Bob’s Red Mill – Wheat Rolled

Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Wheat Flakes is a delicious and nutritious whole grain hot cereal that is easy to prepare. It’s made from the highest quality steamed, dried, and flattened whole grain wheat berries. It has a mild, nutty flavor and it is a good source of dietary fiber. It is also excellent for adding a hearty texture to baked goods. For a change of pace, use rolled wheat flakes anywhere you use rolled oats-for a hot cereal, add them to cookies, or use them to make your own delicious granola. See the back of the package of Rolled Wheat Flakes for an employee favorite recipe, Rhubarb (or Apple) Squares.

Quick facts

  • Expiration Dates on packaging listed in Day/Month/Year format rather than Month/Day/Year format.

Top reviews

Rolled Wheat Hot Cereal: Where are you??

I was raised on Fisher’s Zoom, then a popular rolled wheat hot cereal. They still make it, but you have to buy it on-line in case lots. Oatmeal is everywhere, but just try to find rolled wheat on the retail shelves. I was in Houston last week on business, and figured H.E.B. would carry it — they have just about everything else… Nope! Bob’s Red Mill Flakes Rolled Wheat is the closest thing to Zoom, but you’ll never see it in the grocery or health food stores. You have to buy it on-line, four bags at a time. (But that’s better than in case lots, and unlike Zoom, Bob’s never cooks up lumpy.)

Now, don’t just pour milk and sugar on it. (Yuck!) Grow up and eat it British style, with butter (or your favorite margarine) and plenty of salt and pepper. (YUM!) If you have an aversion to butter, etc, try it with olive oil. (Mamma Mia!) Bob’s cooks up in about 8 minutes on the stove top (yes I know, an eternity these days) — 1/2 cup water to 1/4 cup cereal for one serving.

If you mistakenly cook up too much, don’t fret. Just press it into a 1/2″ slab onto a buttered cookie sheet, cover with waxed paper, and store in the refrigerator over night. Next morning, cut the slab into strips and fry ’em up with your eggs and bacon. We called it “fried mush” when I was a kid.

Anyway, try Bob’s Red Mill Flakes Rolled Wheat cereal! You’ll love it, and will forever be as regular as night follows day. Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Wheat Hot Cereal — 16 oz

GuadalupeHerman, PA