BONIES Natural Calming Multi-Pack REGULAR

BONIES Natural Calming Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 Bones / 11.15 oz) is a unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog help maintain calm behavior, anxiety, nervousness, frayed nerves, excess barking, abnormal urine marking, trembling and clean teeth. Bonies unique calming formula includes chamomille and lavender to help relax and bring a sense of well-being. BONIES uses brown rice as its first ingredient and unlike other edible chew bones, BONIES contains no animal by-products like gelatin or animal glycerin. Bonies contains zero saturated and trans-fat. Each ingredient in BONIES was carefully selected by a board certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility with no compromise to your dog’s health. BONIES uses a 100% natural chicken flavor concentrate made from antibiotic-free US chicken livers. Once chewing starts, the saliva activates and magnifies the natural chicken flavor, making for a delicious but healthy and functional treat with great benefits. The combination of 100% natural peppermint and parsley create the perfect combination to freshen nasty doggy breath. Mother Nature designed bones to be hard, not soft and chewy. BONIES is uniquely formulated to be hard enough to scrape and polish teeth. While chewing a BONIES, dogs will exercise their jaw muscles and massage their gum’s. BONIES (dog bones) are highly digestible. BONIES satisfies your dog’s chewing needs. You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!

Quick facts

  • A unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog.
  • Help maintain calm behavior, anxiety, nervousness, frayed nerves.
  • Help maintain clean teeth.

Top reviews

Dog loved it but no detectable calming effect

My dog thoroughly enjoyed the Bonies “calming” chews, but just moments after finishing her first one, she had a high-arousal barking fit when a truck drove by … she was not noticeably calmed by the treats at all (no “delayed effect” either, I’m afraid). Seems harmless as a way to keep the dog busy and happy, but don’t expect any behavioral changes!
MadlynMetaline Falls, WA

Not bad, not the best

I gave my dog one of these “calming” bones during a thunderstorm. She wasn’t too interested in chewing it (she was too nervous) so it didn’t achieve the desired effect. The next morning, she ate it, but not as quickly as she would have eaten it if it were one of her favorite edible chews. I think the lavender and/or chamomille flavors don’t appeal to her, since she’s used to getting bacon or beef flavored edible chews. These bones are comparable to Nylabone Healthy Edibles, which my dog loves.
LillieLiscomb, IA

Free is always Excellent

I will never complain about something that is free. If I can’t or wont use it, I will donate it to a good cause. These chews were free when ordering with another product. They are great and our dogs love them.
AlexisBuffalo, TX

My dog loves these

My dog really loves these treats. I don’t know if they calm him down, but they can really take his mind off of whatever noises alert him to whatever invading forces he thinks he is protecting me from.
LyndaForistell, MO