Bobs Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Balls – 290ct

Bob`s Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Candy Balls melt on your tongue and provide a refreshing flavor. Tub contains 290 wrapped candies.

Quick facts

  • Tub contains 290 wrapped Bob`s Sweet Stripes Soft Candy Balls Mints
  • Kosher Certified product

Top reviews

Bobs Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Balls & what else?

I was a big fan of these soft peppermint balls for at least 15 years or more. I had them at home, at work and in my purse and in the car glove compartment. However, I no longer purchase these candies. They used to be made in the USA, in Georgia, just a few years ago I learned they are now made in MEXICO! This information is on the back of the package in very small print.

A little research revealed that Bobs company was taken over in 2005 by Farley’s & Sathers Candy company. Their web site shows at this time they have 2 plants in Mexico.

I have major concerns about the quality of any food item made in Mexico and will not purchase any such food once I can identify the point of origin — like Green Giant Brussels Sprouts are now grown and packed in Mexico. For shame on the American companies and their greed for more profit at the expense of American consumers.

The Good News is that there is still a wonderful soft peppermint ball made in the USA: Red Bird Brand, made by the Piedmont Candy Co in Lexington, North Carolina. Made in the USA since 1890!! Reasonable priced and totally delicious. “Nuff said”

ElmiraCastell, TX


These candies are not soft at all. Soft pepermint means they melt in your mouth and not having to bite them to break them apart. Too bad, so sad. I will buy another kind of “soft” peppermint next go around.
IsidroWinnabow, NC

Where’s the peppermint? Very disappointing

I’m wondering whether they forgot to put the peppermint oil in this batch. It’s just soft, sugar candy with the faintest hint of peppermint. I’ve used Bob’s peppermint sticks for several years for my favorite peppermint pie and never been disappointed before.

Well, I made the pie according to Paula Deen’s recipe, but after mixing the “peppermint” balls with the other ingredients there is not a hint of peppermint. Wish I could exchange the balls for sticks just to see if there is a difference.

I sure don’t recommend these for peppermint lovers.

AngelikaDinosaur, CO


These are beyond delicious! They curb that sweet tooth craving and I love putting a couple in a mug of hot chocolate or a mocha latte. These candies are a mild and enjoyable mint flavor – not overpowering in the least. Even my daughter who greatly dislikes peppermint is hooked on these!
RussellJensen Beach, FL

Soft Mint Candy

This is the BEST soft mint candy. I bought it for the firest time at Christmas, had a hard time finding it anywhere in the stores so decided to see if Amazon might have it and there is was. So soft, sweet and flavorful..I highly recommend it!
SyreetaXenia, OH

Bob`s Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Balls

The candy is really good. The price was pretty bad. I hadn’t been able to find these recently, so I ordered them. They came in good time and good condition, but in the meantime I found them at a large WalMart for a MUCH lower price.
OlenePray, MT

A little stale tasting.

I bought these to replace the typical mint i buy for our office.
These were ok, most people thought they were ok but noticed a stale aftertaste.
Im not sure if it is because the mints were old or if thats just how these taste.
I will not buy again but i will not trash these.
EleniCrook, CO

Complete & Working

We ordered these for our father for fathers day. He loves these candies. Came in under 7 days and no problems with received item. Yummy!
LaurineZapata, TX

Best Peppermint candy ever

Bob’s Sweet Stripes Soft Peppermint Balls are the best peppermint candies ever made! Very little if any after taste. Easy to chew or suck on. Cannot buy at local stores except at Christmas time. Amazon and this seller sent in record time and I’ve been able to share with family near and far. Love this. 🙂
SherieThompson Falls, MT

Great little peppermints

All of us love these Sweet Stripes peppermints. They do not have a strong peppermint flavor and are really sweet – so they are perfect if you want just a little something. They are soft – not hard candy – so you usually end up chewing them. If you crave something sweet now and then this works great for not so many calories/carbs.
PhilomenaEau Galle, WI

Bobs sweet stripes soft peppermint ball 290ct

This producet was enjoyed be the whole family and last for about six month. I just love this product since I grew up with this product.
GlennClayton, ID


These candies are simply scrumptious. They have a just-right peppermint flavor, and melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. They were so popular that I bought three tubs of these during the holiday season. Everyone who came in the door had some, and took some with them, the packages I sent out of town had a bagful as a special surprise, and a friend who especially enjoyed them got a whole tubful as a little gift. I, and my sweet tooth, recommend these most highly!
VannaHolman, NM

Great suckers

These little balls of red striped peppermint candy are good, however one draw back might be that they are habit forming, but not as bad as tobacco.
MaoLogan, IA

Good Product

Has a very nice peppermint taste. Just the right amount of sweetness. I have had other candies that melted in my mouth slightly faster, but this one was very good. My only concern is that it will take us a lifetime to finish 290 of them. So I think I will give away half of them to the trick or treaters.
JeneeBayville, NY

I love these and they have no HFCS (yippee!)

My orignal review was: Before i purchase, i would love to know the ingredients. specifically, i am wanting to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. thanks! Eventually, I did get an email back from the maker listing the ingredients. I was pleased to find they are made with sugar, not HFCS. It would be nice to list this on the product description as it makes it a higher quality product IMO. My fav restaurant gives them away, so I have not yet purchased them. My favorite way to use them is to drop one or two in a cup of freshly-roasted expresso-strength, french-press coffee. Provides just a hint of mint and just-right sweetness.
JenellChamplain, NY

Diabetic Coma

I love these Peppermint Balls and could eat the whole tubb, and then a would be in a Diabetic Coma for sure, they are so good! I lost my supplier and was so happy to find them on With Amazon I was able to order Bob’s Sweet Stripes as easy as going into a candy store! AND was surprise how quick my order was recieved. Now I have a new place to order my favorite treets. Weather I chew or suck my desired treet, my favorite treats are just a click away!!!
CordellGallatin, MO

Love these

They are the perfect melt in
Your mouth mints. The price is higher then the ones around here, but the ones in the store are a different brand and I don’t like them very much in comparison. So I would pay extra for these.
DemetriusAvant, OK


Soft, yummy treats. Individually wrapped so perfect for sharing out of the jar or a candy dish. A family favorite.
WillaFlanagan, IL


I have purchased many of the Bob’s mints prior to my last shipment and usually super happy with the order. This past shipment came to me stale which is nearly 300 not so tasty treats that must be eaten. I hope my next shipment is better, if not I will have to order elsewhere.
TonjaCenter Valley, PA


I just love these things! Bob’s are the best! They are the softest and always fresh. Some of the other brands taste like they’ve been sitting on the shelves for two years. I bought a big “tub” of them a couple of weeks before Christmas and we’re still munching on them. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without them.
DestinyFairlawn, OH


ToraStratton, NE

Peppermint review

My son loved these. I sent them to him at college. Item arrived quickly and in good condition, conveniently packaged.
ErvinAzalia, MI