Bodum YoYo 13-Ounce Tea Infuser Set

Tea for one is easier than ever with the Bodum YoYo personal tea infuser. Just add the appropriate amount of tea to the infuser basket, place in the cup and add hot water. Let the tea steep to your liking and then remove the infuser. The lid for the infuser acts as a trivet to help keep your counter clean. For those who want to enjoy all the benefits of loose leaf tea, or just try a variety of flavors, the YoYo is an excellent solution. The YoYo is a great gift item and travels well. Whether you use this personal infuser set at home, the office, or on the road, your always close to a fresh cup of your favorite loose leaf tea.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • 13-ounce capcity
  • Durable tempered glass mug included
  • The lid acts as a trivet to keep your counter clean
  • Dishwasher safe, handwashing the infuser is recommended for longer life.
  • Works with any loose leaf tea.

Top reviews


This is a nice litte tea-cup. It’s perfect for a cup of herbal tea before going to bed.
EleonoraAibonito, PR

Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Infuser Set

Very nicely made, didn’t come with the promised tea samples tho…Oh well..

My wife loves it.

EvaGrandview, TN

Decent quality but a few shortcomings

This is a nice quality cup and infuser — it’s sturdy and comfortable. The infuser is resistant to staining and the little lid that is used to keep the heat in when steeping can be turned upside-down to act as a holder for the wet infuser when you remove it from the tea.

However, there are some problems. My main complaint is the design of the infuser. The sides are a nice, fine mesh whereas the bottom is plastic with some perforations. These holes in the bottom allow small leaf bits to flow-out. I have a Teeli infuser that has the mesh in the bottom also and it keeps all of the leaves contained. Second, and far more minor, the cup is rather small. It makes a nicely sized cup of tea, but if you’re used to drinking from larger cups and mugs, you will find yourself gulping this one down pretty quickly.

Overall, this is not a bad product and if it had the full mesh infuser, I would have given it 4 stars.

SammyCedar Hill, MO

Good for tea, difficult to hold…

I got this little guy as a small Xmas present, and have been pleased with it. Very useful. I agree with small bits of tea comments above through the holes in the bottom of the infuser, but it’s such a small amount that it wouldn’t cause anyone trouble. The general ergonics of the design are lacking. It’s quite hard to hold by the handle, with no way to leverage the cup vertical (fingers slip down the handle). Only way I can figure out is to hold the cup itself, fingers through the handle but only near the very tip of the rim when hot. Needless to say, I enjoy using it, and the lip does have some significance to it, so it can be held in this manner quite easily.

Looking forward to many tea infusions at work now, and moving up to better loose teas in purchases. 🙂

TwannaFremont, WI

For those who want to drink real tea.

It absolutely amazes me that some people spend over two dollars for a single cup of coffee, yet still buy those low cost tea bags from the grocery store, and then claim to like coffee better. Many people have not tasted a real good cup of tea. Good tea does not come in a 200 count per cardboard box – the tea should have higher quality and shouldn’t be in a cheap cardboard box at all. It should be in a sealed tin or packed in an airtight bag in order to preserve the flavor, and the leaves should be specially selected. The cheapest teas are bought in bulk from the lowest quality teas parts of the tea leaf. Yes, cost does matter in tea, just like coffee.

Unless you’re really lazy (which, I admit, I am), teas should also never, ever, be served from a bag. Teas should be in loose form, not confined in a bag. Why? Because tea leaves need to expand in the water to release their full flavor. You can buy loose tea leaves buy on amazon, high end grocery store, or in specially markets (e.g. Cost Plus), or tea shoppes.

Now, unless you want to brew a whole pot with tea leaves in the plot, there are not many ways to make tea right for just one person. This mug solve the single serving dilemma. It’s big, sturdy, and made of glass. The most important thing though is that it comes with an infuser. It looks like a cylindrical filter that is placed into the mug. Just spoon a bit of the tea into the filter, dunk in the mug, and the tea will be brewed right then and there. The result is some of the best tea you’ll have ever drank. The brewing is really easy, add tea to the filter, and add sub boiling hot water, wait, remove the infuser, and drink. If you need to add sugar or cream, well, that’s your choice, but I believe the right tea needs none of that.

To make tea, place one to two spoonfuls in the filter, then pour in 160 degree water for green, steeped for a little less than 2 minutes, 180 degrees for white tea, steeped for over 5 minutes, and about 200 degrees for black or oolong, steeped for about three to four minutes. No – you don’t have to measure the temperature each time, only when first starting out. Just bring the water to boiling, then let it cool down until the desired temperature is reached. Count those seconds. Next time you make tea, boil, wait for those amount of seconds and then pour in the mug. Easy.

I suggest trying different teas (without adding anything), until you find your right one. My personal favorite is Green Well Green Tea, but I still have a lot to try.

Tea is like wine, cheese, coffee, or beer. Quality and tastes vary tremendously, and if you only try the cheap stuff, you’ll never really enjoy it like you should.

KristleStirling, NJ

A perfect tea cup for me

I like it’s size, weight, and the fact that it is clear glass so you can see the tea. I keep it warm at my desk with the aid of a coffee cup warmer and one cup will last for several hours. The strainer works flawlessly for me.
PatriciaEthel, AR

Great little product!

This is really a fantastic little product. I am using mine for the first time this morning to brew some Yerba mate ‘gringo style’ and it works great.

I would give it five stars but the other reviewer has a point, the holes on the bottom of the infuser do let out little pieces of the tea, however a bit of common sense can get around this problem.

After you load up your tea and put the lid on the infuser, turn it upside town (holes up), and shake vigorously. The small particles will sift to the bottom (the top) so when you turn it back over they’re all at the top of the tea. Problem solved.

One other problem I just discovered is that the lid of the infuser doesn’t seal so after you’re done making your tea and you turn the infuser over to set it down (holes up) the liquid still in the tea slowly leaks out the bottom to make a small mess on your counter. Not cool!

DollieMiddletown, OH

Nice, light useful tea filter

The glass mug is excellent, sturdy, thick enough not to transfer too much heat when it’s full of hot tea, and you can see the color of the tea inside, easily.

The infusor is big enough to allow even the boldest of teas to unfurl completely. The white plastic of the mesh is surprisingly impervious to staining, and the plastic structure is strong and flexible. It’s not the finest mesh I’ve come across so some dust will end up in your tea, but it’s as good as most of the commercial filters.

The lid that helps keep steeping heat in the infusor when steeping doubles as a holder for the infusor when you take it out of the tea. It’s very useful for the office and anywhere you can’t get to a dish for holding the filter easily.

I like it a lot.

JanaySlocomb, AL

Small tea flakes will fall through

I’ve been using this cup/filter combo everyday for 2 months or so. The cup is nicely constructed and I have no problems with it.

However, the filter does not perform very well if you use tea leaves that are very small. I drink PG Tips loose leaf everyday, 3 times a day. The leaves are fine and the holes at the bottom of the filter allow the tiniest tea particles to fall through. If this doesn’t bother you, the system works. If you don’t like tea particles at the bottom of your clear cup, it will begin to annoy you. I bought this system thinking that the few flakes at the bottom of the cup would not bother me but i have resorted to using the filter in another cup and pouring the leaf-free liquid into my drinking cup because there are many unfiltered leaves at the bottom of the cup. Imagine the entire bottom of the cup covered in the tiniest leaf particles…

Also, the filter stains easily. After two months, there is a hint of yellow orange stain on the side filters.

Therefore, if you use larger tea leaves, this system may work decently for you. If you drink tea like the loose leaf PG Tips that have fine leaves, I would look for an alternative. Hope this review helps people thinking about drinking PG Tips with this system.

JaninaGotebo, OK

Neat and tidy tea mug infuser

I have recently been brewing my own herbal blend infusions, not actually tea, and have found this mug to fit my needs. The mug is simple and streamlined, and very easy to use. I appreciate the mug and infuser design, which is sturdy and clean.

I simply boil my water in the glass in the microwave, add my herbal blend to the infuser basket, and dunk the basket into the mug. I let it set for however long I want, then reheat in the glass as appropriate, and enjoy.

My only concern is that the infuser would be nice if it had a plunger mechanism. I just press the herbs with a spoon to get the full flavor. Also, the mug does not hold heat, and I usually like my infusion boiling hot!

All in all, this is a great product, which I anticipate much use out of.

EdTigerton, WI

NOT 13 ounces as Listed. Misrepresented, only 10 ozs. (0.3 liter)

this is a thick, clear glass cup/mug. it is unlike Bodum New YoYo Personal Tea Maker Set, includes YoYo Black Infuser and 12-Ounce Mug, which i already own, in that this mug is NOT double-walled, thermally insulated. this means the glass gets very hot making it necessary to handle the mug by the handle only. this also means the tea cools down much quicker. i prefer my tea cup lose heat slowly as i take my time enjoying the tea. i bought 3 of these believing they were 13 ounce size. as of the date of this review, the seller has this mug listed as 13 ounces. it is only 10 ounces. i really wanted that extra 3 ounces and would not have purchased this product if i knew it was the smaller 10 ounce size.

on the plus side. i prefer the plastic mesh infuser. i’ve owned both types of infuser, plastic and metal. in my experience the plastic infuser has surprisingly remained intact much longer. my metal infusers have come apart while cleaning. i have never had to discard a plastic infuser. neither infuser type had a “taste” that transferred to my tea drink. in fact they had no taste at all.

knowing what i now know, the noninsulated glass and smaller size make it not worth buying for me. others may consider it a value. if you haven’t already, do try one of double-walled, thermally, insulated, type tea containers from bodum.

NorbertoPaden, OK


This set works great. I used to have to use cheese cloth bags for my tea, but now I can just drop my herbs in and steep and wah la tea! Easy to clean to. I do get some sediment, but I use a lot of loose herbs so that is to be expected.
RosemarieGalena, MD

So Far, So Good.

Some sediment will fall through the bottom but i found that this usually occurs when you first put the tea in the yo yo. Solution: Hold the Yo Yo over your tea container/tin while while loading it. Then, give it a little shake so that it settles and anything that will fall out falls back into your possession for later use. Once it is all in there very little falls out. Then, when you add the water, the tea swells up a bit making it very difficult to get through the small holes.

The cup is larger than i’m used to but it’s a welcomed change. I’m not sure what size Big Gulp cups the below reviewer is using for his or her tea, but this one is certainly adequate. Also, i really like watching the tea brew through the clear glass. It comes with a cover that also acts as a base that you can set the Yo Yo on. This will eliminate any mess made by dripping.

Cleaning the Yo Yo, for me, involves turning it upside down and give it a couple soft taps against the included cover/base. The tea usually just falls right out on command. A quick rinse in the sink and it looks brand new again.

And oh, by the way, it makes a great cup of tea.

IlseDana Point, CA

it does the job, and well at that

As far as a tea strainer goes, it certainly works

other people have commented that while the sides of this thing are a fine mesh perfect for the role, that the bottom allows the powder to drop through, leaving a sediment at the bottom of your tea. This is correct, and is what makes this product a 4 star product instead of 5.

Personally, I have no problems with this, but if you do, search on. Other than that little issue, it has been fantastic.

I drink approximately five cups of tea per day

RitaNorth Charleston, SC

Biggest problem for this one

It comes with a lid, but the lid can’t fully cover the mug. How can you take tea without a fit lid?
WmBaconton, GA