first. It was terribly dry the first couple of times I made it and did not rise all that well on several occassions.

I found out that using almond milk was what was causing the rising issue. It appears that the little yeast devils really prefer more sugar. I was out of almond milk and used skim milk instead and the bread rose twice the size and had a much better texture. I will also be trying the almond with a tsp of sugar to see if that alleviates the problem but since I tolerate dairy I may just stick with the skim milk.

I use four whole eggs rather than the one whole plus egg whites called for in order to give the bread more moisture and a less crumbly consistency. I whip the heck outta those eggs too. I stick them in by big mixer and let em go for a good 5 minutes. The eggs are whipped up to a pale yellow, light creamy texture.

I heat my milk and let the little yeast devils multiply while the eggs are whipping away. Sometimes I let them multiply for 5-10 minutes to really give them a chance to get going.

I also use double the oil called for on the package. The loaf was so dry and crumbly the first few times I made it that it was almost inedible and could not be cut without crumbling all over the place before I did this. HUGE difference in texture and moisture now! I was only able to grill it with butter before so while this adds fat it really is better all the way around for me.

I use a very long loaf pan to make this as well. It measures 5 inches by 15 inches. It gives a nice long loaf and will fill the pan with a lighter loaf than what you get from a regular loaf pan so long as you leave it to rise a few hours. It also slices great about 20 minutes out of the oven into a good 30-35 slices with this kind of pan.

I bag the slices flat and stick them in the fridge until I need them. If you are not going to use all of the bread up within a week, at best, you will want to do the same because it does mold pretty quickly otherwise (5 days on the counter one time).

I know there are other mixes out there but they all seem to use rice or corn flours which I can not tolerate so this one works well for me with the modifications above.

CelsaEndeavor, WI

Wonderful is very close

Most gluten free breads are impossible to use for sandwiches. They are either to crumbly or the slices are too small. This bread, made in a bread machine, is great for sandwiches. I bought a package as an experiment and we are buying it monthly using the subscription buying service which is a great saving.
GabrielaMendon, MO

wonderful bread

This truly is a wonderful gluten-free bread mix. I have tried many mixes and attempted lots of recipes and this is the best gluten-free bread I have made. My entire family likes it! It’s really moist and doesn’t crumble like so many other gf breads.
SeptemberClear Lake, IA

delicious bread tastes like the real thing!

Just made my first loaf of this bread and was so pleased with the results. I have not eaten bread this good since I went on my gluten-free diet. Compared to the ready-made bread sold in some stores, it is heavenly! Making it in a bread machine took very little time and no effort. It can be sliced thin for sandwich bread or thicker for open-face sandwiches. It holds together well and just tastes darned good! I would call it the king of bread mixes for now.
HisakoEaton, CO

It actually looks like BREAD

I was pretty amazed. We had been trying multiple GF bread mixes in our bread machine, including homemade varieties. Bob’s was the only brand that actually resembled wheat bread. It didn’t cave in like the others or end up with a flat top. I couldn’t believe it. The flavor was good as well, and it made a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich.
CarlineLutts, TN

It’s bread…

For those of us on gluten-free diets, finding acceptable bread substitutes can be a pain in the neck. I’ve especially missed the great smell and taste of fresh-baked homemade bread.

This mix mades a more than adequate bread. I’ve been using it for years, and love it. Friends who aren’t on a gluten-free diet are consistently surprised at the texture and flavor of this bread. It even toasts well!

ChristianMaumelle, AR

anybody else have a reaction?

We got a very serious reaction to this bread. Anybody else experience problems? Any idea what we might be reacting to? The bread was wonderful, in smell, texture, and taste. I just skipped the egg + egg whites thing and used three eggs, adjusting the other liquid which was trader Joes rice milk. I wish we could eat this. It is so good. People who are having trouble with the final product might try calibrating their ovens temperature, i.e. find out if your oven thermostat runs hot or cold. Another trick if you have an old oven is to preheat it to 50 degrees more than required, put in your pan, and immediately turn the oven down to the correct temperature. Anyway, anyone have any idea why this bread makes us violently ill?
PriscilaSaint George, GA