Bob’s Red Mill Vegetable Soup Mix, 28-ounce

Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix is an easy-to-prepare dinner! This blend of peas, lentils, barley, and vegetable pasta offers 11g of protein per serving to keep the whole family satisfied. Unseasoned for maximum culinary creativity, try using the Bob’s Red Mill Soup Seasoning Mix! Dinner is ready to serve in just 1 hour.

Quick facts

  • Case of Four, 28 oz. bags (7 lbs. total)
  • Vegan/Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve
  • 11g protein per serving
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Ready in 1 hour

Top reviews

Bob’s Red Pill Poup Mix, eggie

I tried this soup mix for the first time and it was absolutely delicious. I prepared Bob’s Red Mill Veggie Soup Mix using the recipe on the package plus I added fish eyeballs to it. The soup was very tasty, with a variety of beans, Green Split Peas, Yellow Split Peas, Barley, lentils and Vegetable Pasta and lots of fiber.

I thought that the (4 pack, 28 ounces per package) was an economical purchase, in this category of product packaging soup mixes.

It was even better the second day, as it gets watery. I rub my hands thru the soft beans.

CharisseClay, KY

Not only is it not vegetable soup, it’s not even soup.

To begin, let me say that Bob’s Red Mill makes quality products and this soup mix is no exception. The ingredients are all natural and organic and this is unquestionably healthy food. I’ve ordered a number of Bob’s products and I think Bob’s Red Mill is the kind of company that we should feel good about supporting.

However, not only is this not vegetable soup, but in my view, it really isn’t even soup. It is a combination of lentils, split peas, barley and pasta alphabet letters made from some form of ground tomato & spinach powder or the like. But these alphabet letters don’t taste like vegetables.

So, this is basically a mostly legume-based soup starter rather than a vegetable soup mix. If you cook this “soup” as directed, it will have essentially no flavor other than the very bland taste of the legumes that are present.

There is no seasoning whatsoever, no visible vegetables, and it does not taste like vegetable soup.

Now others have noted that you can add your own spices, seasonings, vegetables and meat and that’s true. And once you do this, you might indeed have a very good soup, depending of course upon your cooking skills, or lack thereof.

But if you’re not a good cook, and/or are unwilling to add your own seasonings and ingredients, then you will likely not have a good soup. Conversely, with most other brands I’ve tried, if you purchase soup mix and cook it, then you will indeed have soup. With this “soup” mix, if you purchase it and cook it, you won’t have what I consider to be soup.

If you are planning on serving this “soup” to guests and you simply throw it in a pot and cook as per the directions, the end result will likely not be very good.

The bottom line is that this is a good soup base. But I don’t think it should be called soup and calling it vegetable soup is even more of a stretch, because there are no visible vegetables or vegetable flavor.

5 stars for the ingredients which are organic, fresh and very healthy. But 1 star because most people would be unhappy with this “soup”, if cooked as directed. So we’ll average the 2 and give it a 3 star rating.

I can’t tell you it’s not worth buying, but if you purchase this, it’s important to understand exactly what you are getting.

AndreWest Point, IA

Wholesome Ingredients

I made my soup with four cups of low sodium chicken broth, one cup of the mix, some chopped onion and carrots, and a sprinkle of salt-free garlic-herb seasoning. It was delicious, and VERY filling -a meal all by itself! Next time I make it I won’t add anything extra, just to see how it tastes that way.* As it was, I kept adding water and ate on one pot of soup for four days … (“Pease porrige hot, Pease porrige cold…”) Another reviewer mentioned that the soup was very thick when mixed four to one as recommended, and that is very true. It could be eight to one and still make a nice soup… I highly recommend it however you cook it!

*I returned to lower the rating from five stars to three. When I tried making the soup with just water and chopped onions, carrots and celery (no spices or broth), there was no rich flavor whatsoever. This mix does have a wholesome mix of beans, peas and lentils, but it does not contain any spices or flavorings to make it a true soup mix. It should be called “Bob’s Red Mill Veggie Mix to Add to Your Own Soup.”

MindyMoapa, NV


when everythings cooked i love the chewy texture that the bran adds good thick consistency great starter kit indeed
VirginaScarsdale, NY


I’m not sure how or why this soup mix is getting such good reviews. It has no flavor whatsoever. When they dehydrated the ingredients they pulled all the flavor out. I’ve tried everything to make a decent dish with this stuff, but always turns out bland and tasteless.

The recommend mix is also WAY off (4 cups water / mix)…you’ll end up with a lintel sludge that is nothing like soup. I think I could probably calk my bathroom with it or make a nice adobe hut however.

If you are into very bland food this will probably be good. If you like flavor stay away.

MicheleTewksbury, MA

infested with meal moths and larvae

I love this product. It is easy to make and delicious. But it is regularly infested with meal moths and larvae. Kinda gross.
CarmenOran, MO

Having just eaten this for dinner, I have advice and raves

First of all, don’t be put off by the price. If you’ve kept track of grocery store receipts lately or the sharp increase in basic foods over the last year, you may see how this product could save you time, gas and MONEY.
At the time of this writing, it cost about $16.88 for four packages of this mix. EACH package easily serves 8-16 people with soup left over.

While the instructions note to add 4 cups of water or a water and broth combo, we quickly discovered we had to double or even triple the liquid added. No problem there, because we had more soup!

If you don’t have fresh veggies or spices around, this will suffice as is and it is thick and satisfying. If you garden, you’ll improve the taste by adding fresh chopped parsley, garlic and whatever veggies you want. A can of tomatoes (or fresh, chopped ones) does no harm. This is a mix you can play with, add ingredients and spices.

IMPORTANT: this is not a salted mix. It is full of split peas, barley, lentils, whole wheat pasta, dehydrated spinach, tomato, onion, etc. If you don’t use salt, consider adding a salt substitute. I also added basil. It was delightful, quick and is now a pantry staple.

Nutrition: 330 calories (1/2 cup) only 20 calories from fat. Significant source of iron at 22% of the Daily Value. Protein: 20 grams. Fiber – 8 grams. Add some bread and you have a meal, rounded out with some greens, perhaps.

ArmandinaShelby, NE

Superb soup that you can change umpteen times just by adding good things you like!

I must admit that I didn’t read enough to know what this soup would be like. What I mean is that I didn’t really go through the product description as closely as I should have. I expected this to have a lot of dehydrated veggies in it, but alas–no such luck! That, however, is my deal, not the manufacturers.

This soup is mostly lentils, peas, and veggie pasta. Not a terrible combo, really. In fact, it’s pretty delicious. When I saw the first bag I pulled out of the box, I thought, “oh, no. I’m going to have to WORK to make this soup taste good.” I was wrong. Last night, I opened the first bag up and made a delicous soup with just the ingredients in the bag, some chopped garlic, some leftover sauteed chicken, and a chopped tomato. Talk about yummy! It was hearty, “clean” tasting soup. By that I mean that the flavors didn’t glom up and become one huge mess. I could taste the lentils, the barley, the peas. And the chicken, which I used very little of, was enough to flavor the broth a bit. It was really the one tomato and the garlic that made everything come together, so my advice to you is to go crazy with what you add. My next batch will be made with onion/veggie stock and zucchini, carrots, and a bit of chopped spinach. I can’t wait!

KrystleHamilton, WA

A Family Favorite!

I’m always on the lookout for meals that are palatable to my toddler and me and my husband. This product passed the test. My version involves beef broth, a can of diced tomatoes, and whatever veggies are in my crisper that particular day. Plus, one cup of this soup mix feeds our whole family with leftovers so one package goes a long way.
SoledadLowell, AR

Best Veggie Soup Mix.

I will be the first to admit that I am not usually one to recommend any of the higher priced soup mixes. Being a an old time soup maker from way back, I am not at all opposed to soup mixes for I have a couple of them I favor, and are even reviewed here on Amazon. Bobs is probably the most expensive out of the lot however. I have never bought Bobs mix from Amazon for it is available locally, (and fortunately at the same price Amazon offers it for). Its easy to imagine that a veggie soup mix is just about the easiest blend of mix to come up with. They pretty much all have the same ingredients as to peas, peppers, corn, etc. Its just the stock that is usually the random element as to its real flavor and return factor. Bobs red mill mix however has definitely broken the mold as far as freeze dried veggies. They have to be the tastiest that I have ever eaten. And believe me, as an old time camper and hiker with decades of experience with one pot dinners over an open fire, that is definitely going some. I have tried just about everything that you can buy, and made everything that isn’t. Trust me, Bobs has proven to me that not all dried veggies are anywhere near made the same. As for the stock, it is very flavorful. I would have to say just a notch or two below my own stock. (And trust me again, that is very much going some)! The only item I should mention is the same thing many other reviewers here have taken note of. This is a no salt soup mix. Not low salt, but none at all. I really think it is going some in the other direction to think someone could eat this without any salt at all and throughly enjoy it. But considering how really fresh and delicious it tastes, adding your own level of salt is easy, and for some a very convenient alternative. If its variety you favor, consider this mix a base for anything you like. I have added beef to it, hamburger, chicken, pork, and even Italian sausage and they are all remembered as some of the best meals I have ever eaten. Franky I think this is the best soup mix I have ever had, plain, or doctored. I recommend buying it here on Amazon if you can’t find it locally. And that you order enough of it to qualify for the free shipping. Believe me after you have had this soup once, you will want it again and again…. Highly recommend.
JaquelynClaiborne, MD

Good Soup

I used a small a small baby food jar as my measuring cup. To the pot, I added one jar full of the mix, two jar fulls of chicken stock, two jar fulls of water, and one sliced green onion and let it simmer covered for an hour. It was really thick, so I added 4 more jar fulls of water, and it was perfect. I added a touch of salt and a gob of pepper (I love pepper), and it ended up very tasty and extremely filling. I think I will add some tomatoes and mushrooms next time I make it.
MauritaMills, NE

Souper Gas

Don’t feed this to your family unless you want your house to stink. My husband and 4 year old ate this for dinner tonight. They both enjoyed it, however, I did not enjoy listening to the side effects of all that wonderful fiber! The soup is very healthy, but seriously do not eat this if you plan on leaving your house in the next 24 hours.
CassondraLanders, CA

Try my delish curry lentil soup crockpot recipe!

I take two cups of the Bob’s Soup Mix and add eight cups of water or vegetable stock (or a combination) along with a package of the Kitchens of India Paste for Vegetable Biryani (and the flavor packet included) and put in a crock pot. Cook on high for 5 hours. Ladle about 2/3 of the soup into a blender and blend on high speed to make it creamy and put back in crock pot. Add half a bag of frozen peas/carrots mixture to the soup in the crock pot for about another 45-60 minutes. Ladle into a bowl and enjoy!

I have been searching for a great curry lentil soup and finally have the combination I love! I hope others will enjoy it, too!

HwaEleanor, WV

Great addition to other recipes, and a decent soup

Bob’s Red Mill Soup Mix is a blend of unseasoned green split peas, yellow split peas, barley, lentils and vegetable pasta. The instructions suggest using one part mix and four parts water along with your favorite seasonings.

I first tried making it with just some dried dill weed, salt, and pepper. The soup came out feeling a bit insubstantial because the mix doesn’t have any big chunks of veggies or pasta. The broth tasted great though, so I took out my hand blender and I blended the soup until it reached a consistency similar to a thick split pea soup. I added some Tabasco sauce and cumin and the soup ended up really good.

The mix is also really great for mixing in with rice. If you use a rice cooker, try adding one cup of the soup mix for every two or three cups or rice. Increase the amount of water accordingly, as if you just added another cup of rice. For example, if you’re cooking 2 cups of rice and 1 cup of veggie mix, fill the water up to the 3 cup line.

Overall, this soup mix is a great addition for other recipes or if you’re willing to modify it with your own ingredients and cooking techniques.

AliAdjuntas, PR

Veggie soup without lots of work.

Great flavored soup that you don’t have to start from scratch. Very healthy choice.
LaurenceAsheville, NC

Easy to make and delicious!

I usually cook soup from scratch and rarely use canned or dry soup. However, sometimes in the dead winter or cool spring, I long for a bowl of hot soup but too lazy to drive out and shop for fresh ingridients. After reading great reviews about the Bob’s Red Mill soup mix, I decided to try it for those special occasions.

The reviews were all true. The soup mix is easy to use, delicious, fullfilling, and nutritious. I sautee some onions and garlic which are constant stables in my pantry. When I have leftover baked ham, I would freeze them and use the in this soup. Then I add water and the soup mix, bring to a boil, cover and turn off the stove. After a while or overnight, turn on the stove and stir the pot once in a while to prevent sticking. Cook until desired consistency. I only add pepper, but some people may prefer to salt the soup.

One reviewer online suggested making a larger portion and freeze leftover to save cooking time. I tried it and found the leftover as good as a new pot once reheated on stove. Try this soup with bread or any meal. Delicious!

DonnaIndian Hills, CO

Great soup base!

We’ve enjoyed Bob’s Red Mill products for a long time, and I was delighted with this soup mix too. Like some other reviewers said, it is plain and mostly unseasoned, but that is the beauty of it. It’s a good mix of vegetable pasta, barley, dried peas and lentils. It’s quick-cooking and rich and filling, but it needs seasoning and either meat or veggies added to it. We like adding ham chunks, chopped spinach, onion, cracked pepper and canned crushed tomatoes, but we also like it with chorizo sausage (pre-cooked!), and mixed frozen vegetables. I added some chopped cabbage once and it was great. It thickens as the peas and lentils cook, so you can add more or less water as you wish.

One of the best things about this soup base is that you add your own salt. So many products come heavily and unhealthily salted but not this one. It’s much better to add your own as desired!

This soup is a little expensive – about $4 per bag – but it makes a big pot of soup, and with free SuperSaver shipping it’s a good deal and something that I’ll order again.

CharleneWayland, MO

really a good blend of flavors

The mix is excellent for contents and flavor blending as well as having it sized to all get done cooking at the same time. It can be flavored any way you want as it has a ‘general’ vegetable flavor. I used onion and celery with a bit of garlic. That is what came through the generalized vegetable flavor. I used a ‘boat motor’ on it right in the pot and blended it to about half of it’s original size. I had the creaminess and yet the ‘feel’ of vegetable pieces on the palate. This blend could be used for about anything. It is sealed very well and for someone stocking up an emergency food shelter, it would work perfectly. I would bet it will be good indefinitely. All of their products are of this quality.
RonBiola, CA

Bob’s Red Mill Veggie Soup mix

I LOVE this soup mix. I am most definitely NOT a good cook –but this makes the easiest best soup ever. I measure out a cup and put it in the soup pan. Then I rinse and drain the mix about four or five times until the water is clear. After draining the mix the last time, I pour a 48 ounce can of Swanson’s All Natural, Low sodium, no MSG chicken broth into the soup pan with the mix. Finally just simmer, covered, on medium heat for an hour or so. The longer you let it simmer, the thicker it gets. It’s really simple, good, and healthy.
GlennieHillsboro, MS


For being a veggie soup I was very surprised how good it was. All I did was add 2 chicken broth cubes per serving for a yummy meal. I’m definitely going to try more of Bob’s soup mixes.
AlicaAlbany, TX

Great addition to Soups & Stews

Love the product. Typical good quality Bob’s product. Not a stand alone soup mis but a great and easy additive to stews and soups. I have used this in Turkey Soup, Beef Stew and even added it to a couple can of Progresso light soups. i will buy again!
NorbertBoyers, PA

Great soup, nice and filling

I just purchased this product, made my first batch according to package. I added fresh herbs at the end, to add a little flavor. Cooks up in an hour, nice and thick, very flavorful. My husband is diabetic, so we are experimenting with a variety of healthy versions of staple food items. Great with some turkey sausage or a couple of strips of crumbled turkey bacon. I keep the open package in the refrigerator, the unopened ones in the basement freezer. Another item that will become a staple in my kitchen!~ yummy!~
WillisOcean View, DE

Great for low sodium diets

Let me start out by saying that this is my 1st review, I have depended on other reviewers here on Amazon to help me with many purchases. I have rarely been let down. Thank you all.
My husband has congestive heart failure and is on a very low sodium diet (1000 mg. max. daily). We thought that he would never eat soup again until we tried this prouduct. It’s really hard to make soup that tastes good without adding salt. It was easy and very tasty to accomplish this feat with Bob’s Red Mill soup mix. I sauteed some onions in a tad of butter, chopped some carrots and added the left overs from a (low sodium seasoned) roast beef that I had frozen. I threw this in the pot with the soup mix and added a packet of Herb-ox sodium free beef bouillon per cup of water. My husband had soup tonight for the first time since he had heart surgery and he loved it. I enjoyed it myself but did add a sprinkle of sea salt for myself. It was so good that I just had to thank everyone for recommending it.
MarxTye, TX

Makes Wonderful Soup!

I absolutely love this soup mix! It has become a staple in my diet. It is quite easy to make, and it tastes great. I also love how cheap it is. I use 1 cup of mix per batch, and there are 4 cups (approx) per bag. Each batch gives me 4 large servings. So that means this box gives me 64 servings! At the subscribe and save price that means $0.20 per serving! I dare you to find a meal that fills you up this much, is this good for you, and only costs $0.20!!!!

Here’s my recipe:
1 cup of the Veggie Soup Mix
6 cups of water
6 TB of Vegetable Broth Powder (you can also use bullion or liquid broth)
1 can of Tomatoes (either diced, stewed or half of each)
season with Basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Salt & Pepper to taste
Throw all this in a pot and cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
It’s that simple!

Try it, you won’t regret it…

DianaOlympia, KY

As with all of Bobs red Mill products this soup excells!

As with all Bob’s Red Mill products this soup excell’s easy to make and wow is it great in the winter!!! I highly recommend it, but as another reviewer pointed out increase the water by a bit; Id go up to 5 parts water to 1 part mix 😉
PamRalph, SD

Great soup

Yeah, it’s a really good tasting soup. Easy to make. Throw in some onions, and some pepper and it’s very tasty, very filling. I don’t must like health food, but this stuff is genuinely good.
FelicitasHookstown, PA

A different recipe each time you make it!

Bob’s Red Mill Soup Mix is a nutritional powerhouse and a big money-saver. Add the chopped veggies of your choice, tomato paste, some extra brown rice or whole-grain pasta and you have a satisfying meal that you’ll especially enjoy on a cold day.

The flavor is rich, without the overpowering saltiness of other soup mixes. You can make it extra-hearty by tossing in chopped chicken and using chicken stock instead of plain water.

Unless you’re serving a crowd, you’ll have lots left over. I like to freeze the rest and have a home-made meal in reserve for those nights when you’re too tired to cook. (So much better than wasting money on take-out in a tough economy!)

Love it!

RomanBrookfield, OH

Makes a huge amount of soup

I made just a single bag of this soup mix for my work lunches and added some fresh mixed vegetables, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar — the soup came out more like a stew (because I used some starchy veggies) and I loved the chewy texture the barley added and the creaminess of the split peas. I must have gotten at least 2 gallons of soup from this single bag and I’m still eating it a week later, having frozen some of it. Very frugal and healthy!
NedDearborn Heights, MI


TyrellLacon, IL

Ummmmmmm good.

An easy product to use. Just add to your original stock, cook to the desired consistency and enjoy. Sure beats cutting up all those vegies. It’s very versatile, but it doesn’t last long around here.
JoleneClayton, OK